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Can you still keep up with this Life and Society?

Embrace all that Nature and the Universe provides us with, me might have forgotten how to use it all, but it’s still there…….

In this time and age of fast speed living, having a lot of things already done for us, pre-made to make things quick and easy for us, we often forget that we can get so much more out of Life.

Basically Nature provides us with everything we need, but we are too disconnected from a lot where our ancestors were connected to. And all this speed and fast pace living doesn’t always give us the best benefits of it all.

Our ancestors used all that Nature provides and gave their blessings for using it, being Grateful and showing Respect. In general who these days is really Grateful for what is provided to us? And what do we use with Respect and give our Blessings back to it?

It’s a shame that we became so disconnected as it gave us a lot of things that are not so beneficial for us or our health. We deal on a daily basis with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear and mental health in total and always feeling the pressure of society to be successful and to achieve something in our life.

Why do we make it so hard on ourselves? As it’s not even that difficult to make a change that can make us more happy and healthy, we just need to start to take time for a bit more self reflection…..

Take a moment for yourself and ask yourself, “Am I truly satisfied with my life?”, “Do I feel truly happy within myself?”, “Do I feel inner peace?”, “Do I really love the job I’m doing?”, “Do I really look after myself?”, “Am I free of stress, anxiety and depression?”

Most people will have at least one question that will get the answer “no”. And then ask yourself “why?”. What is the reason why you don’t feel truly happy, or that you don’t really look after yourself that well, or that you struggle through life because of stress, anxiety and depression?

And basically, it’s not Society that makes us who we are and what we do….it’s Us, ourselves who decide to join this fast paced treadmill and living the life how we live it at the moment. We always have the choice to make better changes for ourselves, so why don’t we?

It’s shocking to hear and read about so many young kids, or young adults, who commit suicide because they are struggling so much with the pressure of life, society and the expectations that are out there. Pressure from Social Media as you need to show off how successful you are or how perfect you look…….. Do you already have that new hairstyle or clothes from that amazing brand? Do you spend hours on your make-up as you need to look like everyone else does? How many likes to do You get on your social media posts?

Again, it’s not Society, it’s all of us Creating this society.

If everyone, every single individual, would decide that this fast paced life, full of stress, pressure and expectations is no longer acceptable, because it’s causing us more harm than good, especially on our physical and mental health, Society would change. Our life would change, people would change and yes then it would become a definite better World.

Going back to “the basics” is not only releasing us from a lot of stress and anxiety and other physical and mental health problems, it will make us more compassionate again towards each other, as we will feel the need to help out each other more, it will make us appreciate more what is in our surroundings and what is Really important in Life.

See what life brings us as how it is at this very moment……..do you Really Feel that life brings us so much good? Look around you……people don’t communicate, don’t even look at each other as people are hypnotised by their mobile devices, and what are they spending their time on? Time is so precious…..why spending so much time on Social Media and devices while we can go out there, explore the world, being adventurous!

There are So many other things we can spend our time on, as time that is gone won’t come back……do you realise that sometimes? If tomorrow were your last day, can you look back on your life and honestly say you have done a lot of things with your life, important things, fun things, gained great experiences, met lovely people and shared time with them, helping and supporting others, seen the world around you?

Or have you filled most part of your life feeling under pressure, stressed, runned down, being in a job you don’t like and being on social media all day sharing selfies and the only communication you have with people and your “friends” is over text messages and liking peoples posts?

Social Media can be good if it’s used for the right things, but when we over-use it for things that are not important and create anxiety and depression to a lot of people, it might be time to think what we are really doing here and what we do to ourselves, our society and our children, who are growing up with this kind of stress and pressure.

Some might feel that “back to basics” is old fashion, or boring even, but is it?

If you feel resonated with things in this article, then maybe it IS time for a change, for yourself, but also to make a start in changing Society.

Explore the world, sniff in the smells of Nature, meet up with your friends for a coffee, meal or drinks and have an actual personal conversation, be true friends, support them if they need help. When was the last time you picked up the phone and asked a friend how he/she is doing, instead of asking it over text? Do you remember your friend’s birthday actually or is it only because Facebook reminds you of it?

