Green Agate for stabilisation of the Aura

Agate stabilizes the Aura, eliminating and transforming Negative Energies. Its Cleansing effect is powerful at the Physical and Emotional levels. Placed on the Heart, it will Heal the emotional dis-ease that prevents acceptance of Love. Placed on the Abdomen or taken as an Elixir, Agate stimulates the Digestive process and relieves Gastritis. It heals the … Continue reading Green Agate for stabilisation of the Aura

New Healing Crystals in our Shop!

We added another collection of Healing Crystals in our Online Shop. The Healing Crystals we added: Aventurine ( Red )Jasper ( Mookaite )HowliteHowlite ( Aqua )Lapis Lazuli ( Thumb Stone )MalachiteSerpentine - A GradeUnakiteJasper ( Zebra )Dragon Stone Check them out, or one of our other beautiful Healing Crystals at: