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Do you Really Go with the Flow?

People often say “I just go with the flow”. But Do they Really? Is it because they Think they go with the flow, or Do they really know How to do it? Do You know How to do it? 


This morning I had a bit of a “Aha!” moment. As I know you still can learn every day, from wherever the source is coming from, as long as you are open for it. An Open Mind is a Perceptive Mind.

I started to read in the book “Change your Thoughts Change your Life” from Wayne Dyer, I had the intention already for ages but for some reason it didn’t came to it. It was probably not the ‘right’ time yet, which is obviously was this morning.

The book describes the Way of Tao, based on Tao Te Ching, to Go with the Flow, the Universal Flow. And only the first ‘verse’ of Tao was already an eye opener for me. I already learned much over the years about the Universal Laws, Law of Attraction, how to Have and Keep a Positive Mindset, how to Create Inner Peace and my Consciousness has grown massively over the year of what I’m Very Grateful for. But still, this was an even more Deeper Understanding for me on top of what I already have learned and practiced over the years. And this shows again, there is Always something you can Learn, Improve, Change or Rich your Life with and grow even more in Consciousness.

Go with the Flow. We often say that when we Feel that we don’t stress about things, but just let the things happen as it comes. Which is great! But what is Really going with The Flow? Is it only about ‘well I just let things come as they come’ or is there more behind it. I learned this morning, there Is more behind it. And it made me Realise how this will Change a lot of things within my own Life, but also within my Holistic Coaching and Therapy.

We are raised and conditioned with certain thoughts about How things Are or How they supposed to Be. We are learned that there is Good and Bad, Black and White, Dark and Light and that one can’t go without the other. In Tao you learn to think more Paradoxically. Things are not really opposite from each other, they are actually similar on each other, but seen from a different perspective.

You can Desire something, and often you want to have it Now. If you can’t have it, for whatever reason, you get disappointed and this blocks the energy of Manifesting, as you don’t give it Time to Create it. So when you can go in a State of Desireless you Give yourself Time for your Desire to Manifest. Basically it comes to the point that we need to Learn that we must stop to put Pressure and Expectations within ourselves and give ourselves Time to Manifest our Dreams, Goals and Wishes. Desireless means Trusting, Permitting and Allowing.

And instead of saying ‘I Need to or I Must’ change your Mind and Learn your Mind to say ‘I Allow’. As when you Allow yourself, you Let Go of your Desire for that moment and Allow it to Manifest and come to you when the time is right. If you put Pressure on yourself because you Need or Must do things, you actually Create a Stress Energy which can block the Flow. And again, when the Energy Flow of a Desire is blocked it can’t be Created and Manifest.

Go with the Flow and Letting Go has also to do with Let things Be, without always Knowing or Wanting to Know or Figuring it all out. Don’t try so Hard to Make something work or happen, simply Allow. Tao is The Flow, The Way and it’s important to enjoy this without the pressure of trying to understand everything and stress about it.

Relax, Let Go and simply Allow. You will find that some Desires are about how you think your world Should be now, rather than How it Is in that Moment, in the Now. Become more of an Observer, Judge Less and Listen more. Don’t Lable or Name things, as these are things we as Humans have Created. From the Universal Energies nothing is Named or Labled. So Let Go of these impressions, expectations and conditioning.

All of this made me Realise, for me as a Life Coach that I can Help people in such a different way comparing to the way a lot of Coaches work. I already had a Different Vision about Life Coaching, as like I mention on my website in the “About Me” section, I like to Help people in a Unique way as Everyone is Unique, not by the standard Coaching Plans and pushing someone that it’s important to earn a 7-figure income. To me, that is not True Life Coaching, it’s Selling a Progamme. But this morning it came to me even more Clear how I can Fine Tune my way of Coaching and Genuine Helping People.

Setting Goals is great, and you can still do that as that might give a certain meaning in your Life. Creating a Plan where you want to Be in 5 years from now, is still a nice start point but the Only difference now according to the Flow and The Way of Tao is that you need to set out your Intentions and then Let Go….to give it Time to Manifest. No Pressure that you Need to Be at a certain point in 5 years from now, as who knows what crosses your Path within these 5 years? You might reach your Goal sooner than that, or maybe it even takes you a bit longer. And that’s the whole point. Take off the Pressure, Stress and Expectations. Just learn to Change your Mindset, Set out your Intentions ( or Dreams or Goals ) and then Let Go and simply Allow.

In this way, a Coach can still Motivate you, Help you but in a True and Genuine way to Improve your Life, with All that comes with it. Together with using Powerful Affirmations ( which are strong intentions you send out ) you are even in a Better position to reach your Goals or Create the Life that you want. But if you simply Allow and the Universal Energy can just Flow naturally, it will Manifest in your Physical Reality.

I hope this gave you a bit more clarity and insight in how the Universal Energy Really works. How it Really works when you Go with the Flow. It’s not something you just Say, you need to Practice it, in the right way. Which also involves Accepting things as they Are, Let Go of it and Allow.

If you Really want to Change your Life in How you Want it to be, start to Learn how to Really Live in the Flow, start to Learn to change your Thoughts and Mindset, start to Change your Perception on Things and People and start to Learn to Accept, to Let Go and to Allow.

Angelique Mol ღ
Source: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer – Change your Thoughts Change your Life

Easy moments of Meditation


“Even a few minutes of a silent and peaceful mind is Meditation”     Angelique Mol ღ

People often think that you Need to “make time” for meditation, to sit or lay down, soft relaxation music in the background, or even a guided meditation to listen to….