Changing society is not gonna happen overnight, but if we all put our effort in it and start living life in a normal way, with each other and for each other, it will slowly take a positive turn. And I’m convinced that it will make more people happy and that there will be less physical and mental health issues.

We need to set a good example for each other, for our children, as we need to pave the right path for them, so they can live a life away from all the issues we are living with today and living a better life.


Angelique Mol ღ

First Live Stream Introduction

With the new option “Live Streaming” on Facebook I did a very first Live Introduction for Spirituition. This was a great opportunity to show my Gratitute to All of my Followers on my Facebook Page but also on All of my other Social Media Channels.

I also talk a bit about the “Journey” of Spirituition, how it started and where I am now with it. A Journey to be Grateful of.

I also like to give Special Thanks to 2 of my good friends Debs Smith ( SURErevolution ) and Addy who supported me big time today!

Enjoy watching the Live Stream and there is more to come……..!

1100 Likes on FB

1100  Likes FB
Today I reached 1100 Likes on my FB Page Spirituition!
I like to thank you All for your Support and Connection through all this time!
I Am very Grateful to be Connected to you All on my Journey of Enlightenment and Spirituality.
Angelique ღ

FREE Limited Believes Test – with FREE Advice!

Everybody has some Limited Believes to deal with, or even better, to work on it.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of as we almost All have some to work on even if it’s something minor.
But, Limited Believes can hold you back in achieving or creating something for Your Self or in your Life.
We can Always work on Our Selves to Improve, Grow and Develop ;-).
The following test is FREE for you to do and you can send me your results through Email, Skype, Twitter or Facebook and I’ll send you the Outcome Explanation for FREE back to you in a Private Message or email within 24 hours after receiving your results.
It’s Fun to do and in this way you will find out on which Limited Believes you can work on ;-).
I’m looking forward to receive your Outcome Points!
Good luck and have Fun with it! :-)
For every question you give one of the  following points which is applicable for your answer.
It’s very important to be honest and open in your answers to get the right outcome.
Remember, this test is private for you so nobody will see or know any of your answers.
The points are:
  1. Not at all
  2. Somewhat
  3. Sometimes / Sometimes not
  4. Mostly
  5. Always


First write down the points of every statement for yourself on a piece of paper, then add them all up and write down the total outcome and send it over to me. If you like / prefer to add an additional comment to a particular statement, please feel free to do so ;-). Then of course mention the number of the statement so it’s clear which of your comments belong to which statement.

Let start! :-)


  1. don’t have the feeling that someone else it better than me.
  2. I do not suffer of any shame and never feel guilty.
  3. I Am a Happy and Free man.
  4. don’t have to prove that I’m just as good or better than others.
  5. I don’t need other people to see what I do.
  6. When I lose I don’t feel under than others.
  7. have a Warm and Friendly feeling about myself.
  8. don’t have the feeling that others are better than me because they can make things better, have more money and more popular.
  9. I make Friends easily.
  10. I speak openly about my ideas about what I like and do not like.
  11. What other people think or how they behave do not touch me.
  12. I don’t need overt recognition of others to feel good.
  13. I am Happy when others do well, especially when they are loved ones or close to me.
  14. I’m not the one to criticize my Family, Friends or others.
  15. don’t think I always have to enjoy others.
  16. I Am open and honest and it’s not hard for me to show my true Self to others.
  17. I Am Friendly, Thoughtful and Hearty. I don’t blame others for my own mistakes.
  18. I like it to be on my own.
  19. can accept compliments and gifts without feeling uncomfortable or guilty.
  20. can admit my mistakes or faults without feeling painful or the lower one.
  21. don’t feel the need to defend what I think, say or do.
  22. don’t need others always to agree with me or tell me I’m right.
  23. don’t brag about myself, my performence in life or work, or the performence of my Family and what they own.
  24. I handle very well with constructive criticism.
  25. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.


Well done! You can earn up to a 100 points or less.
Don’t wait any longer and send your result over to me to receive your FREE advice within the next 24 hours :-)
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These are the links where you can send your result to:
Remember, I will reply your advise always in a private message. Please also mention your email address in a PM so I’m always able to send the advice over email in case the reply over FB, Twitter or Skype doesn’t work out for some reason ;-).
Thank you for joining this test and for the interaction!
 Angelique ღ , Life Coach