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The Power of Animal Healing

Animal Healing is almost something Magical….the connection you have with an animal while using and exchanging Divine Energy is simply amazing…… 

Angelique Mol ღ



Healing on animals is often easier to do as animals are very receptive and allow the Divine Energy to come through easier because they are so much more connected, more open and don’t block themselves with Limited Believes like a lot of humans do.

They simply allow, enjoy and will even come to you to “ask” for it which makes it even more Magical. Often they “show” you even where they like to receive healing.

Lolly, the cat in the pictures above, had kidney failure when she was only a kitten. She’s doing wonderful at the moment but often she comes and “asks” to receive some Healing.

She even will position herself in the right way so I don’t have to move my hand to a certain spot, but just keeping my hand still, and every single time she lays down, stretches herself on the same side, in the same position, so my hand is at the right spot where she needs and want receive the Healing.

If I move my hand sometimes slightly to a different spot I can feel that my hand is turning away from the spot that needs attention as the right spot to Heal feels warmer underneath my hands. So, moving my hand away from the spot and moving back to the spot I feel the warmth getting stronger when having my hands above or on the right spot.

It’s beautiful to see, feel and experience how animals totally relax underneath my hands. Simply because they allow and because they can actually Feel the benefits of Healing.

In a lot of ways, humans still can learn a lot from animals, especially when it comes to connection and being open minded and receptive. Animals don’t “think” if healing will work, they just Know it does.

Angelique ღ

The importancy of your Environment

Sitting here and working in a local cafe in Leeds, Oranaise Cafe. The environment is relaxed, nice music, not too much people, lovely foods and drinks.

Change of environment can do much for you. And then I don’t speak about literally moving away from the environment where you live ( though this can sometimes be really beneficial as well ), but more going out when you feel a bit “bored” or “trapped” in your home.

I can work at home pretty fine, I have everything I need there, it’s comfortable…..but, it also can be “dangerous” in terms of not being able to concentrate really well or bring your Mindset to a certain state you want it to be.

Getting yourself into another environment, and this can be anything you like and feel comfortable in, gives you sometimes the opportunity to focus on other things, to relax the mind, to be open minded to new and creative ideas….

Like today I decided to go to Oranaise Café in Leeds, my daughter works there as a waitress, and I brought my iPad to work on for a bit. There’s nice music in the background, I have some fresh water in front of me, some olives…..and this environment makes me very productive at the moment.


Sometimes being at home you can be easily distracted from what you like to focus on, or thinking about other “jobs” you “should” be doing or you can easily be “blocked” as well as your mind wonders off too much.

I really like to change environment to work in as it always gives me a boost to work in. This time it’s a local Cafe, next time it might be the Park or another nice place to be in.

Whenever you feel Blocked or Distracted too much, try to go “out”, even when it’s just for a walk to get some fresh air and then get back to what you want to focus on. It really helps!

Never underestimate a change of Environment, it does more for you then you might realise.

Enjoy your Day for the fullest!

Angelique ღ 

Beyond Inspired

Today I connected with Tony from Beyond Inspired in Leeds UK.  And I like to share what they do for society and humanity as I feel it’s an awesome and very much Inspired project what they do.

I’m very touched by the possibility they give to Children, Adults and Seniors ( so All ages ) and All abilities to give a suitable exercise to create Body Fitness and a Balance in Body and Mind. This happens in Groups or Classes but also on an Individual basis, so 1-1.

I just Love the initiative what they provide as it’s so important for All people to be able to have the Support and attention they want and need for doing exercise.

Please visit the website, give Your support and attention in return. Businesses like this Make a Difference in Society as they Genuinely Care for others. For me personally a Very good example of how People should Help and Support each other.

Angelique Mol ღ

Spiritual Life Coach



Introducing Beyond inspired, a company that provides exercise for all ages and all abilities. 

