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Feeling Disconnected

We all feel it sometimes, the feeling of Disconnection with your Higher Self. What do you do about it?


For me personally, I can have moments where I feel Disconnected from my Higher Self. Of course you Are not really disconnected from your Higher Self but you can Feel that way.

When certain things happen in your life, for whatever reasons, you can feel a bit out of Balance. You feel distracted, start to think or overthink more, maybe even allow worries coming in or fear. This is completely normal as we are still Human as well.

When I feel Disconnected I try to “get myself together” again and try to find the reason Why I feel disconnected. Is it because I started to focus on other things, which are possibly not even really important ? Was I distracted by others or maybe even by my own Mind?

As soon as I can recognise for myself where the distraction is coming from or what made it happen, I can deal with it. I take a step backwards so to say and look with a wider view what happened and try to recognise where I “lost” the connection with my Higher Self.

Then I Center myself again ( getting myself back together ) and start to focus again on what Really matters and what Feel good for my Self. The moment I start to Center myself I feel that it’s right. And the moment I get back into my own personal Spiritual routine again, like meditating regularly, reading important books and articles, be intuitive creative, write articles, connect with my guides etc, I start to Feel way more Balanced again. Which is a great feeling!

Like I mentioned before, we are still Human as well, so it’s perfectly okay when you feel Disconnected some times. It’s part of our Human experience. So never feel bad or guilty about it, but just pick it up as soon as you recognise it. For me, everything has its reason, so it might have been needed to feel disconnected for a bit so you recognise the difference Within your Self how it Feels when you are.

Remember, you’ll Never lose your Connection with your Higher Self or Spirit. It’s always there. So never worry about that. That you Feel disconnected doesn’t mean you’re Truly Are. As once Awakened and Enlightened you will Never lose that connection, it’s just a bit more at the “background” as you allow other things to connect to at the front focus more. You can Always “tune in” again. It’s like a radio station that’s a bit of its frequency and you need to fine tune it again to hear it more clear. In a similar way it works with your Spiritual Connection. You can Always fine tune again.

Find your own Inner Peace and Balance, Create your own comfortable Connection with your Higher Self and just let your Self wave on the Flow of Universal Guidance.

Angelique Mol

Spiritual Life Coach

Unconditional Love is More Powerful than you might think….




You’ve probably heard about Unconditional Love before. But What is Unconditional Love exactly?

As it already says by itself, it’s Unconditional, so without any Restrictions and Bounderies. The ability to Love without any Judgement, Procrestionations and Assumptions.

When you are able to See and Feel Unconditional Love in Everyone and Everything you can Truly say you Live Unconditional Love.

And this means you can See and Feel this Love in Every single Human, no matter what Race, Religion, Background, Colour or Age….but also in Nature,  Animals and All that Lives with Unconditional Respect.

To be able to See and Feel with Full Awareness of what Is and to Let All Be as Is.

Once able to Feel Unconditional Love within Your Self you are able to See and Feel Unconditional Love in All. And once you send it out with True Intent you might be surprised How Much you receive back.


Angelique Mol ღ 

We All have a Life

I had a nice conversation with my daughter this morning about Life in general, but also about people, ordinary people and Succesful people. What is ordinary and how Succesfull is Succesful? We came to the same conclusion that no matter what, we are All human, people and ordinary people if it comes to Life.


My Passion is to Help people, Coach people to create more Positivity and Abundance in their Life. To help people See that it Is possible to Change your Life around when you feel not entirely Happy. But even though I made the Choice to become a Life Coach, doesn’t mean I have an ordinary Life as well. Like You and Everyone else I also have my Challenges, Problems and Issues to deal with.

People who Present themselves as Super Succesful, earning a 6- or 7 Figure Income, seem All very Happy and Succesful and it’s hard to imagine they have Challenges in Life themselves. But Anyone, not matter How Succesful or How much money they make…..have their Challenges, Problems and Issues to deal with. Only, you don’t ever hear about it.

I believe it’s not Reality towards other (ordinary) people to pretend to have no such and try to make people Believe their Lives are So Wonderful and Succesful. And of course, that’s the way they “Sell” themselves And their products or services, because That Image is what You also want. The Image of being So Succesful like it seems there are No Challenges at all anymore.

It is more about…..How do you Deal with it? Some people are better dealing with Challenges, Problems and Issues than others. And That is something you can Learn. And yes, a Coach can help you with that, or even a good Friend or Family member can give you good advice, if they are better in dealing with things like that, and that might work for You as well.

But never go in the Believe that Succesful people or even Celebrity don’t have Challenges to deal with. They only don’t show it to the World, they keep it Private so the Only thing we See is their Succes and an Image that is Created like it’s All  Perfect! In some cases, with some of those Succesful people or Celebrities it’s even Far from that!

It’s important to See behind the Veils and not Only to See what is Presented right in Front of us. Because once you Know that even the most Succesful people have their Issues…..How different Are they Really from, say, Ordinary people? Not different at all.

Everyone has a Life. And every Life contains Challenges, Problems and Issues to deal with. It all depends, again, How you deal with it and if you Let these Challenges overrule your Life or that you are able to Deal with it as quickly as possible. Life is Reality and some are better in Shaping a “better” Reality, but Never Think or Believe that there are Certain People who Don’t have Challenges at all.

I Am willing to say, even though I Help others, that I have my Challenges as well, I just try to Deal with it as quickly as I can and to let these Challenges Not control my Life. What I do or Who I turn to? Most of the time I have a chat with my Daughter about it, as we have a very good Bond. Or I talk about it with a very good Friend or a Colleague Coach.

It is very important, and nice, if you have someone close to you where you can Talk and Share with. As this person(s) can Support you where needed and Be there for you when You need it. If you don’t have or know people who can Help you with this, indeed a Coach might be a good option. Even the Most Succesful people have Coaches to help them with their Challenges.

And even though a Coach is an Ordinary person as well, he/she is Trained to show people Solutions in a Different Perspective, sometimes even very Simple solutions, but just things or ways you don’t think about. And yes, those Simple solutions a Coach will also use on themselves, but it still doesn’t mean that even a Coach sometimes has the “need” to talk with someone else.

Be never ashamed of the Challenges you have or must face, just remember you are Not the Only one. Ask someone for Help and Support when you Feel you can’t do it Alone. As often solving the problem is done quicker than keep walking around with unnecessary Stress, Thoughts and Feelings for days, weeks or even years.

 Angelique Mol ღ

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to All of my American Connection on All of my Social Media Channels :-)
Angelique ღ ,

Spiritual Life Coach for Personal Development & Mindfulness



The Smell of a Book

Smell of a book
The Smell of a Book…….I just LOVE it!
I know, lots of people, including myself as well, read a lot of books Digital these days…
But I have to be honest that I can still long for an ordinairy book :-)
I do have a tablet, smartphone, laptop and use Kindle or a Reader to read Ebooks but now and then I’m just “hungry” for an old fashion book ;-).
Especially on a really cloudy and rainy day I just LOVE to read, cuddle up underneath a blanket (not when it’s 30 degrees out there of course ), have a cup of tea and just Read.
Reading is for me also a kind of Coaching, it relaxes me, makes me feel comfortable, silence my mind from some daily things and it let my Imagination run which makes it even more fun!
What about you? Do you still read an ordinairy book sometimes? Do you like the Smell of a Book as well? As you can’t find That in an Ebook :-p .
Feel free to share your comments below this post as I’m very curious if you’re still a bit “old fashion” as well ;-).
I also like to hear from you What you read, and what reading does for you.
Do you still go to the Library sometimes, do you also buy books sometimes or only borrow them or only download Ebooks?
It’s great to have some interaction together so don’t be shy and share your thoughts and comments with Me and All the other Readers here :-).
Angelique ღ, Life Coach