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The Countdown has begun…..2018

I like to take this moment to give Thanks to all my Family, Friends and Acquaintances for being a part of my Journey over this last year! I also like to give Thanks to all the People who have been supporting my website blog as followers and the people who took the time to read my posts and leave lovely comment and sharing their thoughts and feelings, even though I have to been writing that much over the last couple of months. ( this is one resolution I like to change in the New Year ;-) )

For me, personally, this year was a year of personal reflection, finding a bit more my own direction and making decisions how to continue in the New Year. I had a couple of very clear “aha” moments and making certain decisions have made me feel very good and motivated within my Self.

Sometimes making certain decisions means to Let Go of things or actually to Hold On to things. Most important is that you feel within your Self what is Best for You.

My Passion was, and definitely still is, Helping People. And I have done that over the past years in many different ways and it gives me fulfilment and satisfaction. I noticed that my direction has a bit changed, slightly in the direction I want to go. My focus seemed to have moved direction a bit more from just Coaching to Healing & Coaching to Healing, Herbalism and Coaching.

Of these 3 the most present ones at the moment are Reiki Healing and Herbalism. I felt drawn to these Holistic Therapies for a long time and made the decision to continue on this path and give even more focus and attention to it. The New Year means for me going back into Study Mode and learn more and a deeper understanding about Herbalism and how I will be able to combine this with Reiki Healing treatments.

I feel that Natural Medicine will become a bigger part for Humanity over the years to come. More people start to turn “back” to Nature, Natural Remedies, Holistic Therapies and everything Organic. Which I feel is a great thing to do as it makes us more Aware of our Earth, what she actually provides for us and that actually a lot of chemical solutions not always are the best of use. We lost our Connection with Nature for a long time and now we are on a “turn” and start to find ourselves moving back slowly towards Her. And all I can say from my personal perspective is “keep going”.

I am Grateful for my Personal and Spiritual Growth again over this last year, we never stop growing and developing, and that is great! I hope that for You this last year was a good year as well and that the New Year will be another Good one or maybe even a Better one!

I wish you All a Great New Year’s Eve and the Best Wishes, Joy, Happiness, Health and Abundance for 2018! And I hope we’ll stay Connected for at least another Year again ;-)

With much Love and Gratitude,

Angelique Mol ღ

Be Grateful, Every Day again!

Is it really possible to Be Grateful Every Day? Can you Be Grateful even when things are nót so possitive at the moment?
Yés, we still can ánd should be Grateful.
For being Grateful you don’t have to think on just material things you’ve got because you wished for it or on something major happened to you that day.
Being Grateful can be found in the smallest things, things which might be not important as it doesn’t always leave a huge impact with us.
Even on “Dark Days” you still can be Grateful, but you have to allow yourself to See it and Notice it.
What you might think are “little” things  to be Grateful of, for others it can mean the World.
You can be “just” Grateful that you woke up in the morning and see daylight again, or to hear the birds singing, or smell the wonderful flowers or just mowed grass, to be able to work yourself through the day even it might be hard sometime but you still can see the Moon and Stars at night……and I could continue with this and create a whole list of things, maybe little things for you, which you can Be Grateful for.
But I’m sure you can think of some yourself as well……Be Creative ;-).
When we are Grateful for what we receive, every day, even it’s something small and doesn’t look important, we will attract more Positive things in our Life and more Abundance.
That’s just the way it works ;-).
Because, when you are Grateful, you send out Positivie Thoughts and Positive Energies, which will attract more Positivity towards you again.
A good tool to help you with being Grateful and sending out Appreciation every day is to write down, at léast one thing, you are Grateful for that day.
And don’t say or think…..there was today nothing to be Grateful for….because there álways is!! :-)
When you read it back after a while, you will see how Grateful you can actually Be!
Don’t just think about Being Grateful, just BE Grateful :-)
Why not start today?!
Angelique ღ