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Self Reflection, Release and Rise

There is So much Love within ourselves, we just need to Rise Up and not be afraid to show it and use it – Angelique Mol ღ


The last 2 weeks, I had some days to use up, I had really time for myself, time for some Self Reflection which made me see things from a different perspective and to realize even more what it is that I want in my Life and on my Journey.

Today especially, I had another day of Self Reflection, but also a moment of Releasing. After being for a bit on my Social Media channels, connecting with people and interacting with people, and watching a few videos about different subjects in Life, it was like a mirror was held up towards my Self. Not particular about What I was watching in the video, but the emotions that came with it.

It made me realize that there is So much Love in the World and within ourselves, but for some reason a lot of people keep dwelling and focusing on Negative things, Bad situations, Sad things instead of diving in the Positive things, the emotions of Caring and Loving. In the videos I watched, it was all about Loving and Caring, Standing up for Your Self, taking the Power of your own Life and Reality…..and actually Doing something with it and about it.

I actually came at a point of Emotional Release, as I Do feel a lot of Love and Caring emotions within my Self and always think I Do use them well towards others, but how much do I actually use it for My Self? What do I want to do with my Self Love, in what ways can I even more be helpful and caring towards other, using my Self Love?

Where am I at this stage in my Life? What is my Life Purpose? Where does my Self-Love comes in this? And a lot became very clear to me, and I am Grateful for this time of Self Reflection and Release. As this means I am at a point now where I can Rise again.

Self Reflection

I also came to the realization that it is Okay to feel Lost sometimes, and that you struggle within Your Self, not knowing what to Do with your Life. But try to remember that you are here for Something. And it’s for your Self to find what it is. No Life is meaningless, every Life is Meaningful. And so is Yours. You Matter, like anybody else.

And that’s why it’s important to Give your Self some time for Self Reflection, to Release Energies and Emotions that no longer serve you and to Feel you have the Right to Rise again within your own full Potential, of what You want in Life and what Feels Best for You.

You might not get the changes you want overnight, you might have to work towards it, create things or situations, except help from others (as that’s okay as well, you don’t always have to do it alone), but hold on to your Dreams and Desires, as you Can make it come true. Just keep believing in Your Self.

Sharing Love and Compassion and Being Grateful every day are no hard things to do, but it certainly helps you moving Forward, and Connect you with the people who need to be on your Journey, either to help You or for You to help Them.

My time of Self Reflection and Release did help me to Rise Up again and to Believe in My Self and in my Dreams. And I am Grateful for the people around me who are always there for me and who Believe in me too.


You can Rise Up as well and use your power of Self-Love and trust that you are Worth it. Share your Love, Show Compassion and Rise within your Consciousness and above all that doesn’t serve you any longer.

Dare to choose, dare to make the right decisions for You…..as deep inside Your Self you already Know what you want if you Really listen to your Inner Self.

Be You, Love You, Live You and live Your life.

Angelique ღ

“Angel of Peace & Tranquility”

