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New Tinctures!

We added a few new Tinctures in our Online Shop. We are in the process of making more tinctures, but it takes up to 4-6 weeks for Tinctures to be ready. As soon as more Tinctures are ready we will add them to our Online Shop. At the moment we have only Alcohol based Tinctures but we are preparing Vegetable Glycerine Tinctures as well.

Tinctures are Infused Herbal Remedies for different kind of ailments. Herbs are infused in an alcohol or glycerine base. The alcohol based Tinctures are stronger and the Glycerine based Tinctures a bit more sweet in taste. An alcohol Tincture has a longer shelf-life ( 2-4 years ) while a glycerine Tincture has a shelf-life of 1-2 years. Read the description well as some Tinctures are NOT recommended using during Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and for young children. Babies under 1 year old should never get any herbal remedy. Vegetable Glycerine based Tinctures are better to use for children. When on prescribed medication, always consult your GP first before using any Herbal remedy or medicine.

Get your Dandelion, Hawthorn or Comfrey Leaf tincture here: https://healingandherbs.com/shop/ 

Foods in relation to Anxiety and Depression

You probably have heard before about High Vibrational Foods and Low Vibrational Foods. Even though we “know” that High Vibrational Foods are far much better for us, in so many ways, we still seem to attract more to Low Vibrational Foods.

High Vibrational Foods are not only good for our Physical body, but even more so for our Mental state of health as well. It’s not always what you think about this is related to each other, but it actually is.

Low Vibrational Foods give us most of the time a temporary “kick” like sugars do, but also coffee and tea. Though Coffee and Tea are a bit in the middle frequency between Low and High Vibrational foods. But for example, Coffee and Tea cause less harm in winter time as it helps to use warm up the body and will be processed by the body in a different way than in Summer.

Processed foods are of course definitely Low Vibrational Foods, though some processed foods cause less harm than other processed foods. Processed foods contain a lot of chemicals which are simply not good for our Physical body but also not for our Mental health.

Cells in our body renew all the time. When taking in High Vibrational Foods the body actually heals itself in many ways. But when taking in the Low Vibrational Foods we actually put things in our Body and System which can cause disease and the body is not able to heal itself how it should do.

High Vibrational Foods are good for Body and Mind, while Low (or middle vibrational) Foods are maybe partly good for your body, or not good at all, but definitely not beneficial for our Mental Health. It makes our Mind over-active which is causing Over-thinking, Worrying which results in Anxiety and Depression. Hight Vibrational Foods actually calms down the Mind as it brings the Body and Mind in a Higher form of Consciousness.

So when you change your diet in more High Vibrational Foods and combine this with Meditation, this can be Very affective in cases of Anxiety and Depression.

You probably have heard of the phrase “You are what you eat”, and this is how it is. And this is not just based on the Physical body as a lot of people might think, but it is based on your entire system of Body and Mind.

Especially in a society where we live in now, it is even More important to watch what we consume, as Life on it’s own already can cause a lot of Stress and situations can cause Anxiety and Depression. But the more we Care for our Self, the more we are Aware of what we consume, the Better and Easier our body is able to fight agains diseases and unhealthy cells in our Body and System, it will recover quicker but also will prevent certain diseases.

To get a bit of an understanding between High and Low Vibrational Foods, I list them down for you here:

High Vibrational Foods:

Fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables

Natural supplements, like spirulina

Herbal Teas

Herbs and spices

Pure or filtered water — reverse osmosis or freshly collected spring water are the best choices

Healthy oils, like olive oil and coconut oil

Nuts and seeds

Fermented foods

Raw chocolate

Raw honey and maple syrup


Grains such as buckwheat, brown rice, amaranth, and spelt

Low Vibrations Foods:

Genetically modified (GMO) food, and conventional food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides

White rice and flours

Sugars, sweeteners (artificial etc.)

Coffee / Tea (which both contains caffeine)



Meat, fish and poultry

Processed, packaged, canned and fast foods (though some are less harmful, like fresh frozen, or fresh fruit on water but see if there is no added sugar in there)

Unhealthy oils, like canola, cottonseed, margarine, and vegetable oils

Frozen foods (when not fresh frozen)

Pasteurized cows milk, yogurt and cheese

Cooked foods, deep fried foods and microwaving food

When you want to Heal your body from toxins and chemicals, what you might have taken in for a long time, it is very recommended to detox your Body and Mind from this by starting taking in High Vibrational Foods, drink lots of Pure Water (without fluoride in it) and start to Feel a difference within your Self, on a Physical Level and on a Mental Level.

