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The Importance of Grounding / Earthing

I have known for a long time that Grounding and Earthing is very good for you, make contact with the Earth with bare feet. I knew it was good for your Energies, to Release the Energies you no longer need or are not good for you and to Recharge your Self with the Positive Energies of the Earth.

When I’m home I mainly walk bare foot and on a nice day I will sit outside in my front yard with bare feet in the grass to Ground my Self. But that only doesn’t seem enough to properly become Grounded and Earthed.

Grounding / Earthing

When I was living in New Zealand for a few years, on the South Island, there were a lot of people who walked bare feet on the streets. Coming from the Netherlands and never seen people do that, unless they were homeless, was a strange thing for me to see, and to do. But later on the understanding came that it was for Grounding and Earthing.

Now living in the UK I do realise that nobody really does that here either, and I’m sure people would look weird at you for walking bare foot on the streets. But actually, it should be more accepted and be normalised to do it, for our own Health benefits really.

Back in the old, old days people did not do anything else than walking bare foot, but since we started to wear shoes with artificial soles we basically became more disconnected and less grounded.

I did not know, or realised there is so much more to Grounding and Earthing. I did not know that Grounding and Earthing actually helps to release Inflammation within the Physical body. Inflammation is a cause of a lot of dis-eases and what makes our bodies ill. By reducing Inflammation and releasing it completely from our bodies, we Heal from so much illnesses.

Beside reducing and releasing Inflammation, Grounding and Earthing is also beneficial for Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Increasing Energy, Normalising Biological Rhythms, Normalising Blood Flow and Blood Pressure, Relieving Muscle Tension and Headache, Improving Menstrual and Female Hormone Symptoms, Lowering Stress, Decreasing Anxiety and Protecting the body from the effects of EMF’s ( electromotive force like voltage ).

This should be reason enough for all of us to walk more on bare foot or even at least sit outside for a while, every single day, to Ground and Earth your Self. To release all you have to release and to recharge with the energies we need to keep our bodies healthy.

Grounding and Earthing is a very important part of Self Healing, and I feel it should be taken more serious than just something “hippie” people do. As there is a true Science behind it and it’s proven Science as well.

So all I can say for my Self, and hopefully motivate You to do, is taking off our shoes more, put your bare feet on the Earth and let the Healing process begin!


Angelique ღ

Self Reflection, Release and Rise

There is So much Love within ourselves, we just need to Rise Up and not be afraid to show it and use it – Angelique Mol ღ


The last 2 weeks, I had some days to use up, I had really time for myself, time for some Self Reflection which made me see things from a different perspective and to realize even more what it is that I want in my Life and on my Journey.

Today especially, I had another day of Self Reflection, but also a moment of Releasing. After being for a bit on my Social Media channels, connecting with people and interacting with people, and watching a few videos about different subjects in Life, it was like a mirror was held up towards my Self. Not particular about What I was watching in the video, but the emotions that came with it.

It made me realize that there is So much Love in the World and within ourselves, but for some reason a lot of people keep dwelling and focusing on Negative things, Bad situations, Sad things instead of diving in the Positive things, the emotions of Caring and Loving. In the videos I watched, it was all about Loving and Caring, Standing up for Your Self, taking the Power of your own Life and Reality…..and actually Doing something with it and about it.

I actually came at a point of Emotional Release, as I Do feel a lot of Love and Caring emotions within my Self and always think I Do use them well towards others, but how much do I actually use it for My Self? What do I want to do with my Self Love, in what ways can I even more be helpful and caring towards other, using my Self Love?

Where am I at this stage in my Life? What is my Life Purpose? Where does my Self-Love comes in this? And a lot became very clear to me, and I am Grateful for this time of Self Reflection and Release. As this means I am at a point now where I can Rise again.

