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A Better World starts with Compassion

Where is the Love? Where is the Compassion for each other?

I had an interesting conversation with one of my Clients the other day….

She is in an advanced state of Pregnancy and needed to take the train home from work. After working hours you can imagine how busy it is on the trains and so the train was fully packed with people.

All seats were taken so she was forced to keep standing in the train, packed up between other people. No one offered her a seat in awareness of her situation for being very visible pregnant. It came to the point that she got really warm, too warm and almost fainted because of being so packed up between people.

At the train station she needed to sit down for a bit to come to herself again, breathing into calmness before she was able to continue her journey home.

Her midwife advised her to next time just ask someone if they maybe wanted to give up their seat for her, which you can imagine is not easy to ask to a stranger, but she did…..

The next time, on a packed train again, she noticed a 4-seat part in the train which had actually a sticker on the window “please give up seat for disabled, elder or pregnant people”. The 4-seat space was taken by 4 guys and she asked to the guys if maybe one of them would be able to give up his seat for her.

As you can imagine she got “a look” from one of them, not saying a word and not standing up. Then finally one of the guys felt he was the one “needed” to do it as the other guys wouldn’t move, but it was not with much pleasure.

There was also an experience with her in the train, that she actually sat down on a seat and an older man came in the train. She offered her seat to the older man as no seats were available. There was nobody who was saying “oh no, take this seat” to the older man, so that my client could keep her seat as well in her condition….

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Where is the compassion for other people, especially when they can use our help and love?

My client mentioned as well that most of the people weren’t even Aware of her pregnant condition as most of them were all in their own “cocoon”, their “own world”, busy on their mobile phones, iPads etc and not even Aware of what is going on around them.

I do have to say, I notice that myself as well when I’m taking the bus into town. About 80% of the people have no idea what is happening around them, for being so distracted by their mobile phones. Sadly enough…..this our Reality.

Don’t get me wrong, I do send a text when I’m on the bus, or listen to a Meditation or music, but somehow I always see the people when they get on the bus, so if there is someone who can use my seat I will give it up for them.

It seems that people in this moment of time are more into their own World, minding their own business and not really Care anymore for other people….in so many ways.

A Better World starts with yourself, and that’s totally true! We can’t create a Better environment if we only care about ourselves and have no eye for others anymore.

Let’s Create a Better World! Let’s pay more attention to each other, show people that you care, as You might need help one day yourself……. How would You feel?

Angelique Mol ღ

Sunday Blues

“Sundays are not often anymore what they used to be, but You can still create that kind of a Sunday for yourself”

These days we live in times where we basically having a 24/7 society. Lots of people work on Sundays, shops are open and it basically seems like one of the ordinairy days of a week. Sunday is not “special” anymore for a lot of people.

I come from a time, and that seems like I’m feeling old but I’m not ;-), where Sundays were really Sundays. Nothing was open like shops or malls, the only place where you could get something when you forgot something was the petrol station, or even the little shop in a hospital, as places like that it never stops of course.

Sunday was for a lot of people, going to church, having a coffee after, going back home, preparing lunch, do a bit stuff in the garden, read a book……relax. These days, a lot of people don’t experience Sundays like this anymore, and it’s a bit of a shame, I feel, as the Only day in the week, where we should really take advantage of to Relax and Wind down should be the Sunday.

Of course, there are still enough people who Are able to have a “lazy” Sunday and do some stuff in the garden, read a book, listen to music, play a game etc. But still, Sundays are not the Real Sundays anymore.

But you Can create a Real Sunday for yourself if you want to, it’s simply Allowing yourself to have a Real Sunday, without feeling “guilty” as you might think you “need to do stuff”. Of course, if you have a job that requires you to work on a Sunday or you have  other obligations which you can’t avoid, then I recommend you have a Real Sunday at any other day during the week.

