Feeling Disconnected

We all feel it sometimes, the feeling of Disconnection with your Higher Self. What do you do about it?                                                                         … Continue reading Feeling Disconnected


Get rid of Limited Beliefs!

We all get choices, chances and opportunities, but do we always take it or do we hold back because of insecurities and fear? What do You do when Opportunity knocks your door? Do you open the door and invite it with both hands to come in or do you start (over)thinking and doubting and close … Continue reading Get rid of Limited Beliefs!

You have the Key to Happiness!

You might recognise it when I say that a lot of people look for Happiness everywhere But within ┬áthemselves. Actually it's You, your Self, where Happiness can be found. True, Infinite Happiness you will never find just "out there", like through others, through things, your work...... As long as you Don't. Feel Happiness within Your … Continue reading You have the Key to Happiness!