In the beginning it might be very hard to make this change, and to leave out all the “tasty” bad foods, but once your Body and Mind get used to this new diet, you will notice that you will have less and less “graving” for Low Vibrational Foods. You will feel more Energetic and more Alive, more Healthy and you will recognise that minor Health issues you might have will disappear.

You Naturally start to Feel and Recognise within your Body and Mind what is good for you and what not. Your Body and Mind will “tell” you.

Change your Diet, Change your Life and Health!

2015 – A Magical Year


First of all, A Happy New Year to All of You!!
Thank you for being supportive here at my website and other Social Media Channels!
It’s Highly Appreciated and I hope You will keep enjoying my posts through 2015 😃.

For me 2014 was a year of ups and downs but also a year of discovery, learning and growth.
So actually 2014 was a very interesting and good year for me.
I’m very Grateful for all the people I started to Connect with, mainly with my 2 new friends Vivienne and Jon Duke, as with them I’m working on a big and important task coming year……finding All 144,000 to Connect 😉. ( if you already didn’t, you can read about this task and journey in a former post ).

Then for me 2015 will be a Magical Year as I know it will be a year with at least a lot of Positive Changes, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and more growing Love and Peace between people 😊.
Last year there was already a huge change and big growth in people’s Awareness and Consciousness and this year it will keep growing, how excited is that?! 😃

We all know we need more Love, Compassion and Peace……well start today.
It all starts with and within Your Self and once you share it and spread it with a pure heart and intention you will see the effect of it and you might even be surprised how big and positive the effect is back on You 😉.

Like most people I have Positive Resolutions for my Magical Year as well…..

* Spread my wings and Fly, help others in a way it’s meant for me doing
* Get initiated, in February I will be initiated in Reiki….I am a Natural Healer but it’s good to be initiated so my channels will be wide and clear open how they are meant to be and without any blockages.
* Do more regular posting on my website, last year other things got my attention more, as it was needed at that time, so posting here didn’t happen as often as I wanted, so i will try to change that
* Focus on my Life Purpose, this year will be the strong focus on Healing, Spiritual Coaching and my task for the 144,000…..so exciting!!
* Most of All…….. , share Love, Peace, Compassion….Live Happiness and Abundance within everything and Helping and Supporting others where needed as much as possible.

Here a New Year Prayer I popped at on someones FB, it really resonates me and I hope it will resonate with You all as well.



Angelique Mol ॐ

Be Grateful, Every Day again!

Is it really possible to Be Grateful Every Day? Can you Be Grateful even when things are nót so possitive at the moment?
Yés, we still can ánd should be Grateful.
For being Grateful you don’t have to think on just material things you’ve got because you wished for it or on something major happened to you that day.
Being Grateful can be found in the smallest things, things which might be not important as it doesn’t always leave a huge impact with us.
Even on “Dark Days” you still can be Grateful, but you have to allow yourself to See it and Notice it.
What you might think are “little” things  to be Grateful of, for others it can mean the World.
You can be “just” Grateful that you woke up in the morning and see daylight again, or to hear the birds singing, or smell the wonderful flowers or just mowed grass, to be able to work yourself through the day even it might be hard sometime but you still can see the Moon and Stars at night……and I could continue with this and create a whole list of things, maybe little things for you, which you can Be Grateful for.
But I’m sure you can think of some yourself as well……Be Creative ;-).
When we are Grateful for what we receive, every day, even it’s something small and doesn’t look important, we will attract more Positive things in our Life and more Abundance.
That’s just the way it works ;-).
Because, when you are Grateful, you send out Positivie Thoughts and Positive Energies, which will attract more Positivity towards you again.
A good tool to help you with being Grateful and sending out Appreciation every day is to write down, at léast one thing, you are Grateful for that day.
And don’t say or think…..there was today nothing to be Grateful for….because there álways is!! :-)
When you read it back after a while, you will see how Grateful you can actually Be!
Don’t just think about Being Grateful, just BE Grateful :-)
Why not start today?!
Angelique ღ