These days we have to Learn that it’s okay to have a day where we don’t Have to do things, when it is Okay to take time for yourself or for what you like to do and when it’s Okay to just Relax and Recharge your batteries so you’re ready for the new (work) week to start.

I speak to a lot of people and I realised that there are many people who don’t Allow themselves to have some down-time. As they Feel they Need to do “this and that” no matter if it’s Sunday or their only day off in the week. They feel “guilty” when they have not done certain things but been “lazy” instead.

Why do we “punish” ourselves this way? There is Nothing wrong with having a day to yourself, without feeling the Pressure that you Need to do “this or that”. We actually Create this for ourselves, so we are Also the ones who can Change this. Ask yourself, Why do you feel you need to keep doing and doing? Don’t you feel you Deserve some “me-time”?

Instead of Enjoying the Sunday for the fullest a lot of people start already thinking about the next day, Monday, to get back to work and all the things that need to be done, they start already to stress out while Monday is not even there yet! Why would you do that to yourself? Why start stressing out on a Sunday already for a day that still needs to be born?

Allow yourself a Sunday, relax, do whatever you feel up to. Want to stay in bed all day, do. Want to go out for a walk, do. Want to play a game or be creative, do. Whatever it is you like doing and what makes you relax, enjoy and wind down…..Do it. Allow yourself time pure for yourself, your family and loved ones, your hobbies etc.

Stop pushing yourself! Learn to Relax and Allow.

I wish you a Lovely Sunday, with lot’s of me-time, fun, joy, relaxation and rest ;-)

Angelique ღ

Is wearing Make-up a Confidence-Cover Up?

We all have heard women say sometimes things like “I’m not going outdoors without any Make-up on” or “I need at Least some Mascara on my eyes before I go out”.
Believe me, I’m a woman and I’ve said this some time as well ;-) so…..Very recognizable!
But in what way is it So important for us woman to wear Make-up at all?
These days The Looks are véry important! Especially for the younger ones as they see it all on TV, in Magazines, on Billboards etc.
You just Got to look beautiful and young!
So one way you can say it’s the whole society at the moment, the trend or what so ever, but on the other hand you can ask yourself if it’s That important to look so “Beautiful” and “Young”.
Cover Up with Make up
What is looking Beautiful? What is looking Young?
As you also might have heard sometimes that Real beauty comes from within, then why is the outher look so important?
And did you ever paid attention to elder people, male or female, and watched them smiling and enjoying life? They Still can be looking Young, just because of the way they act and live Life ;-).
For some women wearing Make-up is just a kind of finishing touch, to just give that little bit more expression on your Looks.
But for some other women, especially Young Adults, it has different reasons as they mostly feel they have to compete with others :-).
And to those group of women I like to point out something……if you allow me to :-p
It is true, the True Beauty comes from within. Most of You already have such pretty faces that it’s actually a shame to put (much or too much) Make-up on it.
You don’t have to compete with others as you are Beautiful just as You Are! You are Unique in your own kind of way.
Of course, using Make-up is fine and beautiful as well, but only when you use it in the right way ;-).
So, lots of layers is not needed, let your skin breathe a bit. Giving a touch on your eyes and lips, that’s fine and can be beautiful and attractive as well.
But, Never think or feel you are Not beautiful Without Make-up…..as You are Always beautiful!
The right people, yes also the right boys :-p , will see your True Beauty, they will Love you even when you don’t wear any Make-up at all.
They will Love you for Who you are, as a person, natural and with All that comes with the package ;-).
It’s just about Loving Your Self, looking to Your Self in the mirror and able to say “I AM Beautiful Just the way I AM! “.
If you are able to trust in that and See it in Your Self you will mirror this out towards others as well and they will pick this up.
So, don’t hide your Pretty face behind a Mask, in no way, but be proud to show your True Beauty out there!
Say to Your Self how beautiful you are, if you are able to do this often or every day you will See what True Beauty is :-).
Make up not to use to hide
BE Your Self, Be Confident in being You ♥
Angelique ღ