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Letting Go is Healing

How often do you hold on to things, for too long, and later on realise that it’s only causing you more harm, stress and anxiety than needed? We’ve all been there and it’s not always easy to deal with.

Though “Letting Go” is a very important part when it comes to Healing. When you hold on to for example Anger, Sadness, Doubt, Fear, Insecurity, Jealousy and Stress, it creates stress and anxiety not only in your physical body but also in your energetic body.

Maybe you already are aware of the fact that illnesses are created in your energetic body first, before they hit the physical body. So if we hold on too much and too long of negative energies that basically don’t really serve us well, we can create physical issues.

Once it reached the physical body, it’s much harder to clear and cleanse the negative energies as then it needs to be removed from the physical body first and then throught the energetic body. So we do ourselves well by releasing these negative energies as soon as possible, so Before it hits our physical body.

Letting Go is basically accepting and not giving it anymore attention or energy so you don’t “feed” the negative energies, but basically let them desolve and replace for positive energies.

Not giving attention to it anymore can already be done by not keeping it in your mind any longer, as our Mind can create strong energies within ourselves and body, either negative or positive. So what would you prefer to set your intentions to? Don’t underestimate the Power of the Mind.

Using Positive Affirmations do really help to change your Mindset into a more Positive Mindset, and so does Meditation and sessions of Energy Healing or even Hypno Therapy.

Holding on too much stress and anxiety can literally make you physically ill, and it’s not worth it. You can’t change the Past and you don’t know yet what the Future will bring, so if you are able to live in The Now then there is no space for stress and anxiety as this mainly exists from worries and fear.

Use your internal power to Heal your Self by Letting Go of situations you can’t control, or situations that no longer serve you, or people that no longer should be in your life.

Letting Go is Healing your Self, Letting Go is taking control over your own Life and not let Life, people or situations control You.

Angelique ღ

2017 – A Number 1 Year

“Number 1 Years are for New Beginnings, Opportunities, Chances and New Challenges, a great Year to start something New or to finally Set that long wanted Goal or Dreams”


Everyone is making new Resolutions for the New Year, which is great! But ask yourself, how many times did you make Resolutions and when you look back at the end of the Year, you might have completed a view but there might be also a lot of things you didn’t do, for whatever reason.

When you make Resolutions for the New Year, set Goals for yourself, it’s not just about Saying or Writing it down….it’s a Mindset.

You, yourself, in the first place, Have to Believe that you will Do it, that you Can do it and that you will Succeed. Nobody can make you move, You have to do it yourself. You need to find the Spirit within yourself that gives you the Drive to get Started and to Keep Going.

Also, be Open for new Opportunities, Chances, Changes and Challenges. Maybe some things might not always come your way like you would want it, but you just Need to keep in mind that it will help you Forward. It will help you Grow, Develop and become Successful in what you have planned out for yourself.

So the main thing is to Stay Focussed, no matter what. Don’t let yourself Distracted by other people or circumstances, and if it happens then get back on track as soon as you can. The less time you stay distracted, the easier it is to get back into your routine again.

Also don’t make Goals only because it makes you look better towards others. As if you do this, you won’t succeed. You Always need to do it for yourself, with your Own Believe in it and your Own Motivation. You might have tried it before, to set a goal basically more for others than for yourself….and what was your result? For some people it might have helped, as they sometimes need that kind of Motivation to succeed, but for the majority of people….they take off with Big Enthusiasm but are not able to keep it up.

Always, always make changes in your Life because You want to make a change!

Leaves me to say, for now, get a Notebook….write down what your Goals and Plans are for this year, use a Journal to track yourself down, every day, and Reward yourself every month (just with something small) for your Achievement that month. This also gives you extra Motivation to keep going.

Today is the day! Let’s get Started!

Angelique ღ

Succes and Happiness with Affirmations

“You might underestimate the Power of Affirmations, but when you use them on a daily basis, you will notice a Positive Change in your Life”

Angelique Mol ღ


First of all…..Affirmation Do Work! No matter in what way you use them, they Do work. So, why not using them in a way so it’s beneficial for you?

If you set yourself a Limitation, and don’t believe Affirmations will work for you, you create a blockage within yourself and they might not work for you. Though, when you keep a “negative” mindset and thoughts, they might work for you but not in the way you would want it to be.

Our thoughts are very Powerful, it’s a strong Energy. You probably heard before “what you send out, you receive back”, and that’s true, as you set that particular Energy in motion. So when you have negative thoughts about yourself, other people or things, you will attract even more of the same.

People are very easy with thinking “bad” or “negative” about themselves. We easy think “I’m not good enough for that”, or “I can’t do that”, or “I am not that beautiful”…..and so on. But why is it so hard to Praise ourselves a bit more and say Good things about ourselves?

Does that mean we are “full of ourselves”? No, it means that we allow and accept that it is okay that we feel good about ourselves, or that we feel that we Are beautiful, or that we Are capable of doing things. And it has to do with Self Love, not with being Cocky or having a big Ego.

When you use Affirmations, on a daily basis, you set an Energy in motion, to attract abundance in every kind of way….when you use it in a Positive way. Of course when you use “negative” Affirmations like a few I mentioned before, you can’t expect you will attract Good and Positive things in your Life.

Myself, I use Positive Affirmations every single day, throughout the day, in the morning when I wake up, in the evening before I go to sleep…..and yes, it does something With me, it does something To me and it does something For me, definitely!

If you want to be Succesful in what you are doing, or in something you try to Create, it’s very important that you Believe in yourself, so when you use the Postive Affirmations you don’t “just say” them, but there is a Feeling behind it as well. You need to be convinced and Truly feeling what you are saying.