Self Reflection

I also came to the realization that it is Okay to feel Lost sometimes, and that you struggle within Your Self, not knowing what to Do with your Life. But try to remember that you are here for Something. And it’s for your Self to find what it is. No Life is meaningless, every Life is Meaningful. And so is Yours. You Matter, like anybody else.

And that’s why it’s important to Give your Self some time for Self Reflection, to Release Energies and Emotions that no longer serve you and to Feel you have the Right to Rise again within your own full Potential, of what You want in Life and what Feels Best for You.

You might not get the changes you want overnight, you might have to work towards it, create things or situations, except help from others (as that’s okay as well, you don’t always have to do it alone), but hold on to your Dreams and Desires, as you Can make it come true. Just keep believing in Your Self.

Sharing Love and Compassion and Being Grateful every day are no hard things to do, but it certainly helps you moving Forward, and Connect you with the people who need to be on your Journey, either to help You or for You to help Them.

My time of Self Reflection and Release did help me to Rise Up again and to Believe in My Self and in my Dreams. And I am Grateful for the people around me who are always there for me and who Believe in me too.


You can Rise Up as well and use your power of Self-Love and trust that you are Worth it. Share your Love, Show Compassion and Rise within your Consciousness and above all that doesn’t serve you any longer.

Dare to choose, dare to make the right decisions for You…..as deep inside Your Self you already Know what you want if you Really listen to your Inner Self.

Be You, Love You, Live You and live Your life.

Angelique ღ

Where Anger meets Unconditional Love

“When comes the point that you let Anger take over…..and where comes the point you kick in Unconditional Love?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Angelique ღ 

We all come in situations in our Life that we have to deal with Anger. This can be at work, in some circumstances, in Family and Relationships. But when, or better to say Why, do we let Anger control our Mind, Attitude, Mood and Feelings. In what way and at what point are we able to take over this control of Anger so we can actually see the Love again in someone.

I experienced myself a situation over the past view weeks, which gave me a very much of a mixture of feelings. First I felt sad and upset, then worried and then it turned into Unbelieve and Anger. For me, on my own personal Spiritual Journey, to have learned about Unconditional Love and to see Love in all people, it’s still a Human reaction to come at a point of Anger.

But for me, the most important thing is that this Anger is able to turn into a more Positive feeling again, a feeling of Love that you felt before for that person, an understanding in some way (not for the person, but for myself) and be able to send Unconditional Love, like you would do to anyone else.

If you Forgive someone, you also Forgive yourself. You basically cut the cord of being Angry with someone and no longer Allow yourself to spend any (negative) Energy to the person or situation. This means, you can Let Go. And it still doesn’t mean you Agree, are Happy about all that happened or will ever forget…..no, it means you basically Step Away from it and no longer let it Influence or Control your own Life, Mood, Happiness and Positivity.

In my recent situation, I Will never forget, I still Don’t agree…but I put Energy of Forgiveness in the situation, for my Self. So that I can Let Go and move on from the situation, I simply don’t Allow it anymore to be present in my Life which might effect my mood and own positive attitude.

The quicker you can turn Anger into Love again, for your Self, the quicker you are able to Let Go of Unwanted and Negative Energies. As finally, you only Hurt yourself by holding on to Anger, disbelieve, frustration and the stress that comes with it. Don’t do that, Try not to do that. Heal your Self as quickly as you can from these Energies and Situations.

And if it might mean that I lose a very dear Friendship because of me Letting Go from this situation, then So Be It. Sometimes Letting Go is better than Holding On to something that is not “Healthy” for you anymore. I’ve learned to Let Go of All that doesn’t “serve” me any longer and it’s indeed the best way for letting yourself not influenced any longer. As we need to move on, not standing still or let ourselves hold back by others or situations.

Letting Go with Unconditional Love is not always the easiest thing to do, but sometimes the best thing to do.

Angelique ღ

Easy moments of Meditation


“Even a few minutes of a silent and peaceful mind is Meditation”     Angelique Mol ღ

People often think that you Need to “make time” for meditation, to sit or lay down, soft relaxation music in the background, or even a guided meditation to listen to….

