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Intuitive writing message 24-2-2015


All comes as it comes, you can’t force things to happen, the Universe will decide when the right time is there.

People often try to control things and want to make things happen right away, especially when  it’s for their own good and not particularly for others.

That’s why the Universe decides when things are allowed to happen, these things people can’t control no matter how hard they try.

People should learn to have patience again and Trust on things to happen for them when the time is there.

People also need to learn to have faith that when they are grateful for what they receive more things will come to be Grateful for.

Most people know about the Law of Attraction and how it should work but still many people don’t apply it in their daily lives.

You can only make a change when you are able to change your mindset and only use the Positive Energies. Negative Energies are no good of use and it only brings you more negative Energies, drama, negative moods and environments.

Why punish your Self so much when the solution is so easy?

Love, Positivity and Gratitude are the main keys to create a Change.

You simply can’t create a Change or better environment without these essential keys.

People know but don’t apply.

It’s important to make others Aware and Awake so more people will start using these essential keys.

Only in this way it’s possible to raise the Vibrations to a higher Energy level and create a better environment for everyone.

It already started but you’re not done yet, there is still much to do and many people to reach out to.

Most important is to keep faith and Believe in your own Truth. This will help you move forward and create the right Energies you need to touch others.

Still many people don’t believe that a Change is possible as they feel powerless, but nothing will happen if nothing happens.

When All make the choice to keep doing and living how they already doing, nothing will happen indeed and no Change can be created.

But when All make the choice to actually do something about it and Believe in themselves there will be created a Change.

People forget they always have a choice but often they need to step out of their Comfort Zone, and that can be a scary thing to do.

But it’s a very important step to do if you don’t like the things how they are at this very particular moment.

Help others to gain trust and Faith, help others to step out of their Comfort Zone as many are still scared and insecure to make the first step out of the circle.

You are not alone, all the way you are Guided but some actions must be taken by Your Selves first before we can guide you to the next step and the next level.

People need to reconnect again and forward this to the next generation to be able to create a new and better environment for them.

What you will create now is a big Manifestation for the future and next generations.

You decided to come here at this particular moment in time to make a change, so don’t wait any longer and start from Your Self, then touch others with your power and Energies and let them see and feel how it works, help them, teach them.

In this way it will be spreaded around and the flow of Positive Energies can grow.

Feel the energy of the Sun, feel this power and carry it with you, share it with others and touch their hearts and Souls.

So go now with all the excitement you feel within you and spread it around as much as you can, you are not alone, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance when need some.

Leaving you now with Universal Love and Light,

Divine Source of Light 

An Opportunity Arrives, now what?

When an Opportunity arrives it can bring confusion at the same time as well.
What shall I do? How shall I do it? Will it be a good Choice to take it? Will there be too much risk?
Opportunities are Chances to make a Change.
And of course you have Always the Choice to Go for it or let is pass by……
But if you let it pass by, you might miss out something good….or something better.
What makes an decision to take an Opportunity so hard sometimes?
It can happen that an Opportunity means you need to make Changes in your present Life, stepping out of your Comfort Zone.
And that is not always easy for everyone. But what is the other option? Let go of the opportunity and probably miss out on something good.
Yes, sometimes it means you need to move to another City or maybe even to another Country  ( which can be pretty excited too as I did it myself once ) :-) .
And when you have children they need to go to another school, leaving their current friends and start new as well.
There can be a lot that needs to be arranged and will that all be possible in a short period of time? Maybe you even need to sell your house……
So now we need to compare What we have Now and Where we will end up…..
The most important thing is that you Feel with your Heart and Less with your Mind. Yes, sometimes you need to take a “risk” or “jump from the edge” to step out of your Comfortable and Safe Life to grow further.
When you never take any chance or never make any change in your Life, how can you expect to move forward and reach the goal you want?
When you set out strong intentions for Your Self that it will work out because you Want it very much, then it Will Work!
It’s often your Mind that confuses You with all these thoughts about “but what if this or what if that”?
You can’t look into the Future so you will never know up front how things will work out definitely in the end, but you Do know that if you set the right Intentions for Your Self you have Much to say in it ;-).
When this Opportunity maybe is something you have waited for so long and it’s actually something you Really want, then just simply Go for It!
You never know if you get another chance to do so and when you have trust ( as the opportunity didn’t come up for nothing ) you can be sure it Will work out for you!
I moved to New Zealand once because I had the opportunity to do so. Couple of people around me tried to warn me because “what if it doesn’t work out?” “what do you do then?” “If you give up everything here and you need to come back, will you be able to?”
So, because of this I Could have got doubts or got unsecure.
But actually, I felt I didn’t need to explain anything to anybody as I was excited about it and if I would let this chance pass by I might have been wondering the rest of my Life how it would have been if I Had been there.
So, in a pretty short time my partner and me had to sell the house, he had to quit his job, my daughter needed to go of school, we needed to sell lots of our stuff as we couldn’t bring all…..but we Did!
And now…..I didn’t manage to stay in New Zealand, I stayed there for just over 2 years, but it was Such a great Time and Experience of my Life!
No One will Ever take that away from me anymore!
I returned to Europe but I’m always Happy and most of all Very Grateful for the Opportunity that was Given to  me.
When you Trust on your Own Feelings and are not weak for the “judgements” or “good advice” from Others, you Know deep inside if this Opportunity is worth to Go for or not.
And even when it doesn’t look clear yet immediately or when it still can look a bit uncertain, sometimes you just need to step in the Unknown with the Trust you are always Guided for it to turn out well.
When you put too much Doubts or Fear in there Your Self you attract the wrong Energy and it might happen it doesn’t turn out that well ;-).
Have Faith and Trust, very important, and Believe in Your Self and your Ability to make it work! And then it Will Work!
Just let things happen, stay in the Now and Go with the Flow of Life as that’s the only Way to Grow and Develop :-)
Angelique ღ ,Life Coachwww.angeliquemol.com
Twitter: @Coach_Angelique


FREE Limited Believes Test – with FREE Advice!

