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Reiki for Animals

Because Reiki is simple and easy to administer, it’s a wonderful alternative therapy for animals. Reiki is non-invasive and will help healing occur where it is needed most. The Reiki Practitioner does not need to know the symptoms that the animal is experiencing in order for an effective session to be performed. Although Reiki is commonly used on humans, it can also be effectively used when working with animals.

What can Reiki do for animals?

Reiki can help to strenghten the connection between an animal and owner. Reiki can help to maintain health on Physical, Emotional and Energetic levels. Reiki can help increase an animal’s feelings of relaxation and reduce tension in anxious animals.

The animal is in control of the session. they can be in the location they choose and do not need to be confined or restrained.

With multiple sessions, animals will refine their perception of the specific frequency and will begin to seek out a session when they see the Practitioner.

Reiki can be performed succesfully from a distance, making this a safe therapy for the animal and Practitioner. Because Reiki helps increase the body’s awareness of imbalances and the body then does the healing, Reiki can never do any harm.

Animals and Vet Care:

It is always best to have the guardian of an animal gain approval from their veterinarian before starting with Reiki Healing sessions. Reiki is non-invasive and simple to administer, so approval from the Vet is usually given easily.

Veterinary records or relay the diagnosis by the vet before the session are most welcome. The information from the Vet can be helpful in monitoring the progress of the animal. The guardian can also take the animal in for check-ups with the Vet to see how things are progressing.

A Reiki Practitioner will never diagnose an animal with a condition.

What animals can receive Reiki?

All animals can receive Reiki Healing, Dogs, Cats, small pets like rabbits, Farm animals, Birds, Horses and even Wild Animals, although with the last mentioned it will mainly happen with Distance Healing.

Reiki in Shelters:

I volunteer at local Animal Shelters or Rescue Centres, so if you are connected to one and looking for an Animal Reiki Practitioner, please feel free to contact me. I will be able to help animals there on a Mental and Emotional level, as well as Energetic and Physical. These animals are much more likely to be taken in by new families and given a caring home.

Animal Palliative Care:

Our animals and pets are part of our Family. Their loyalty is strong and they take pleasure in helping and bringing joy into our lives.

When an animal is dying, Reiki can be used to help not only the animal but the family in transition with Grace and Love.

With Reiki, an animal’s symptoms can be eased while providing emotional support. Reiki may help an enimal extend an animal’s life or help the animal to pass away in Peace.

A guardian may find that performing Reiki on their beloved animal helps to bring them closer together and communicate more clearly. Reiki can help any unresolved energy heal and balance.

If it is the time for the animal to pass, Reiki can help bring Peace and ease suffering. It can help the grieving Family return to Love and Acceptance, honoring the memory and time they had with their cherished animal. By helping a dying animal to resolve any emotional or mental imbalances and release any energy that is not serving its highest good, the animal is free to transition with Peace and Love.

Angelique ღ

Simple Chakra Cleansing Technique

You might have heard about Cleansing your Chakras, but how can you easily do this yourself?


There are several techniques available for Cleansing your Chakras. Some you can easily do yourself to keep on top of it and some you can let done by a Holisitc Practitioner, which is often more deep and intense.

Keeping your Chakras clean is very important to keep your Energy Flow smoothly running through your body. If Chakras are blocked by “debris”, which often comes through different kind of emotions, we can experience physical issues.

You can keep your Chakras “activated” through Meditation and focus on a specific Chakra or focus on all of them and Create a Clean Kundalini Flow. Also through Reiki Healing you can keep your Chakras healthy, clean and activated.

But a simple “visualisation” technique gives you the option to do some Chakra Cleansing yourself. I used this technique several times myself and I find it a pretty powerful technique.

As you know, or maybe not really, our Chakras “spin” like wheels. The spin / rotate in clockwise direction in a regular motion when they are activated and clean. When Chakras are “blocked” they might spin / rotate less regular because the Energy can’t flow through smoothly because of “build up debris”, like I mentioned before, mostly caused by several emotions and stress.

So the technique you can provide goes as follow:

When you’re in the shower, let the water flow from over the top of your head and let it flow from the top of your head all over your body.

Close your eyes, take a couple of slow and deep breathes as you bring yourself in a kind of Meditative state.

Imagine / Visualise that you “see” your Chakras spinning like Water Wheels.

Then imagine / visualise that the water from the top of your head, the pure divine water, goes down through all your Water Wheels, all 7 Chakras, and rinse all “debris and dirt” from it.

Move your imagination from your Crown Chakra on the top of your head, slowly towards your Third Eye Chakra, your Throat Chakra, your Heart Chakra, your Solar Plexus, your Sacral Chakra, your Root Chakra….and “see” all the debris and dirt being rinsed away into the “ground”, being removed from out of your body.

Keep your visual focus a few minutes on every Chakra and “see” how the water rinse that “water wheel” clean, “see” how the water goes over and through the “water wheel” and once you “see” or “feel” it is clean, move your focus to the next Chakra.

Go from top to bottom and once you “see” or “feel” that all debris is cleansed and washed away, you can open your eyes and come back to reality.

You might have to try it a couple of times, when you are not so familiar or practiced with visualisation, but once you master this technique you will start to feel the difference within your Self.

How regular you should do this is up to you. Some people like to do it once a week, on a Sunday for example to rinse out everything from the last week and prepare with a “clean” week. And some people do it when they “feel” it is needed. There is not a set period of time for it, but it is recommended to do it on a regular basis.

I hope this technique will help you, please try it out and let me know how you get on!


Angelique ღ