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You Are Beautiful!

“You’ve probably heard someone saying to you before ‘You are Beautiful’….how does that make you feel? Do you Believe it yourself as well or does your Mind run over it straight away saying ‘Yeah Right’….”.  Angelique Mol ღ

Everybody is Beautiful in his or her own way….yes, even You! When we suffer with a lack of Confidence we quickly and easily think “yeah right” when somebody mentions you are beautiful.

If people talk about Being Beautiful….what is Beautiful? Do you consider Beautiful as something that you See in front of you, like an attractive and handsome person or do you consider Beautiful as something that is Part of someone’s character or personality?

Beauty can be seen in many different ways and forms. And everyone has a different perspective or opinion about what Beauty really is. Some people even talk about “ugly”….but what is being Ugly? Is that again something you See in front of you or is it again a Part of someone’s character or personality?

If you like to see the True Beauty in something or someone, you need to look Beyond the Veil. And sometimes you even need to Learn to do this, when you are used to only look what is in front for of you for example, but not what is more in there or in someone.

A person who is “considered” to be not so attractive or handsome by some people, might be the Most Beautiful person with a Beautiful Heart. You only need to look deeper into the other person’s Soul….and I am sure you Will find something beautiful.

A person who is “considered” very attractive and handsome, but called “ugly” because of his or her personality….then again, you need to look deeper into that person’s Soul. As someone who can appear “ugly” might have a reason for behaving like that, but deep inside you might be surprised what you find ;-)

People, mainly spoken, judge very quickly about other people. About their appearance, what they do, what they don’t do, what they should do etc. But as long as you don’t know someone else’s story….you can Never judge. And even when you Do know their story, or Think you know their story….then it’s still not on you to judge. As there is Always a part of the story that remain secret with the person himself.

For You, it is important that you can Recognise your Own Beauty and that you are Able to Love yourself, for Who you Are. Not for what other people think of you or say about you….as You are Unique for Who you are. You need to Shine your own Beauty and reflect that to others so they can’t do anything else than See that part of Beauty in you.

And for everyone it might be a different part in You what they see as a your Beauty, and that’s alright. Most important part still remains….Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful, always!

As you Are Beautiful!

Angelique Mol ღ

Holistic Healing Therapy

“Holistic Healing Therapy is Welness for your Soul” 

Angelique Mol ღ



Holistic Healing Therapy involves more than you might think. It’s not just about relaxing for half an hour or an hour, get rid of stress, become calm and be ready to face the day again.

It’s about nourishing your Body, Mind and Soul. Total Wellness for your Inner Self. It’s about Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go, Healing and Re-energising. All is connected and if one part is not functioning well, the other parts can’t function well. If one part has an energy blockage, the rest of your energy can’t flow how it should do and can give “issues” or discomfort.

If you’re undergoing an Holistic Healing Therapy treatment your complete Body and Mind will come in a state of relaxation, ready to Let Go of unwanted Energies and Open to receive Healing Energies to bring back Balance within Your Self. Chakra’s can be Cleansed, Rebalanced and Activated again, and this will result in a better Energy Flow within your entire Body and Mind.

When you experience some little discomfort After an Holistic Healing Therapy treatment, this simply means that you are still releasing unwanted Energies, Clearing Blockages and that you continue Healing your Energy flow. Most of the time this only happens throughout the day when you had the treatment. This is actually a really good sign that your Body is responding Very well on the treatment.

But when you Don’t experience any discomfort After the treatment, that doesn’t mean it didn’t work, or that you have nothing to clear out or release. All people respond in a different way. Some people can experience physical discomfort, feeling emotional, feeling unbalanced….and some people don’t feel anything in particular or just feel great!

Holistic Healing Therapy can occur in different ways. Crystals might be used, a Pendulum for Clearing and Rebalancing / Activting Chakras, it might be done with Touch Therapy or in form of a Healing Massage. Healing Energy can be transferred in many different ways. And sometimes using different tools, like crystals, can give a different response or reaction on your Energy Field than for example a Healing Massage.

Holistic Healing Therapy can help you and benefit you in So many ways. If you never tried it before, I definitely recommend for you to do so. Even if it’s just for the Relaxing experience, but you might be surprised what it will do for you, for your total being, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Angelique Mol ღ

Happy First Snow Day in Leeds, UK

I just LOVE the magical view of snow on Nature……this morning I woke up to this wonderful surprise!


It was already in the forecast for this week, but still it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and see this stunning view!

What I really like about this kind of snow weather….it seems so Quiet and Peaceful outside….there is this typical Silence some how….you know what I mean? For me snow has something Magical about itself and can so enjoy looking at it!

Though I do feel it is pretty early in winter for us to having snow already, I also believe there will be more to come this winter. Who knows, we might getting a very cold and harsh Winter this year.

I’m basically not very good with cold, I just don’t like being cold…I like to feel warm and cosy and wrapped up ;-) But I Love to look at the snow on the trees and bushes for ages, and make beautiful photos.

Unfortunately I didn’t had time for it today, but the best thing would have been to go out, in Nature, a Park or so, and fully enjoy the snow in all her Glory and Beauty. Well, probably more days of snow will come before we’re heading to Spring, so hopefully next time I’ll be able to do a bit of Snow Forest hiking ;-)

Keep yourself Warm!