The last week was a very Exciting and Life Changing week.
Through the Social Media Channel “Spiritual Unite” I received a link from Jon Duke which contained a Shamanic Meditation, channeled by his Wife Vivienne.
I read the article and was sort of “blown away” by it as it was about Life Purpose.
For the last few weeks “Life Purpose” was crossing my Path in every kind of way you could imagine, through messages in Repeative Sequence Numbers, through signs I picked up when I was browsing the Internet etc.
I already knew for a bit that Healing is a big part in my Life as this it brought under my attention much as well over the last few years. But somehow it never came to the point that I actually started doing something with it actively.
So I also knew for a bit that the Healing in combination with the Spiritual Coaching should be a part of my Life Purpose.
After reading the Shamanic Meditation I contacted Jon again to tell about the last few week and how “Life Purpose” was hunting me in several ways. He thought it would be good to Connect with his wife Vivienne as she could probably explain me more.
The same day I got Connected with Vivienne on several social media channels and through email we arranged a “Skype Meeting”.
Two days later in the morning I was ready for the Skype call with Vivienne and I was very Excited about it.
In the meantime she already told me about the Huge Spiritual Task she has to get connected with several Spiritual people over the World who are needed to Create a kind of web over the World to raise Consciousness and the Vibrations of our Mother Earth.
For this task she needs 144.000 people all over the World so a web of Connection and Consciousness will be Created to spread the Energy Vibrations that we need so hard at this moment in time.
During the Skype call Vivienne was also Channeling and was able to tell me a lot about my Life Purpose which is indeed Healing and Spiritual Coaching and that I Am one of the 144.000 people, the elected ones. She also Channeled that I Am called “Angel of Peace and Tranquility”.
So imagine what came over me, I got shivers all over during the whole Skype call and so had Vivienne. We were clearly Connected and our “meeting” was meant to be.
You probably can understand how Proud and Grateful I feel to be part of this Mission and big Task!!
But I will do what is expected from me as I take this as a very serious and important Task as well.
A bit later on that day Vivienne decided to “Like” my Page Spirituition on FB and guess what….she took a screenshot….and see how many “Likes” I had at that moment: 1.144 Likes.
This just blew me away and Vivienne said “I think the Universe is trying to tell us something” ;-).
It’s very important that the Journal which Vivienne wrote and explaines about her huge Task and the 144.000 people she needs to fulfill the Task is spreaded as much as possible!
In this way we might be able to reach other people who are “elected” as one of the 144.000 people who are needed.
Here is the link to the Journal and I invite you to read it and “Feel” what is does for you.
If you have the “Feeling” or get some Sign or Message because of this, or this blogpost and Journal comes to you at “the right time”, then please contact me or Vivienne to find out if you might be a Proxy ( connection point ) as well. 
In the Vivienne’s Journal you will also find how to contact her. Or you can send me an Email here through my website or at spirituition@live.com
Have fun reading and I hope in this way we can Create the Connections we need!
Angelique Mol ॐ 

Create a Stronger Connection with your Inner Self

How can you Create a Stronger Connection with your Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice?
We are All connected to our Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice, no matter what name you give it to Your Self.
Only not everyone recognize it as just yet or feels really Connected to it.
No matter or you Aware of it or not, if you recognize or “hear” it or not, we Are still Connected to it.
Because for a lot of people still the Mind “talks over” the voice of the Inner Self and that’s why it’s often hard to recognize “who” is talking to you.
When you learn to “listen” more to your Inner Self and trusting on it the more you will recognize the difference between your Mind or your Intuition talking to you.
The voice of the Inner Self is more a Feeling which can translate into a kind of “Hearing” and that’s why it can easily be confused with the Voice of your Mind or Ego.
In most cases with most people it’s still the Ego they hear talking and make choices and decissions based on what it “tells” them to do.
Do you recognize the case when you have the Feeling you need to do something but your Mind tells you something different to do? So your Logic is trying to over write your Feeling?
You probably had as we have All situations like this.
Most of the time people then listen to the voice of their Mind as it seems the most logical way to do. But also often later on it turns out that your Feeling was actually more right ;-).
To Create a stronger Connection with your Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice it’s important to start “Listening” more to what you Feel, to what comes up in a flash moment. For example if something comes “in” at once like you have the urge to do something at once then it’s important to take action and do it. Of course, you have to be able to do it immediately as well.
But sometimes the same “thoughts” or “feelings” come back to sort of “Remind” you of the Urge of your Soul. So then it means you should do something with it.
That is exactly your Inner Self or Inner Voice talking to you.
The same with your Intuition when it tries to warn you for something ;-).
When you sort of Wipe it away and ignore it or just not listen to it it’s easy for your Ego to take over as you allow it to do so.
When you start to pay attention more to your Inner Voice, listen to it and also take action to it, the Connection will get stronger as you get used to Listen to it.
Your Ego will become weaker in making decissions for you and you will more start to Trust on your Inner Self who Always knows exactly which Way to Go or What to Do :-).
It’s still very Human to listen to the thoughts in your Mind as it’s a part of Learning as well and also the Voices of your Inner Self will “sound” like voices in your Mind, but still there is a difference in “voice”. You just need to recognize it better. The Inner Voice is also connected to your Feeling, your Soul urge, while your Ego is only connected to the Rational Mind.
Meditation is also a Very good Tool to develop the Connection with your Inner Self. Often it happens that After a Meditation you receive “thoughts” or “ideas” to work on or to move into action for. In this case you can Trust on it that it comes from your Inner Self as through Meditation you actually shut down your Ego for some time.
The good thing about having a stronger Connection with your Inner Self it that making some decissions will become easier and faster as you already “know” what to do. You don’t have to “battle” with your Ego “shall I do it or not”. You learn to trust that what comes to you is right and it will be safe to take action on it.
When the Connection becomes really Strong you even don’t have to “think” about things anymore as you Immediately Know the answer or what to do. So you won’t let Your Self confused anymore by your Ego ;-).
Give it a try and experience Your Self how fantastic it is when you can completely Trust on your Inner Self, Intuition or Inner Voice.
It just makes Life so much easier for Your Self :-)
Angelique ღ
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What is a Life Purpose?