Visualise and Feel makes Affirmations even stronger!

Using Visualisation with Affirmations works even better! As you don’t just say the Affirmations with True Feelings but you also can See it happening or manifesting. Which makes it even more Powerful.

You probably have seen the quote before ” I Am…..and what you put behind it, is who or what you are”.  As Affirmations do start with I Am, I Will, I Can, I Attract….etc.

Myself, I always use Affirmations starting with I Am. For example…. I Am Healthy, I Am Beautiful, I Am Energetic, I Am Fit, I Am Happy, I Am Love, I Am Positive, I Am Succesful, I Am Abundance……but I also use Affirmations like this, I Attract Abundance in every area of my Life, I Create a Life full of Happiness, I Radiate Love and Receive Love, I Create a Succesful Life….etc.

Basically, you can use Anything that fits you, your situation and your Life. As long as you use it in a Positive way.

Do you need to say the Affirmations out loud? No, you don’t have to. Remember I told you before that our Thoughts are very Powerful. You can “say” the Affirmations within yourself, in your mind. You can whisper them if you want to, or say it out loud as well. You can also use them in a form of Meditation. You can also write them down in a journal or on a daily page in your calendar. It’s all about putting the Intention out there, the Right Mindset.

Using Affirmations makes you feel more Confident as well, it gives you a boost of Energy as you Truly Believe in yourself! And you Trust on yourself that you Will make it work!

Give it a try! Use Affirmations on a daily basis, let’s say for a week at first and see if you experience any difference. Within yourself, in how it makes you feel, or in experiences that happen around you, or “coincidences” that suddenly appear….You might be surprised!


“The Right Mindset is the Key to a Better, more Succesful, Healthier and a more Happy Life”.

Angelique ღ

The importancy of your Environment

Sitting here and working in a local cafe in Leeds, Oranaise Cafe. The environment is relaxed, nice music, not too much people, lovely foods and drinks.

Change of environment can do much for you. And then I don’t speak about literally moving away from the environment where you live ( though this can sometimes be really beneficial as well ), but more going out when you feel a bit “bored” or “trapped” in your home.

I can work at home pretty fine, I have everything I need there, it’s comfortable…..but, it also can be “dangerous” in terms of not being able to concentrate really well or bring your Mindset to a certain state you want it to be.

Getting yourself into another environment, and this can be anything you like and feel comfortable in, gives you sometimes the opportunity to focus on other things, to relax the mind, to be open minded to new and creative ideas….

Like today I decided to go to Oranaise Café in Leeds, my daughter works there as a waitress, and I brought my iPad to work on for a bit. There’s nice music in the background, I have some fresh water in front of me, some olives…..and this environment makes me very productive at the moment.


Sometimes being at home you can be easily distracted from what you like to focus on, or thinking about other “jobs” you “should” be doing or you can easily be “blocked” as well as your mind wonders off too much.

I really like to change environment to work in as it always gives me a boost to work in. This time it’s a local Cafe, next time it might be the Park or another nice place to be in.

Whenever you feel Blocked or Distracted too much, try to go “out”, even when it’s just for a walk to get some fresh air and then get back to what you want to focus on. It really helps!

Never underestimate a change of Environment, it does more for you then you might realise.

Enjoy your Day for the fullest!

Angelique ღ 

Get rid of Limited Beliefs!

We all get choices, chances and opportunities, but do we always take it or do we hold back because of insecurities and fear?

What do You do when Opportunity knocks your door? Do you open the door and invite it with both hands to come in or do you start (over)thinking and doubting and close the door?

When you Do close the door and spend days on doubt and (over)thinking you also must realise that often the opportunity doesn’t ring twice.

A missed Opportunity is a missed chance to Progress and Growth

So What is holding you back? Why do you have doubts? Is it because you are afraid what others might say? Is it because you have fear it might not work out so well? Do you worry already about the moment when it doesn’t work out?

When we (over)think and creating doubts, fear and insecurities we are actually Allowing the negative thoughts to come in instead of Feeding the positive ones. And the Positive ones are the ones we Need to make Progress and be able to Move Forward.

Overthinking, Doubts, Fears have All to do with Limited Beliefs. As we Limit ourselves in What we Think we Can do. And those Limitations come from thoughts like I mentioned before, “what do others think and say about it”, “I don’t think I can Do it”, “What If?” Etc.

So let’s Replace the Can’t for the Can, the Don’t for the Do by changing our Mindset in Positive Vibes. You have to Believe you Can Do it! As you Can!

Often (not always) when people come to you with “negative” questions like “Are you sure?” or give you reasons for Not to do it, it is a Reflection of themselves!  So these people actually Doubt on You if you can Do it, so even More Reason to Go for It! Prove you Can!

So our Limited Beliefs are often Created through other’s perceptions of You and what They think you’re capable of, and Created by Yourself because You Believe it too!

To get Rid of Limited Beliefs you have to Change the Dont’s for the Do’s and the Cant’s for the Can’s!

Start Believing that you Can! As you Do! Believe that No One can Hold you Back! Believe that you Can be Succesful! Believe you Are capable of doing Anything!

Believe in You!


You probably heard before….If you can Dream it you Can Do it! And this is true! It’s only our Limited Believes that hold us back from achieving.

What is your Dream again? What do you like to Achieve? What do you like to Change in your Life?

Do it! It’s simply as that.


If you like to use the opportunity to get a bit more Motivation, book your FREE 30 min “Motivation Coaching Session”!