But there are so many different ways of “easy meditation”. Meditation is all about Empty the Mind, Silence the Mind and Creating a Peaceful Mind. Getting rid of worries and stress, calm down and relax.

When you’re out in Nature and watch a beautiful Sunset or Sunrise and watch this moment in silence, without any other thoughts on your mind, that’s already a form of Meditation.

When you are being Creative, like drawing, colouring and painting….this is also very Meditative as you let your Mind be free from other thoughts and are connected to the other side of your brain, your Creative side instead of your Logical side.

You don’t even Have to close your eyes to Meditate, though for some people this works the best to relax and empty the Mind. As long as you silence your Thoughts and Create a Peaceful Mind, you are in a Meditative state.

It is in that way also not Needed to Meditate for hours, a simply 10 minutes Meditation can do wonders. You have a stressful moment at work and need to break free from it? Give yourself 10 minutes by yourself, preferably in a silent or peaceful environment, and let it all Go and Flow. After these 10 minutes you feel Much better!

Myself, I like to Meditate for about 10-15 minutes before I go to sleep. This helps me to sleep more peaceful, as I empty my Mind from all the thoughts and attention from the day. It prevents restless sleeping and “weird” dreaming as well. Often we have strange and stressful dreams as lots of thoughts are still running through our Mind when we go to sleep. So why not give your Self a moment of Peace and Silence before laying yourself for a good night sleep.

I noticed, within my experience, when I Meditate every day, even for a short time, I feel totally different, I feel better, more relaxed and don’t even let stress come close to me. It seems I am better guarded to stress and “negative” thoughts. I can think more clear and with Peace which also helps me to make better choices and decisions when I need to make one.

Allow Meditation in your daily Life and enjoy the Inner Peace!

Angelique Mol ღ

Day of the Reset – 17 March 2015

The following message is shared from Cobra Etheric Liberation (Facebook Group) and tells us about the Day of the Reset on 17th March 2015

This Event is about the Inner Reset.


Cobra update,

March 6, 2015.

Day of the Reset (March 17th, 2015)

As we are getting ready for the Event, we need to do the inner Reset.

The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing. It will consequentially mean the end of karma when a critical mass of people realizes that we spiritually owe Archons, gurus or God nothing:


Some people find it difficult forgiving the Cabal. True forgiveness to the Cabal can happen only after they are stopped in what they are doing. Before that, you can use your anger constructively by assisting in the planetary liberation process. Forgiving the Cabal will be easier if you understand that they are acting out of trauma they themselves have received in the past. After they are stopped, violence will solve nothing. Those who are unredeemable will go to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring and the rest will feel their conscience giving them a really hard time when they finally realize what they have done:


Forgiveness is easy if you understand that everybody on this planet had some really traumatic experiences in this or any of the previous lifetimes. Each individual reacts upon those experiences in a unique way. To release the past and learn from it is the key to the new reality. We need to start focusing on how to make things work in the new society. Forgiveness will open a flow of cosmic Love upon the surface of this planet and this energy is exactly what the advanced extraterrestrial races need to anchor their ships here after the First Contact.
On March 17th, at the last Uranus Pluto square, you can meditate in your own way and dedicate that day to forgive as much as possible and thus do an inner Reset.

We will not be having any global activations on that day, inner Reset happens in silence in the innermost chamber of your Heart.

This marks the completion of this Window of Opportunity. The progress of the Light forces towards the surface of the planet is such that no further Windows of Opportunity are needed to trigger the Event, although portal activations on certain dates may still be needed.

Since that day, we will actually be in one huge Window of Opportunity that will converge into the Event when the time is right. Anyway, complexity wave analysis shows that timeframe between mid-March and the end of May is one of the times in the human history with most potential.

The Breakthrough is near!

Ho'oponopo mantra


Angelique Mol ॐ