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Succes and Happiness with Affirmations

“You might underestimate the Power of Affirmations, but when you use them on a daily basis, you will notice a Positive Change in your Life”

Angelique Mol ღ


First of all…..Affirmation Do Work! No matter in what way you use them, they Do work. So, why not using them in a way so it’s beneficial for you?

If you set yourself a Limitation, and don’t believe Affirmations will work for you, you create a blockage within yourself and they might not work for you. Though, when you keep a “negative” mindset and thoughts, they might work for you but not in the way you would want it to be.

Our thoughts are very Powerful, it’s a strong Energy. You probably heard before “what you send out, you receive back”, and that’s true, as you set that particular Energy in motion. So when you have negative thoughts about yourself, other people or things, you will attract even more of the same.

People are very easy with thinking “bad” or “negative” about themselves. We easy think “I’m not good enough for that”, or “I can’t do that”, or “I am not that beautiful”…..and so on. But why is it so hard to Praise ourselves a bit more and say Good things about ourselves?

Does that mean we are “full of ourselves”? No, it means that we allow and accept that it is okay that we feel good about ourselves, or that we feel that we Are beautiful, or that we Are capable of doing things. And it has to do with Self Love, not with being Cocky or having a big Ego.

When you use Affirmations, on a daily basis, you set an Energy in motion, to attract abundance in every kind of way….when you use it in a Positive way. Of course when you use “negative” Affirmations like a few I mentioned before, you can’t expect you will attract Good and Positive things in your Life.

Myself, I use Positive Affirmations every single day, throughout the day, in the morning when I wake up, in the evening before I go to sleep…..and yes, it does something With me, it does something To me and it does something For me, definitely!

If you want to be Succesful in what you are doing, or in something you try to Create, it’s very important that you Believe in yourself, so when you use the Postive Affirmations you don’t “just say” them, but there is a Feeling behind it as well. You need to be convinced and Truly feeling what you are saying.

Visualise and Feel makes Affirmations even stronger!

Using Visualisation with Affirmations works even better! As you don’t just say the Affirmations with True Feelings but you also can See it happening or manifesting. Which makes it even more Powerful.

You probably have seen the quote before ” I Am…..and what you put behind it, is who or what you are”.  As Affirmations do start with I Am, I Will, I Can, I Attract….etc.

Myself, I always use Affirmations starting with I Am. For example…. I Am Healthy, I Am Beautiful, I Am Energetic, I Am Fit, I Am Happy, I Am Love, I Am Positive, I Am Succesful, I Am Abundance……but I also use Affirmations like this, I Attract Abundance in every area of my Life, I Create a Life full of Happiness, I Radiate Love and Receive Love, I Create a Succesful Life….etc.

Basically, you can use Anything that fits you, your situation and your Life. As long as you use it in a Positive way.

Do you need to say the Affirmations out loud? No, you don’t have to. Remember I told you before that our Thoughts are very Powerful. You can “say” the Affirmations within yourself, in your mind. You can whisper them if you want to, or say it out loud as well. You can also use them in a form of Meditation. You can also write them down in a journal or on a daily page in your calendar. It’s all about putting the Intention out there, the Right Mindset.

Using Affirmations makes you feel more Confident as well, it gives you a boost of Energy as you Truly Believe in yourself! And you Trust on yourself that you Will make it work!

Give it a try! Use Affirmations on a daily basis, let’s say for a week at first and see if you experience any difference. Within yourself, in how it makes you feel, or in experiences that happen around you, or “coincidences” that suddenly appear….You might be surprised!


“The Right Mindset is the Key to a Better, more Succesful, Healthier and a more Happy Life”.

Angelique ღ

Can Lack in Communication drain your Relationship?


Like a lot of people say that Sex is very important in a Relationship, so is Communication even more important.
If you can’t have good talks or discussions with your Partner or who so ever it can seriously effect the Relationship with the other.

Good communication is important to have good understanding. When there is no good or wrong understanding it can lead to bad discussions or even a fight, simply because of misunderstanding.

It’s not always easy to talk or discuss with someone about a certain subject, especially not when it’s a sensitive or really Personal issue. But if you would not talk about that it can cause frustration within Your Self and when the other pick up that something is bothering You but you don’t want to talk about it, you can also bring over the energy of frustration towards the other.

Beside that, if the other gets the intention or feeling you don’t like to Communicate and show no interest in that there also might rise an energy of frustration as the other doesn’t understand your reaction or why.

No matter how hard it can be to talk with someone, especially when you have no intention to hurt the other ones feelings, it’s still very important to talk.
Talking or Communicating always solves the problem and at least you give the other one the chance to understand what is on your mind,  what is bothering or frustrating you and how you feel about it.

Communication keeps the Relationship strong and alive and you need this to keep the Relationship healthy as well.

