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Develop Self Awareness

“Most of us always try to be a Better “me” than we were yesterday, and that’s great! But how can you Grow and Develop your Self Awareness? Below I mentioned a couple of ideas for you but I’m sure after reading these you’ll find more similar ideas which you can bring into your Life to create a better Self Awareness”

Stop overthinking and just go with the flow, the brain is only a servant so try to let it not be too much in control.

Be in the Now, that is all you’ll ever have, you can’t go back in the Past and the Future is not secured yet.

Learn from the past, but do not let it rule you, holding on to the Past prevent you from moving forward and letting go.

Do what you like and want, as long as you harm none. This means every living being, even yourself. Not only physical, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Take responsibilty for yourself, not for others.

Do all your activities with the best intend, even when you’re not successful all the time, it’s about the effort you put into it.

Take initiative yourself, do not let it depend on others all the time.

Detach from situations out of your control, Find Inner Peace, this will help you more than getting stressed out.

Believe and have hope, See and find the magic in everything, Create your own adventure and Enjoy Life!

Make the best out of your journey, no matter the circumstances, try to stay positive as things will get better again.

Have patience, everything comes and happens at the right time, when you are ready for it.

Stay strong, even though this can be tough sometimes, but you can do it!

Find balance within everything, too much or too less of everything is not good either

Be kind and courageous, to everyone, you might be surprised how people respond back at you and admire you.

Listen, Not only to others, but also your Inner Guidance, this will guide you in the right direction on your Journey.

Life is happening right here and right now, not on social media. Try to communicate more face to face, get out there and socialise in real Life.

Be grateful, for everything you Have, everything you have Received and everything that will Come your way. An Attitude of Graditute will bring you more to be Grateful of.

Find some humour within everything, Life is often already too serious, take more things a bit more light hearted.

Keep a Positive Attitude, when you keep a positive attitude you will attract more Positivity in your Life.

Use Affirmations daily, Affirmations are very powerful, it helps to set out intentions and create the Life how you want it.

Love, this is the most powerful one, as Love is the most powerful energy. Share and Radiate your Love, you will receive a lot back and acting from out of Love will bring you Abundance in every area of your Life.

I hope this helps you a bit more in creating Self Awareness! If you have any points or ideas yourself, feel free to share this in the comments below this article! I’m looking forward to some wonderful and creative ones!
Angelique Mol ღ

Magical Tree of Wishes

Sometimes you can come at unexpected places and find little magical things that makes you say “wow!”……..


On a beautiful Sunday morning I went for a Hike with my daughter in the Yorkshire Dales again. Beside the beautiful hills and country side we arrived in a little piece of forest which was stunning beautiful!

Especially in this time of the year with all the beautiful colours of yellow, orange and red, all mixed together. It’s an awesome feeling to connect with Nature in this way. For me going out for a Hike in Nature is like a form of Meditation, it really calms me down, it empties my mind and I get really re-energised!

When you then walk up to something that you’ve never seen before, makes it even more great and exciting! And of course….then the question arise….what is this? What is the meaning or secret behind this?

A tree, totally stuffed with little coins….5p, 10p, 20p….and really, like loads of them! I have never seen such thing and was totally blown away by it. As the tree was laying on the ground it was great to see it so close and to make some pictures of it.


Still, at this point no idea what the story is behind the Tree with the coins. Some coins are pressed in very well and deep, some are pressed in slightly and some are even bend by whatever how that happened.

In the meantime, by talking to someone about it, I had the anwer to the Secret of the Tree….obviously people press a coin in the Tree and make a wish :-). So what other people might do in a Wishing Well, here in the Yorkshire Dales they use a Tree for that. How awesome is that!

I still might do some research about this to find out where this “idea” is originally coming from and for how long people already doing this. Maybe if you know anything about it, please let me know! I’m always curious in Magical stories!

So whenever you go Out There….keep an eye open for the Magic around you!

