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World Hunger Day, 28th May 2017

Today it’s World Hunger Day, 28th May 2017. Please visit the website, watch the video, contribute and share. Thank you!  Angelique ღ


The Power of 11-01-2015


As some of you maybe didn’t notice……it was a Spiritually Powerful Day today!

First of all the date itself, the 11 of January ( 1-01) is already Powerful because the 11 is a Master Number and very Powerfull for its Energies.
When you use Numerology in this today it makes it even more Powerful….as if you add up all the numbers of the date 1+1+0+1+2+0+1+5= 11 again!!

The Vibrations of the 11 has all to do with Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. It tells us to Connect with our Higher Selfs to live our Soul Mission and Life Purpose.

Meditation and Positive Affirmations together with a Optimistic Attitude will Manifest our Desires and help to achieve our Goals.
It also encourages Us to Inspire the Human Race by relying upon our Inner Wisdom and Intuition.

Be an Inspirational Light towards others to help raise Spiritual Awareness.
It’s the kind of Lightwork we are supposed to do at this moment in time.
Of course it doesnt mean you set put this Intentions just on a day like this as it’s something we need doing every single day, but when it’s such a Powerful day we can use the Powerful Vibrations even more to create much more and better results overall.

With everything happening lately in the World Humanity screams for Higher Vibrations and Positive Energies,
It is on All of Us to spread this around and share the Light with everyone!
Only this way we can lower down the Darker Forces and Darker Energies.

We Are the Change that people need, that Earth needs, that Animals need and Nature…..
It All starts with Us, our Selves first, continued by Connecting and Bonding together.

Fear will hld you back or keep you down, so don’t send out Fear Energies, especially not today….
Trust in the Truth that is about to come, Trust on your Guidance, your Inner Voice and Higher Self…..as deep down you already know.

Don’t have doubt either, as it’s not necessary to have this.
When you fully trust and have faith in the Truth there is no room for doubts….so also don’t spend your Energy on doubts.

We can Create a Magical Year but it comes with our Intentions, Creation and Manifestation.
We must not only Act as One, we must Be One ❤️

Spend your Energy on Love, Light, Compassion, Truth, Peace and Trust and see the Magic starting!


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to All of my American Connection on All of my Social Media Channels :-)
Angelique ღ ,

Spiritual Life Coach for Personal Development & Mindfulness



Mother’s Day 2014


For All the Lovely Mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!
For some Mother’s Day is really special, for others it’s just an ordinary Sunday like every week.
It doesn’t matter how you fulfill your day as long it’s another day of sharing Love.
How did you spend this day? Did you visit your mum, did you buy her a present or flowers?
Did you went over for lunch or dinner or did you just gave her a call?
Or you just maybe have just become a mum yourself :-) , how does it feel for you and how would you like to see Mother’s Day for yourself?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below this post :-)
For everyone it’s different in how important this day is. Some say it’s a really traditional day to show your mother gratitude, respect and love and for others it became a too much of a commercialized day.
My opinion is, as long as my mother is here she deserves my gratitude, respect and love. For who she is, for what she did in all those years of being my mother and the grandmother of my daughter but also for what she still does until today. For me, one special day makes it not more special, the gratitude should always be there, every day ;-).
But no matter how you have spend your Mother’s Day this year, I hope you enjoyed and were surrounded by your Loved Ones!
Angelique ♥

The Great Benefit of Yoga


I discovered Yoga already a while ago as a very beneficial tool for bringing your Body and Mind in total Balance.
Though before that time I always thought Yoga was a bit boring to practice and lots of exercises and positions hard to do.

But once I started to try it out,  also because it goes very well in combination with Meditation I experienced it was not so bad at all!

When you start with Yoga you are of course not be able to do the Acrobatic positions straight away,  and to be honest,  I’m still not there yet, still not experienced enough to do them ;-).
Starting off with the Basic positions is already great to Feel and recognize the difference for your Body and Mind.

For me, the best time of the day to practice Yoga is early Morning. It gives you Such a high amount of Energy afterwards what will support you through the day.
Yoga is for me also a kind of Meditation on its own as you focus on the exercises, positions and your breathing which automatically helps to relax and ease the Mind.

Many people still think that Yoga ( with just the basic positions) won’t improve your Body in a muscular way like with a lot of other sports. But actually it does!
The whole combination of your Breathing and the Exercises helps to remove toxins from your Body. And when toxins are being removed from your Body it benefits not only your Health but also contributes with Weight loss. It’s also a very good exercise to get rid of Cellulite! Also again because of getting rid of the toxins in your Body.

When you feel stressed or have a lot of things on your Mind it’s a great solution to use Yoga, and even better in combination with Meditation, to calm your Mind. When your Mind is on ease without tension and worries you will feel Physically much better as well. As you might know, stress and worries really drains your Energy what of course has a huge effect on your Body.

Important also is to drink a glass of light warm water before you start with Yoga and drink much water afterwards through the day, also to keep working on removing those toxins.

When you for example practice Yoga early morning and do a Meditation before you go to bed you keep your Body and Mind in perfect Balance. The Yoga is a great start of the Day as it provides you enough Energy throughout the Day and help you start the Day with a Fresh, Clear Mind and the Meditation at Night will help you to clear out your Mind from everything through the Day again so you can prepare for a good night sleep ( without having all these thoughts and stress still running through your mind which can cause a restless night or even insomnia ).

So when you are looking for more Balance and Peace in your Body and Mind,  Yoga and Meditation are very Powerful and Beneficial.

Have fun!  :-)

Angelique ღ, Life Coach


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