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Blossom Your Self

If you look around in Nature, you already see lots of Trees start to show their Blossom. It’s heading towards Spring, new leaves, new flowers, new Growth.

Many people feel a bit “stuck” in Winter time. It’s grey and dull outside, cold and sometimes people find Winter a bit of a Depressing time. And this is total understandable!

People intend to get Excited for the Spring and Summer to come around as it makes them Feel Good, Feel more Happy, people Smile more and are more Motivated to do things.

So it is basically Time Now to let your Own Blossom grow and Develop in a Beautiful Flower of Life. To become Enthusiastic and Motivated to Change things you like to Change. Getting more outside and Connect with Nature, Breathe In the Positive Energy and Let Go of Unwanted Toxins.

It’s time to Get Your Self Together, Look Forward and start to Think what you Really Want. What would make you Happy? What would make you Feel Good or Feel Better? What would you like to Change to Create a Better Life for Yourself?

Start by Changing your Mindset. Teach yourself to Only think Positive Thoughts. Set out the right Intention to What you Want as what you Send out your will Receive. Be Grateful for All you already Have, for All you have Received so far and for All that will Still come your way.

Spring and Summer is for most people a Happy and Positive time of the year. The Sun shines, people Smile more and seem to become more Friendly to each other. So start being Friendly to Your Self as well. You Deserve the Life you Want. So why not make Changes and start to Create the Life you want?

If Winter time was a Hard time for you to Get On your feet, then you Definitely should use Spring and Summer and take the Benefit of their Energies. Get On with it!

It’s time for You to Grow, it’s time to Develop, it’s time for New Beginnings, it’s time for You to Blossom!

Angelique Mol ღ

You Are Beautiful!

“You’ve probably heard someone saying to you before ‘You are Beautiful’….how does that make you feel? Do you Believe it yourself as well or does your Mind run over it straight away saying ‘Yeah Right’….”.  Angelique Mol ღ

Everybody is Beautiful in his or her own way….yes, even You! When we suffer with a lack of Confidence we quickly and easily think “yeah right” when somebody mentions you are beautiful.

If people talk about Being Beautiful….what is Beautiful? Do you consider Beautiful as something that you See in front of you, like an attractive and handsome person or do you consider Beautiful as something that is Part of someone’s character or personality?

Beauty can be seen in many different ways and forms. And everyone has a different perspective or opinion about what Beauty really is. Some people even talk about “ugly”….but what is being Ugly? Is that again something you See in front of you or is it again a Part of someone’s character or personality?

If you like to see the True Beauty in something or someone, you need to look Beyond the Veil. And sometimes you even need to Learn to do this, when you are used to only look what is in front for of you for example, but not what is more in there or in someone.

A person who is “considered” to be not so attractive or handsome by some people, might be the Most Beautiful person with a Beautiful Heart. You only need to look deeper into the other person’s Soul….and I am sure you Will find something beautiful.

A person who is “considered” very attractive and handsome, but called “ugly” because of his or her personality….then again, you need to look deeper into that person’s Soul. As someone who can appear “ugly” might have a reason for behaving like that, but deep inside you might be surprised what you find ;-)

People, mainly spoken, judge very quickly about other people. About their appearance, what they do, what they don’t do, what they should do etc. But as long as you don’t know someone else’s story….you can Never judge. And even when you Do know their story, or Think you know their story….then it’s still not on you to judge. As there is Always a part of the story that remain secret with the person himself.

For You, it is important that you can Recognise your Own Beauty and that you are Able to Love yourself, for Who you Are. Not for what other people think of you or say about you….as You are Unique for Who you are. You need to Shine your own Beauty and reflect that to others so they can’t do anything else than See that part of Beauty in you.

And for everyone it might be a different part in You what they see as a your Beauty, and that’s alright. Most important part still remains….Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, always!

As you Are Beautiful!

Angelique Mol ღ