Angelique ღ

Letter of Gratitude

When you show Gratitude, every day, you’ll receive more to be Grateful of”

Thank you card

I Do believe in the Magic of Gratitude, in the Law of Attraction, setting out Intentions, sharing Positive Energy towards others……as more than once I experienced the Magic of it resulting in things to happen you just can’t think of before they actually happen.

Every day, when I get up, I say Thank You a few times, and before I go to sleep, I say Thank You for all I’ve experienced that day. Even throughout the day I often say Thank You when (little) things come to me in positive ways, or even when it’s something I needed to learn from (no negative ways, as they don’t really exist, we decide ourselves it’s something “negative” while it’s actually something “positive” as it was a lesson).

I Do experience myself, because I show my Gratitude every day, I Do experience more to be Grateful of.

Last week, this came to me…….

My good and dear friend Viv called me on an evening to explain that she and her partner ( well, Twin Flame ), will travel to Europe, Portugal to be precisely, to start living a bit more “off the grid” and so getting rid of some Material things.

She wanted to sell her car and another friend of her would like to buy the car but experienced a bit trouble to get the money together. So Viv and her partner discussed if they actually really wanted the money for the car or more  wanting to help out someone out (especially now they like to connect more to nature and step away from materialism).

As both believe in Helping, Supporting and Pay it Forward, they decided to make an agreement with the friend who wanted to buy the car from her. They told her that if they would give her the car, instead of letting her buy it and give money, to do the same towards someone with her “old” car.

They explained to her that they have another friend (me) who could really use a car. And they would love the idea to give her their car (for free) if she would “Pay Forward” her car to me (for free) They called it an exchange between Angels ;-)

As you can imagine, I was blown away when Viv called me and explained it all to me, and that I would receive a car the next day….for free. A car which if I would sell it would be easily still worth a 1500-2000 pounds. I had no words for it……

The next day we met up, to exchange the cars, me….still blown away and didn’t know what to say than….Thank You. The lady of the car said to me that words are not always needed. And she is right….being Grateful is enough. And to see you Help someone else, make someone else Happy…that is the most important, and it makes you feel great!

The day after, for the first time since being in the UK for just over a year, I went to do groceries with my car. When I loaded the groceries in the car, I just sat there for a couple of minutes…..again overwhelmed with Gratitude….no more carrying heavy bags with groceries on the bus, the freedom to drive into the country side to connect more with nature…..

I had an emotional moment, kept saying Thank You a few times more as I realised….. good things come to you when you are Grateful all the time. It’s not about How or in What way it comes to you….but it does come to you.

You receive what you send out, big time. So better send out what you want, positive things, things to be Grateful of. There is Always something to be Grateful for, every day, even if it’s something small….

Say Thank you a bit more in your Life and let the Magic come to you.

Angelique Mol ღ

Intuitive Writing Message 27-07-2015

A Beautiful garden contains flowers and much green. To be aware of all the beautiful colours you must observe and truly See all the beauty it provides. A single flower can so much get your attention that you almost forget about the rest of the garden.

Sometimes it’s good to focus on just one piece of beauty but don’t forget to look around a bit more sometimes as well. The beauty of a garden can brighten your day. The sunlight that reflects on the flowers, the waterdrops on the leaves. All has its own kind of beauty and magic.
When walking in nature try to smell all the different flavours that comes to you, try to recognize them, enjoy them, cherish them. Also recognize the little things that cross your path. Collect them when they catch your eye and you feel drawn to it. These little treasures will be always on your way, you just need to be aware of them to see them.
Magic is everywhere, so are signs, so is guidance and so is support. Like the beautiful roses in the garden the thorns might be in the way sometimes, but when you know how to handle them they will not be in your way at all. Let the colours overrule the darkness, let the birds sing above the noise.
Pay attention to the true beauty that is around us and all that doesn’t matter will disappear. The beauty is in you, the beauty is around you, the beauty is in everything, as long as you allow yourself to See.
Namaste Angelique, enjoy the beauty every day.
Warm wishes, Hishue