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The Countdown has begun…..2018

I like to take this moment to give Thanks to all my Family, Friends and Acquaintances for being a part of my Journey over this last year! I also like to give Thanks to all the People who have been supporting my website blog as followers and the people who took the time to read my posts and leave lovely comment and sharing their thoughts and feelings, even though I have to been writing that much over the last couple of months. ( this is one resolution I like to change in the New Year ;-) )

For me, personally, this year was a year of personal reflection, finding a bit more my own direction and making decisions how to continue in the New Year. I had a couple of very clear “aha” moments and making certain decisions have made me feel very good and motivated within my Self.

Sometimes making certain decisions means to Let Go of things or actually to Hold On to things. Most important is that you feel within your Self what is Best for You.

My Passion was, and definitely still is, Helping People. And I have done that over the past years in many different ways and it gives me fulfilment and satisfaction. I noticed that my direction has a bit changed, slightly in the direction I want to go. My focus seemed to have moved direction a bit more from just Coaching to Healing & Coaching to Healing, Herbalism and Coaching.

Of these 3 the most present ones at the moment are Reiki Healing and Herbalism. I felt drawn to these Holistic Therapies for a long time and made the decision to continue on this path and give even more focus and attention to it. The New Year means for me going back into Study Mode and learn more and a deeper understanding about Herbalism and how I will be able to combine this with Reiki Healing treatments.

I feel that Natural Medicine will become a bigger part for Humanity over the years to come. More people start to turn “back” to Nature, Natural Remedies, Holistic Therapies and everything Organic. Which I feel is a great thing to do as it makes us more Aware of our Earth, what she actually provides for us and that actually a lot of chemical solutions not always are the best of use. We lost our Connection with Nature for a long time and now we are on a “turn” and start to find ourselves moving back slowly towards Her. And all I can say from my personal perspective is “keep going”.

I am Grateful for my Personal and Spiritual Growth again over this last year, we never stop growing and developing, and that is great! I hope that for You this last year was a good year as well and that the New Year will be another Good one or maybe even a Better one!

I wish you All a Great New Year’s Eve and the Best Wishes, Joy, Happiness, Health and Abundance for 2018! And I hope we’ll stay Connected for at least another Year again ;-)

With much Love and Gratitude,

Angelique Mol ღ

A World of Expectations


These days we live in a World and Society full of expectations. Expectations by others who believe how everything should be and how You should be. Expectations at work, at home, from friends and even from family. Instead for people to just make choices for themselves they often “think” with you as well and what they “think” is best for you. Even though people often have good intentions and want to “help” you, in most cases they don’t really “help” you but bring you off your path, leaving you confused with questions unanswered or with a less satisfied feeling.

Especially in this period of time where Awakening, Awareness and raising Consciousness becomes more and more actual people really Need it to make their own choices and go their own way, even though people around them might not agree with their decisions or way of thinking. And that’s very difficult especially when you have always been a person who listened to the “good advice” of others. Family and Friends are used to give you advice and for you to listen to it and take action on it as well. So once you start to make your own decisions, even without asking them for any opinion and just do what You want, they might get upset. And this can be hard to deal with…..

Stepping out of your Comfort Zone is something you need to do by yourself, nobody can tell you what or how to do it, it is stepping away from your own habits, break the circle, jumping in the unknown and making decisions on your own. For Your Self to grow and to develop in Life and on your Journey it is sometimes required to make tough decisions. It’s not about becoming selfish but pure making a choice what is best for You and what Feels best for You, without the approval from others.

Still you can still listen to other’s opinions and advice of course, think about it and use it when it feels good for you, but most important is for You to make the final decision based on your own feelings, what feels best for You.  

Withnin Spirituality this is a common issue as often we experience people who don’t understand you, don’t agree with you, think it’s all La-La world and that you are just “floaty”. You can’t move forward or keep growing when things or people like this are holding you back. Then you need to ‘break free’ and start walking your own Path and in your own direction so you will be open and receptive to meet other ‘Like Minded’ people.

And yes, you might lose friends who were with you for many years, you might lose some contact with some family members or the connection changes, but this, unfortunately, comes with moving forward in your own direction, the direction that is meant to be for you, towards your Goal in Life or your Life Purpose. Always remember that they have to walk their own Path as well, at their own pace and at their own level of Consciousness and Awareness.

As long as you can Accept and Respect the choices you make for Your Self and the choices that other’s make for themselves, you are moving in the right direction of Consciousness. And you will see that some people even might ‘follow’ you as they learn from you and appreciate what you do by ‘breaking free’ from restrictions and expectations.

Live Your Life the Way You Want it!


Angelique Mol ॐ

Reflection of a Choice

Reflection of a Choice
Reflection of a Choice
We often don’t realize it, but the choices we make is what has brought us to where we are now and where it will bring us in the Future.
It is very important to make thoughful choices so it can lead you into the direction you want to go.
Of course, we all make choices sometimes for which we regret later….but, is it needed to regret it later?
Actually, when we made a “wrong” or “bad” choice it could have been a great choice after all!
As also from these choices we learn and we will be able to make such choice not again when a similar situation might come up.
With making choices it’s always very important to listen carefully to your Self, what do you Feel?
Thoughts can make things sometimes very complicated and the more you think about it the more you get in doubt.
But when you learn to listen more to your Feeling and Trust on it as well you will probably make much more the “right” choices.
It’s normal for most people that we use our “thinking” often above our “feeling”, but when you are able to learn to turn it the other way around you will see that it can change a lot.
And when you then start listening to your Feeling it’s also important to put trust in it, otherwise your thoughts come up again and will bring you in doubt ;-).
Remember, what choices you ever make they are never really wrong or bad even it might seem so afterwards. Try to learn out of it and to understand why you made that choice in the first place and if you should do it again when you have to make the same choice over again.
Choices made in the Past have brought you to where you are now. Are you Happy and Satisfied where you are now? Or if you could turn back time you would make a different choice?
It is never too late to change things around, you Always have a Choice!
You had choices in your Past and you have Choices now.
When you rather would choose for another direction in your Life or a completely different Life, then make the Choice and make the Change!
Think about this…… ;-)
Angelique ღ