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Ayahuasca – Natural Herbal Medicine

Ayahuasca is called Vine of the Soul

I watched a documentary the other day on Gaia.com about Ayahuasca. For me, studying Herbalism, I feel that Ayahuasca is one of the strongest Herbal Medicine, as it learns you what you need to know, you really connect with Mother Ayahuasca and it has healing properties like no other plant or herb. I can change your life in so many ways.

Ayahuasca is a Herbal Brew, made in the jungles of Peru by Native Shamans and it’s a Tea or what a Herbalist would call it, a Decoction, meaning a strong Tea. It’s always made from 2 plants; one of which contains the hallucinogen Dimethyltryptamine ( DMT ), which is a true psychedelic in the same class as LSD, Psilocybin and Mescaline. In the Amazon,

Ayahuasca is a legally recognised sacred medicine, to heal physical and psycho-spiritual ills. Beyond the Amazon, the legality of Ayahuasca is still a gray area.The Vine of the Soul teaches you everything you need to know.Can it really Heal our Minds and Spirits?

Westerners have lost their Cultural Roots, they have lost the knowledge of the use of Natural or Traditional Medicine. Ayahuasca makes you learn. Ayahuasca is a means for man to get to know the different Realms of Existence. The Source of all Creation makes us see where man comes from that he comes from space, where energy comes from in form of Light.We are all formed through a relationship of Nature, Energy and Light.

Before the Ayahuasca ceremony you set an intention. At the beginning, after taking in the Ayahuasca, the Energy can be a bit heavy, so you need to clear that.You can sing, chant a mantra and bring in Light. It pushes out the negative Energies and it Clears the space. It makes you purge, which prepares the Mind and Body for the Inner Journey ahead.

The Chanting then carries people into a Realm beyond the 5 senses. You create a relationship with the Chanting.You become the other, and the other becomes You.There is a link because you are in such a hight state of Consciousness, you become very aware of the other, and the other becomes very aware of your energy. It Manifests in your own visual state.

What’s interesting about Ayahuasca is you don’t have to have Faith, like you need to have in a Religion.It’s the perfect tool for skeptics. Don’t believe what anybody tells you, take it and have the experience.

Ayahuasca is not for everybody, it is a very powerful medicine. It has to be placed and used in a proper way. If they don’t know how to do that it can create a psychological shock that will leave a trauma. With Ayahuasca one has an opportunity to experience oneself as whole and complete. If you can actually get that you’re whole and complete, what is there to be filled from the outside anymore? There’s no longer a need for it.

Ayahuasca can help people see that in two or three ceremonies, if it’s the appropriate shamanic leader and if it’s the right environment.That is a potential to heal addictions.

Ayahuasca has 2 functions, Self Discovery and trying to Understand better Who you are. It also helps you to Connect with the Invisible World, the Spirit World.It could be related to Nature, the Meaning of God, having a clearer sense of what it means for You in your Life. It helps you redefine yourself in relationship to that.

Ayahuasca is used for many reasons, for example as a Teacher of the Healing powers of plants.Ayahuasca is in many ways the key to the door that allows you into Plant Teacher World. It allows you to access the other Plant Teachers in a more profound way. A Plant Teacher is you look at a Plant as a being, which has a personality as each human does. You take on the traits of a Plant. Plants are very sensitive and intuitive and in Healing you need to be very sensitive and intuitive.

When one drinks a lot, death approaches, the presence of the energy of death. But with Ayahuasca it is not a physical death. It is a symbolic death of fear…..especially of fear. The death of the Ego, the death of things from the Past. But there comes a moment when you can no longer resist and accept death. Then fear is broken and Peace, Tranquility and Love come in.Ayahuasca is going to meet you where you’re at in terms of what needs to happen and potentially to go very deep into your own fears, and challenges, and personal growth.

Ayahuasca gives you a tool to actually approach this phenomenon experimentally. Ayahuasca can be a valuable component of treating things as psychiatric conditions, depression, anxiety, addictions, things that modern Western medicine, hasn’t really done a good job of addressing.

Always, but always use Ayahuasca Only in presence of a genuine Shamanic Healer or in a special Ayahuasca Retreat.
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2018, a Year “11” which represents New Beginnings

“Do you feel the urge to Create an Amazing Year for yourself?”

Every year, after our New Year’s celebrations people come up with all kinds of Resolutions for the New Year. Some will succeed in doing so when they look back on it at the end of the Year. But a lot of people don’t succeed and for that matter already don’t make Resolutions as they feel they’re not gonna be able to do it anyway. So, even the trying is gone ;-)

Funny enough, even though this year is only a few days “old”, I’ve heard from so many people that they Feel this is gonna be a Great, Fantastic or Amazing year for them. Which I feel is awesome, as that means that people set out the intentions to actually Create a Wonderful year for themselves!

In Numerology the year 2018 is a Number 11 year. So if you like to pick a year for New Beginnings, then this might be the Right year for you! Number 11 is a Master Number in Numerology and carries the foundation for New Beginnings. As you might know, setting out intentions is a powerful way to start Creating and Manifesting. Keeping your Mind focussed on what you like to achieve this year, can very much so Result in what you want to achieve this year, or in the years to come.