Communication is even more important when you are in a long distance Relationship.
As then Communication is sort of all you have at the moment. You don’t have a physical connection, maybe not for a while either, so you are not able to let the other know how you feel in a physical way, so the only tool you have for that is talking about it and explain things.

When one of the two starts getting lack in communicating to the other, show Iess interest in communicating or not sharing feelings and thoughts it can drain your Relationship and even End when you don’t pay attention on it on time.
So Always talk! Even it might not seem not that important, it always starts with the little things. But when it builds up to something bigger it might be too late to get it out of the way again. Don’t wait to long when something is on your mind as you might regret it later ;-).

Talk, explain, share and even discuss about things as this can be your most important tool to keep the Relationship Alive and Healthy.
On the other hand, it works both ways of course ;-).
Also be open towards the other when they are in need to talk to you, even it might seem as something minor to you.

So keep talking, stay open and receptive and keep it up!

Angelique ღ,

Be Grateful, Every Day again!

Is it really possible to Be Grateful Every Day? Can you Be Grateful even when things are nót so possitive at the moment?
Yés, we still can ánd should be Grateful.
For being Grateful you don’t have to think on just material things you’ve got because you wished for it or on something major happened to you that day.
Being Grateful can be found in the smallest things, things which might be not important as it doesn’t always leave a huge impact with us.
Even on “Dark Days” you still can be Grateful, but you have to allow yourself to See it and Notice it.
What you might think are “little” things  to be Grateful of, for others it can mean the World.
You can be “just” Grateful that you woke up in the morning and see daylight again, or to hear the birds singing, or smell the wonderful flowers or just mowed grass, to be able to work yourself through the day even it might be hard sometime but you still can see the Moon and Stars at night……and I could continue with this and create a whole list of things, maybe little things for you, which you can Be Grateful for.
But I’m sure you can think of some yourself as well……Be Creative ;-).
When we are Grateful for what we receive, every day, even it’s something small and doesn’t look important, we will attract more Positive things in our Life and more Abundance.
That’s just the way it works ;-).
Because, when you are Grateful, you send out Positivie Thoughts and Positive Energies, which will attract more Positivity towards you again.
A good tool to help you with being Grateful and sending out Appreciation every day is to write down, at léast one thing, you are Grateful for that day.
And don’t say or think…..there was today nothing to be Grateful for….because there álways is!! :-)
When you read it back after a while, you will see how Grateful you can actually Be!
Don’t just think about Being Grateful, just BE Grateful :-)
Why not start today?!
Angelique ღ

Is it time to change You?

Live your Life Do you recognize this?


* It’s important what other people think about you.

* It’s important that you look good for other people.

* It’s important people think you’re a nice person.

* It’s important to get other people’s approvement on your ideas.

If you say “Yes” on all of this, it might be time to change You ;-).



Because it’s important that you can live with the Freedom of being Yourself, no matter what other people think, no matter how other people judge, no matter what other people feel about it.

Is it hard?

Yes! It’s hard to start changing Yourself and live without the approval or opinion of others, as we are so used to live that way and our environment tells us to live that way.

Is it good for you to live that way?

No, it itsn’t. As it’s much more important for you to be happy with whatever you’re doing or whatever you like to do. Or even whatever you like to wear as clothes or hairstyles.

Because if you think about it…….when you have an idea and you ask someone or several people about their opinion and you get only negative response…..will you still carry on with your idea and develop it? Most of the people will say No now ;-).

So, did it really make you happy when you called of your idea or plan? You’ll probably regret later, maybe years later, that you never did it or didn’t carry on with it.

And that’s why it’s important that we start to live from out of ourselfs, with our own ideas and plans, what we like and what we do or what we want to do, no matter what other people say or think about it!

Believe me, I’ve been there ;-). For many years it was véry important what other people, or even my family, would say or think about my ideas or my way of living. Years later when I made the change to nót listen anymore to other people’s opinions or judgements and just do what Í wanted to do and how Í wanted to live my life, it made me so much happier! :-)

Is it still always easy for me?

No, it’s not always easy, but when I hold on to my believes, to my ideas and just move on with it, if finally makes me realize that I’m happy for moving on with it, otherwise I would have missed out on a lót!

The funny thing is also, when “they” see and realize that you do your own thing even though they told you to do different…..after a while, they just accept ;-). As they can’t “touch” or “hit” you anymore and, most important, not “control” you anymore.

Because that’s what it really is. When you let other people decide what you do or how to live your life…..Théy are in control of Yóur Life, not You! And that’s nót the way how it should be ;-).

You have the ríght on your own Life, how to live it, what to do, what to wear, how to look like etc. And if people réally Love you, then they will Love you for who you réally are :-).

Don’t change because others like to see you that way, as it’s not you :-).

So, go out and live your Own Life!

And remember to Live in the Now, Let Go of the Past and don’t worry about the Future ;-).


Angelique ღ