2016, Awareness, Coaching, Personal Development, Spirituality

Unconditional Love is More Powerful than you might think….     You’ve probably heard about Unconditional Love before. But What is Unconditional Love exactly? As it already says by itself, it’s Unconditional, so without any Restrictions and Bounderies. The ability to Love without any Judgement, Procrestionations and Assumptions. When you are able to See and… Read More

2015, Awakening

Nature is Speaking

I found some great short video’s about ‘Nature is speaking’. All these video’s are using the voices of Celebrity people who stand up for Nature and Humanity. Humans think they Own it all….the Earth, the Oceans, Nature, Flowers, Water……but most people don’t realize that Earth can continue living without Humans, but Humans can’t survive without… Read More Nature is Speaking