You probably heard before about “Life Purpose”. But What is Life Purpose actually and How do you know Yours?
To say it in short terms, Life Purpose it something you are Meant to be doing in your Life. Which refers to doing something in your Life what makes you Really Happy and where money is not the First or Biggest reason for doing it.
When you want to find out What your Life Purpose is, you need to start thinking about What you Really would Love doing when you had the Opportunity to do so.
Don’t think about money but Feel with your Heart.
Is it something you already dreamed of since you were a kid or is it something that got your interest later on in Life? Or maybe it’s something that has been sort of in the background all along.
Your Life Purpose is also most of the time something that Really fits You, your Character, your Personality and your Skills.
And most important, it fits totally to something you Love doing!
You don’t have to particulary find your Life Purpose in your Job, it’s also possible that you find it in something you do in your spare time, like volunteer work for example or Creative “work” you do for Your Self or for others.
But, it is Always something that you Really Love doing ;-). It’s a kind of a Soul Urge so to say.
So you can ask Your Self for example if you are Happy at the moment with what you do, in your job, as a hobby, as volunteer work….and if there is something from which you Feel you are Not completely Happy with, then try to find out what you need to change for Your Self to Be Happy with what you’re doing.
If it Is your job then try to find out what kind of job would Really fit you or would make you Really Happy.
What is your Dream what you like to Achieve?
It’s not always easy to find your Life Purpose, some people really struggle with that while in the meantime they are not Happy with how their Life is at the moment.
They feel that something needs to be changed but they don’t know exactly What or How.
This kind of confusion is normal as often there are a lot of other things involved as well. The care for a Family, Money, Secureness, Stability…..
A Life Coach can be of Great help when you struggle with things like this and can help you to discover your Life Purpose.
Together you can make a plan and set a goal to make it Reality. And believe me, nothing is Unreal here! No matter what your Life Purpose is, with the Best Intentions and the Best positive Attitude you can reach your Life Purpose as well.
For example, I know my Life Purpose is working as a Life Coach. Although I still have other work on the side as well, running a Cafe (which is a great place to meet and connect with new people ) I know that I Love to help other people!
It has always been a sort of Red Thread through my Life. In other jobs or situations people often came to me, naturally, to talk to me or release some tension from their Heart….only because they felt really comfortable talking to me, which is a Great compliment of course and for which I’m very Grateful still up to Today!
So I already had found my Life Purpose very soon. I didn’t work with my Life Purpose straight away but in the last couple of years I worked towards it and developed my skills.
So, what is your Life Purpose? Do you already Know or do you have a bit of an Idea about it? Or do you have no idea at all at the moment but you would like to find out?
In case you don’t know and you like to find out, feel free to contact me and I might be able to help you with this ;-). Even when you already know what your Life Purpose is or you might have an idea about it but don’t know how to get there or how to Create of Achieve it, I can help you with this as well :-).
Remember, the first Introduction session is always FREE of Charge, so nothing to lose!
Find your Life Purpose and become Truly Happy, Inside and Out!
Angelique ღ