Angelique ღ


Environmental Awareness

“Awareness within your surroundings makes you appreciate more all the Beauty that Nature, Earth and the Universe provides” Angelique Mol


How much attention do you give to your surroundings? What details do you see? Do small details trigger you to put even more attention to it?

Over the years I learned to Appreciate and Respect all that Nature, Earth and the Universe provides. Once I became more and more aware of my surroundings I actually felt in Love with the Beauty of All.

When I see trees, flowers, plants and even animals I see So much more than just the “subject” on its own. I see the small details in flowers and plants and often so intrigued by how it is created and how beautiful it actually is. With animals for example I don’t Just see the animal, I see the small details, their fluffy fur, the way they move, how they behave….

I am Very Grateful for this Awareness as I can remember when I was younger and not so Aware as what I am now, all was just “normal”, an animal was just an animal, a flower just a flower, a plant just a plant…..but never really saw the Details and the Beauty in it.

This awareness is also a part of Mindfulness, and Mindfulness is the ability to look Closer and Deeper than what is only just in front of you…..looking Beyond the Veil. And not just with Nature and Animals, but also towards Your Self and other People, Humanity in its whole, even Colours are more beautiful

When I see a real poor person on the street, I don’t see Just a beggar who’s asking for food or money, I see another Soul who’s probably on a tough Journey, and by looking at a person in that way it makes a person So much more interesting. But also you are able to See Love in the other person and Respect.

It makes me wonder what kind of Journey the person is on and why. Is it because the person needs to Learn something from the situation he’s in or maybe that person is there to show Me or teach Me a lesson? Maybe I am challenged in my Judgement about that person, so do I Judge or do I Respect?

I learned to Respect people more and not to Judge, as you never know what Path the other person is on, what is going on in his Life or how difficult his Journey maybe is. When I became more able to practice this I also realized that it became more easy to send out Love to people, as I let them Be, for Who they are and Not for What they have or Don’t have or for What they Do or Don’t do.

And it makes things So much less complicated and easy to deal with. The even more great thing about Awareness is that people start to See and Recognize that you are non-judgmental and so I receive Much respect and love in return. How Wonderful is that?!

Also I See and Hear more things that happen around me, even small little things, like the sound of the wind that slides through the leaves of a bush when I pass it, many different kind of tjirping sounds of birds, a movement in the corner of my eye which might be a squirrel, rabbit or a bird….I get triggered as I am more Aware.

This is one of the Best development within my Spirituality and I am very Grateful for this. And the beauty about it is, once you Are Aware and Mindful, you can’t lose it anymore.

Earth is Beautiful with All she provides and the Universe provides us with the Skills once we are ready and open for it. Why wouldn’t you be Grateful?

Enjoy your Surroundings, have a Closer look and take in the Pure Beauty of it All.


Angelique Molॐ

The Power of Self Love

Self Love is very Important to be Happy and Feel Confident. Self Love is also very Important to be able to Love others for the Fullest without any Limitations.

But how do you Self Love?

To use the Power of Self Love you need to stop being unhappy with Yourself, stop wishing to be like someone else, stop comparing Yourself with somebody else, stop disliking your Body, stop Hating things about Yourself, stop trying to get Attention from others, stop trying to make others Like you……just Stop with that!

You are Perfect as the way you Are, You are Unique with All that comes with You.. And people will Admire You for that! They will even Love you for that!

Love You, Embrace You, Accept You!


When you start to have Confidence with Yourself, Love Yourself, be able to Smile to Yourself it will Radiate towards others and it will Attract others as well.

Don’t let your Happiness depending on others, if others are not Happy with You, your Appearance or Attitude….it’s actually Their “problem” and not Yours ;-) You Feel Happy, You Feel Confident and you Show it! Good on You!!

When you Love Yourself you are also able to Love others in a better way, you are able to Share your Love and others will be Happy and Grateful to receive your Love.

Have you ever thought about this one? Imperfections make someone actually Unique and Perfect in their own way and even make them Attractive! And the Secret is….when You are Confident people won’t even Notice your “imperfections”.

Imperfections are more in “your own head” than visible to others. Don’t be Afraid to Show Yourself! People will start to Love you for Who you Really Are! When you Radiate your Happiness and Confidence people will Pick that Up first and most.

If you Feel it’s hard to start Loving Yourself, use some Powerful Affirmations! These really help to Boost your Confidence. For example “I Love Who I Am”, “I Love Me with All that Comes with Me”, “I Am Beautiful”, “I Love my Flaws.

Look at Yourself in the Mirror and really start to See your own Beauty! Look at Yourself with Love, Say what you Love when you See Yourself…. “I have a Beautiful Smile”, “I Love my Eyes”, “My Body is More to Love”!

When you start practicing this every day, with Positive Thoughts and a Positive Attitude you will start to Feel a Change in your Confidence! And then…. notice the Respond from others ;-)

You will make your Life much more Positive and Create more Happiness and Love to Attract to You! True Happiness is Inside of You, You just need to give it access to Come Out.



Angelique ॐ