Offering exercise classes,1-1 training sessions and support group sessions. We work with schools, businesses and local groups to provide exercise and health education. As well as providing exercise for adults we are extremely passionate about exercise for children. Beyond Inspired also reaches out to groups in our society that are often over looked in regards to the sheer importance of health and exercise. 

We offer support to groups covering the elderly, mental health, depression, disadvantaged children,eating disorders and cancer support. Our sessions are not merely about exercise but bringing people together, sharing stories and looking at way that overall health can be applied to all lifestyles and backgrounds

We are here to provide support, education and inspiration drawing on over 20 years of experience to relate to people of all walks of life. 

Fitness & Physical Support
Personal Training – Nutrition Support – 1-1 Boxing – 1-1 Self Defence – Injury Rehab 


Lifestyle Support Groups

Elderly Mobility-Mental Health & Depression-Disadvantaged children-Eating Disorders-Cancer support
Exercise Classes 2016 : visit Beyond Inspired

Contact us for information,booking and payment 07515496997 or visit the website.

We wish to provide our loyal customers with information however if you wish to be removed from this mailing list then please contact us. 

Our mailing address is:


Beyond inspired is a registered trademark under copyright law and cannot be used in anyway without the companies’ permission. Beyond inspired is UK trading company registered 2015.


Feeling Disconnected

We all feel it sometimes, the feeling of Disconnection with your Higher Self. What do you do about it?


For me personally, I can have moments where I feel Disconnected from my Higher Self. Of course you Are not really disconnected from your Higher Self but you can Feel that way.

When certain things happen in your life, for whatever reasons, you can feel a bit out of Balance. You feel distracted, start to think or overthink more, maybe even allow worries coming in or fear. This is completely normal as we are still Human as well.

When I feel Disconnected I try to “get myself together” again and try to find the reason Why I feel disconnected. Is it because I started to focus on other things, which are possibly not even really important ? Was I distracted by others or maybe even by my own Mind?

As soon as I can recognise for myself where the distraction is coming from or what made it happen, I can deal with it. I take a step backwards so to say and look with a wider view what happened and try to recognise where I “lost” the connection with my Higher Self.

Then I Center myself again ( getting myself back together ) and start to focus again on what Really matters and what Feel good for my Self. The moment I start to Center myself I feel that it’s right. And the moment I get back into my own personal Spiritual routine again, like meditating regularly, reading important books and articles, be intuitive creative, write articles, connect with my guides etc, I start to Feel way more Balanced again. Which is a great feeling!

Like I mentioned before, we are still Human as well, so it’s perfectly okay when you feel Disconnected some times. It’s part of our Human experience. So never feel bad or guilty about it, but just pick it up as soon as you recognise it. For me, everything has its reason, so it might have been needed to feel disconnected for a bit so you recognise the difference Within your Self how it Feels when you are.

Remember, you’ll Never lose your Connection with your Higher Self or Spirit. It’s always there. So never worry about that. That you Feel disconnected doesn’t mean you’re Truly Are. As once Awakened and Enlightened you will Never lose that connection, it’s just a bit more at the “background” as you allow other things to connect to at the front focus more. You can Always “tune in” again. It’s like a radio station that’s a bit of its frequency and you need to fine tune it again to hear it more clear. In a similar way it works with your Spiritual Connection. You can Always fine tune again.

Find your own Inner Peace and Balance, Create your own comfortable Connection with your Higher Self and just let your Self wave on the Flow of Universal Guidance.

Angelique Mol

Spiritual Life Coach

10 Days of Thanks to show your Gratitude

Join me in 10 Days of Thanks, to show your Gratitude! Experience the Change after these 2 days!

Write down, every day for 10 days, what you are Grateful for. Make sure you right it down with intense feeling of Gratitude.
This can be in a Journal or shared on Social Media, it doesn’t matter if you like to keep it Private or Share it with the World (and the Universe of course)
Share with me, after the 10 days, if you noticed any Changes within your Life.
As you might already know….The More you are Grateful and showing your true Gratitude, The More you will Receive to be Grateful for.

Angelique Mol ღ