But there are so many different ways of “easy meditation”. Meditation is all about Empty the Mind, Silence the Mind and Creating a Peaceful Mind. Getting rid of worries and stress, calm down and relax.

When you’re out in Nature and watch a beautiful Sunset or Sunrise and watch this moment in silence, without any other thoughts on your mind, that’s already a form of Meditation.

When you are being Creative, like drawing, colouring and painting….this is also very Meditative as you let your Mind be free from other thoughts and are connected to the other side of your brain, your Creative side instead of your Logical side.

You don’t even Have to close your eyes to Meditate, though for some people this works the best to relax and empty the Mind. As long as you silence your Thoughts and Create a Peaceful Mind, you are in a Meditative state.

It is in that way also not Needed to Meditate for hours, a simply 10 minutes Meditation can do wonders. You have a stressful moment at work and need to break free from it? Give yourself 10 minutes by yourself, preferably in a silent or peaceful environment, and let it all Go and Flow. After these 10 minutes you feel Much better!

Myself, I like to Meditate for about 10-15 minutes before I go to sleep. This helps me to sleep more peaceful, as I empty my Mind from all the thoughts and attention from the day. It prevents restless sleeping and “weird” dreaming as well. Often we have strange and stressful dreams as lots of thoughts are still running through our Mind when we go to sleep. So why not give your Self a moment of Peace and Silence before laying yourself for a good night sleep.

I noticed, within my experience, when I Meditate every day, even for a short time, I feel totally different, I feel better, more relaxed and don’t even let stress come close to me. It seems I am better guarded to stress and “negative” thoughts. I can think more clear and with Peace which also helps me to make better choices and decisions when I need to make one.

Allow Meditation in your daily Life and enjoy the Inner Peace!

Angelique Mol ღ

Number 1818 right on time

Here I am, checking out my website and looking for a subject to write of. Checked my iPad and I got drawn to the time…… 18:18.

Well, reason for me to write something about that as it appeared exactly on the time I was thinking about a subject to write about ;-)


Number 1 brings us New Beginnings, Inspiration, Stepping out of the Comfort Zone, Creations, Progress, Motivations and moving Forwards. It also tells us to remember we Create our own Realities through our Thoughts and Actions.

Number 8 has to do with Self Confidence, Truth, Manifesting Abundance, Integrity, Karma and Personal Power and Development.

When numbers appear Twice it makes their Energy more Powerful.

1818 is about Succes, Listening to your Intuition and it asks you to remain Positive as you’re thoughts hold Positive Expectations and Energy for Abundance. Be Grateful all the time as this will bring you more to be Grateful of.

Do not fear to follow your intuition and striving in the direction you have in mind. Don’t worry or stress about circumstances that are present now as a this will change in more Positive circumstances in the near future.

It’s important to have Trust and Faith in your own abilities, skills and talent. Use these when you feel guided to do so. Don’t be afraid to step out of your Comfort Zone if this will lead you towards your Goal and Passions. You will notice that Opportunities will knock on your door, once it does don’t ignore it but go for it and be Grateful for it!

You also might see Signs in different kind of ways. Can be seeing more Sequence Numbers, texts in books or articles you got drawn to, a sentence of lyrics in a song that you pick up…..just pay attention and you will recognize these Signs.


Angelique Mol ॐ


Sequence Numbers 1616 and 2222

For a while now I see almost daily Repeative Sequence Numbers which made me to become very interested in Numerology and Angel Numbers.
I decided to write them down and to see if the pattern fits to what is happening in my life at the moment and if it makes sense to my current situation.
The numbers I have seen today make definite sense to my current situation and how my life is evolving at the moment.
I will start with the first Sequence number I saw today which was 1616. 

The Meaning of Sequence Number 1616


It’s a message to keep my thoughts uplifted and positive, and to let go of material matters or concerns. The focus is on emotions, family issues, my home environment and me as a person.

New Energies will be entering my life which will lead to a renewed enthusiasm and the Angels are sending me positive energy and balance so that I’m able to stay focused upon my path.


It also encourages me to ask for assistance in repairing or readjusting to something that may be hindering or bothering me and causing anxiety.

This may have to do with unresolved debt, a purchase or the attainment of something of importance that I’m unable to afford at present.

The Angels ask me not to be disheartened but to maintain a positive frame of mind as they are working hard behing the scenes to fulfill my needs.

I’m asked to remain receptive of the gifts of the Universe.


It may also be suggesting that a new relationship is imminent, either with a newcomer or through reignited love in my existing relationship/s.

I must be open to giving and receiving Love and do not fear the “new” entering my life.



The Meaning of Sequence Number 2222  ( 22 is also my Soulnumber and is a Master number in Numerology )


This number indicates that newly planted ideas are beginning to take form and grow into reality for me.

My Manifestation will soon be evident, so I have to maintain a positive attitude and continue with my good work.

I need to keep holding positive thoughts, continue positively affirming and keep visualizing.

The reaping of rewards is just ahead of me.

Both explanations of the numbers are very recognizable for me at the moment which makes it very interesting to keep it up :-).
I will keep you updated with other Repeative Sequence Numbers which will appear on me and when they appear on me.
I hope this might be interesting for you as well, when you might see this numbers as well.
At least you can recognize the meaning of the numbers probably as well.
Feel free to share your experiences with me, my followers and readers ;-).
Stay tuned!
Angelique ღ ,

Spiritual Life Coach for Personal Development & Mindfulness



Source: www.sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.be