Everybody has some Limited Believes to deal with, or even better, to work on it.
It’s nothing to be ashamed of as we almost All have some to work on even if it’s something minor.
But, Limited Believes can hold you back in achieving or creating something for Your Self or in your Life.
We can Always work on Our Selves to Improve, Grow and Develop ;-).
The following test is FREE for you to do and you can send me your results through Email, Skype, Twitter or Facebook and I’ll send you the Outcome Explanation for FREE back to you in a Private Message or email within 24 hours after receiving your results.
It’s Fun to do and in this way you will find out on which Limited Believes you can work on ;-).
I’m looking forward to receive your Outcome Points!
Good luck and have Fun with it! :-)
For every question you give one of the  following points which is applicable for your answer.
It’s very important to be honest and open in your answers to get the right outcome.
Remember, this test is private for you so nobody will see or know any of your answers.
The points are:
  1. Not at all
  2. Somewhat
  3. Sometimes / Sometimes not
  4. Mostly
  5. Always


First write down the points of every statement for yourself on a piece of paper, then add them all up and write down the total outcome and send it over to me. If you like / prefer to add an additional comment to a particular statement, please feel free to do so ;-). Then of course mention the number of the statement so it’s clear which of your comments belong to which statement.

Let start! :-)


  1. don’t have the feeling that someone else it better than me.
  2. I do not suffer of any shame and never feel guilty.
  3. I Am a Happy and Free man.
  4. don’t have to prove that I’m just as good or better than others.
  5. I don’t need other people to see what I do.
  6. When I lose I don’t feel under than others.
  7. have a Warm and Friendly feeling about myself.
  8. don’t have the feeling that others are better than me because they can make things better, have more money and more popular.
  9. I make Friends easily.
  10. I speak openly about my ideas about what I like and do not like.
  11. What other people think or how they behave do not touch me.
  12. I don’t need overt recognition of others to feel good.
  13. I am Happy when others do well, especially when they are loved ones or close to me.
  14. I’m not the one to criticize my Family, Friends or others.
  15. don’t think I always have to enjoy others.
  16. I Am open and honest and it’s not hard for me to show my true Self to others.
  17. I Am Friendly, Thoughtful and Hearty. I don’t blame others for my own mistakes.
  18. I like it to be on my own.
  19. can accept compliments and gifts without feeling uncomfortable or guilty.
  20. can admit my mistakes or faults without feeling painful or the lower one.
  21. don’t feel the need to defend what I think, say or do.
  22. don’t need others always to agree with me or tell me I’m right.
  23. don’t brag about myself, my performence in life or work, or the performence of my Family and what they own.
  24. I handle very well with constructive criticism.
  25. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.


Well done! You can earn up to a 100 points or less.
Don’t wait any longer and send your result over to me to receive your FREE advice within the next 24 hours :-)
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Remember, I will reply your advise always in a private message. Please also mention your email address in a PM so I’m always able to send the advice over email in case the reply over FB, Twitter or Skype doesn’t work out for some reason ;-).
Thank you for joining this test and for the interaction!
 Angelique ღ , Life Coach

Have a Plan? Set a Goal!

Have a Plan - Set a Goal
The best way to develop yourself as a person is to seriously think about Where you want to Go and What you would like to Achieve on longterm.
We all have sometimes an idea or a plan to do something, make a change or create something new for ourselves.
But How often are we actually taking action and really Do something with it?
In most times it sticks to a plan or an idea, we dream and think about it but something is holding us back from taking action.
What is it that restricts us?
In a lot of examples it’s mostly Family or Friends who restricts us in developing ourselves. Only because when They think it’s a bad idea and they try to talk you out of it, you most of the time think “yes, they are probably right”.
They come with all kind of excuses or “negative” point why it’s better to let go of the idea, plan or dream.
But You have to think about this…….Will it harm them when you take action and realize your plan? Or is it just your own risk and excitement that “maybe” can be dissapointed when it fails?
Never….and I say it again, NEVER let yourself bumping of the path of your dreams….not by anyone!
Even when people have so to say “good intentions” to protect you from failing……and when you fail, then what? You are a Experience richer and you know maybe by then what you did not so well and how to do it better maybe a next time.
Actually, when you still set your mind on your Plan, idea or dream and you Do achieve than you can be proud and it shows a lot of guts!
Imagine that you have a really good Plan, at least, You think it’s an awsome idea…..and people break it down and you decide not to do it. Would you never wonder later how it would be maybe if you Would have continued with your plan?
Well…..I would! ;-)
I’ve been in a situation like this myself, many years ago.
But because I was So convinced about my idea and fully Trusted and Believed in myself I continued with my plan.
I managed to build up a business from a room in my house on the first floor to a business with 2 departments in different cities, including a wholesale store and an education centre.
So you can imagine what I would have been missing out if I would have listened to “others”. ;-)
If you have a Plan, Idea or Dream and You fully Believe in it and are Excited about it, Set a Goal and start Creating it!
Don’t wait till “the right opportunity” or the “right time” comes by……know….as then it might never happen either.
If you want to do it, do it now!
You don’t have to start Big…..just like me, take it with little steps and you might be surprised how it will develop :-)
You can Do it! So Go for it!
Angelique ღ