Last year there was a Lot of focus on becoming Successful, Rich, Earn lots of money……the advertisements were in your face basically All the time. But slowly towards the end of the year it seems that the focus of people (and advertisement) goes more into the direction of Health, Mindfulness, Balance, Healthy Foods, Less Chemicals, Illness prevention, Organics. And I think that is great!

Personally, I feel as well that 2018 is gonna be an Amazing Year! At least, I work on to set the Intentions to Create one, even though the first days of this year I was already challenged in a certain personal way, but, it doesn’t distract me from my own Goals and Resolutions for this year.

My year will be in focus of more study, Herbalism, Holistic Therapies but also how I place my Self in the World, towards others, my Friends, Family, Acquaintances. I always Feel that I can improve my Self in certain ways and I Feel that as long as I keep working on my Self, it will get better and easier. If I compare my Self now with my Self a couple of years ago, then I can say that I feel proud of what I already have achieved and how much I have learned and improved my Self, for my Self but also towards others.

I like to keep working on my Positive Attitude and Mindset, to stay in my centre when I get challenged in a certain way. As something only “hits” us as much as how we Let it hit us. It’s not always easy, as often after a certain challenge you might ask your Self why you let yourself getting so upset, or getting it to you so much. But, at that point it’s another learning moment and you try to do it better next time. It’s all a process of learning, accepting, allowing and moving forward again.

I feel Life becomes exciting when you’re facing challenges, get opportunities, meet new people and recognise how you Change over time. You might recognise yourself that you can have a very different Perspective on something now comparing to a year or a couple of years ago. Isn’t that awesome?!

Before I start to rumble on and on about challenges and opportunities, I like to use this moment, now you are here with me, to ask your Self how You can make 2018 an Amazing year for you. What would you like to change, what Resolutions did you came up with so far or maybe you like to keep it all in the open ;-) Which is great as well! Just Go with the Flow!

At least I hope that you are Excited as I am, for this new year and having a good feeling about it as well! I hope this Number 11 year will bring you Great New Beginnings in every possible way! Imagine, Believe and Achieve!

Angelique ღ

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The Power of Helping Others

Helping Hands Card Front
Did you ever helped someone without even knowing that person very well or not at all?
But just helping that person because you see help is needed and you feel compassion?
It happened to me last week…….
I was working in my Café when someone entered the door and immediately I notices something was not right.
Either he was totally influenced by drugs or by alcohol.
It was a bit ironic as he has a body shape like Popeye, so obviously he was doing sports a lot. It didn’t fit with the picture like how I saw him standing there in the door.
He asked me if he was allowed to take a seat at the bar and I said “yes of course, have a seat”.
He said down on a bar chair at the corner of the bar and went over to him to check on him.
He looked terrible and had visible been drinking way to much, it was definitely the smell of Vodka…..
I aksed if he was okay and he started talking with me and mentioned he had big problems, private problems concerning his marriage / relationship.
He asked for a beer but I convinced him he already had been drinking way to much, so I offered him a coffee or tea. Tea it was.
Then he asked me if he could talk with me for a bit so in between serving my clients I had short chats with him.
I had no idea where he was coming from, sounded like a bit of an russia accent so I asked him where he was living and where he came from.
He obviously lives in the neighborhood and later on I found out he is from the area of Letland.
He later on went home but in the next coming days he returned, in the same condition, to have a talk with me.
Funnily now in my Café my Coaching work was a great benefit ;-).
Then one evening, he came in and I had a total shock as he was visibly been beaten up or something.
Big blue eye, bruises all over his face, face swollen, and bruises in his neck, on his arms and legs as well.
He was in a very bad condition this time as he was also sweating all over out of his pores and smelling awful. 
I told him he needed to see a doctor or go to the hospital as I started to get really worried about him now.
He agreed for me to call an ambulance to pick him up for a check up in the hospital.
The next day I called the hospital to hear if he was still in there or that they already released him.
He was obviously still there and they were actually happy that I called as he didn’t had any relatives or family here they could get in touch with.
They asked me if i was able to get him some fresh clothes but he needed to stay for at least another day as he could still not stand on his feet in a proper way.
So I went to the hospital, picked up his keys and got back later on with some clothes. He was really grateful for me helping him out so much.
The next day he normally got released from the hospital but they didn’t trust to let him be on his own without anybody looking after him.
I told them I could keep an eye on him for a bit, but that he was still depending on his own as he was alone at the moment.
Later on they decided to bring him to a closed hospital with special care as it was a too much of a big risk to let him go.
No they decided he has to stay there for at least 40 days, to recover physically and mentally.
He obviously had a alcohol promillage of 4.7 when he got in the hospital that night when I let him take away……they said it could have killed him.
I convinced him that it would be for his own good to be there now for 40 days, even he didn’t want to, to work his way back to pick up his life again.
Ironic is that he said not have been drinking any alcohol for the last 5 years and he is actually a boxing teacher at a gym.
But because of the relationship issues he held on to the alcohol.
I am very happy that I opened up to help someone I didn’t know in the first place and even more happy that I let him take to the hospital that night…..imagine what could probably have happened when I had not done this all……..
Now I am his contact person for the closed hospital and I’m allowed to visit him, which I will do on a regular base of course.
My friend and I will also clean up his apartment so when he comes home again he can make a fresh start and pick up his life again.
So you see what Power there is in just Helping someone, anyone, just from out of Compassion ♥ .
Angelique ღ