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Christmas Spirit is coming!

“Christmas is coming….the Christmas Spirit starts to grow”



And wow, how quickly is this year gone by so far….it’s funny as when I talk to other people, most of them feel the same way. The months just have been flying by as it was only a matter of days or weeks.

I do like Christmas, though I am not a real Materialistic person. I like to buy and give presents, but for me Christmas should be more a time of Sharing….

Sharing Love, food, company of family and friends and just having a good time and being Grateful for the past year. Even though not everything always might have been Fantastic in the past year, there is still Lots to be Grateful of. The things that might have not been so Fantastic I see as moments I needed to learn from or learn to deal with it in the best way I could ;-)

Yes, I always try to keep a Positive Attitude, even in moments where I also might feel to run away, or scream out loud to let all the “negative” come out….though…I never scream really, and I never run away :-) I just deal with it and move forward.

Today I bought some new Christmas decoration and put it all up when I came home. Slowly I come a bit more in the Christmas Spirit. I’m never an “early bird” when it comes to Christmas, I always like it to wait till it’s at least December before putting any decoration up.

I feel that Christmas is a really nice time, together with celebrating New Year, to Reflect back on the past year and how it has been for me. What did I achieve, what have I learned, which opportunities will come for me in the New Year, what Resolutions and Intentions can I make and set out for myself…..

I just made the decision that the New Year, 2017, will be a Wonderful Year for me! In this way I set out the Intention, and together with my daily Affirmations I must be able to Create something great!

Angelique ღ


Saying “No”….is it that hard?

Is it So hard to say “No” ? If it is….why? If it is not….why often don’t we?


I used to be someone, and rarely still am, who had a hard time to say “No”….to things, but mainly to people.

I came at a point that I thought “why can’t I just say No for once”? Is it such a hard thing to do? Is it selfish?

We all learn to be polite, to please other people in different kind of ways and even often we learned to do things we “must” do, even though we don’t really feel up to it.

Over the years I learned to listen more to my Self, and even it’s sometimes still hard to do what I feel and want, I made a huge progress in this. I still have moments that I don’t say No, even when I maybe should or want to….but I look now more to the situation and for who it’s for, not just for everything and everybody.

The point is, when we always say Yes to everybody and everything, people start to have expectations from us and actually we do this to ourselves, by always agreeing and saying Yes…..

The moment we start to say No, we might get some comments, pulling faced and attitudes from people….but, as soon as they realise you do what You want and not what you Don’t want, they will finally accept.

It gives a form of Freedom as you know for yourself, you don’t Have to. You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t feel right for You. And this is okay, it’s not selfish.

We, people, are So tight up by rules, what we “must” do, how we “should” do…..says who? Who’s making up these rules, who decides?

In the end…..it’s You who decides! You always have a choice, in anything.

Angelique ღ


The Power of Self Love

Self Love is very Important to be Happy and Feel Confident. Self Love is also very Important to be able to Love others for the Fullest without any Limitations.

But how do you Self Love?

To use the Power of Self Love you need to stop being unhappy with Yourself, stop wishing to be like someone else, stop comparing Yourself with somebody else, stop disliking your Body, stop Hating things about Yourself, stop trying to get Attention from others, stop trying to make others Like you……just Stop with that!

You are Perfect as the way you Are, You are Unique with All that comes with You.. And people will Admire You for that! They will even Love you for that!

Love You, Embrace You, Accept You!


When you start to have Confidence with Yourself, Love Yourself, be able to Smile to Yourself it will Radiate towards others and it will Attract others as well.

Don’t let your Happiness depending on others, if others are not Happy with You, your Appearance or Attitude….it’s actually Their “problem” and not Yours ;-) You Feel Happy, You Feel Confident and you Show it! Good on You!!

When you Love Yourself you are also able to Love others in a better way, you are able to Share your Love and others will be Happy and Grateful to receive your Love.

Have you ever thought about this one? Imperfections make someone actually Unique and Perfect in their own way and even make them Attractive! And the Secret is….when You are Confident people won’t even Notice your “imperfections”.

Imperfections are more in “your own head” than visible to others. Don’t be Afraid to Show Yourself! People will start to Love you for Who you Really Are! When you Radiate your Happiness and Confidence people will Pick that Up first and most.

If you Feel it’s hard to start Loving Yourself, use some Powerful Affirmations! These really help to Boost your Confidence. For example “I Love Who I Am”, “I Love Me with All that Comes with Me”, “I Am Beautiful”, “I Love my Flaws.

Look at Yourself in the Mirror and really start to See your own Beauty! Look at Yourself with Love, Say what you Love when you See Yourself…. “I have a Beautiful Smile”, “I Love my Eyes”, “My Body is More to Love”!

When you start practicing this every day, with Positive Thoughts and a Positive Attitude you will start to Feel a Change in your Confidence! And then…. notice the Respond from others ;-)

You will make your Life much more Positive and Create more Happiness and Love to Attract to You! True Happiness is Inside of You, You just need to give it access to Come Out.



Angelique ॐ


You are Responsible for……You

I write this post, motivated by a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday. We were talking about responsibility and how that works for ourselves.
You might have noticed yourself that often people have expectations from you. They expect you to pay attention to them or respond on things or moods that overcome them. Sometimes even people put the responsibility on you for no reason actually. It’s sometimes hard to look in the mirror but we All need to learn to look at ourselves, in a mirror, and start to realize we are Fully Responsible for our Own actions, thoughts, words, reactions etc.

It’s too easy to push your responsibility away from you and blame it or put it on someone else. The only one who can change your reactions, moods, thoughts or words is You! Of course you can’t control someone elses reaction on what you do or say, especially when you don’t mean anyting wrong….but you Do control how You respond on someone elses reaction. Do you take things on board, do you Make yourself responsible how someone else respond on you? It’s funny enough all up to You. Everything turns back at You and only You.

When you are for example in a bad mood, it often happens that you respond in a bad way towards others as well, while they often even have no idea that you feel bad or why. It’s not their fault that you are in a bad mood. So the way You respond on them is Your Responsibility.

When someone else is in a bad mood and gives you negative energies and not so nice answers, you can pick it up and answer with the same negative energy or you can response in a way to make it not Your responsibility and keep being positive. Again, it’s all about You, how You respond.

Of course you don’t have to keep up with every bad thing, words or moods people throw at you, but the way you respond to it can make a whole of a difference. Responding back in the same bad energy can make things even worse and ruin your day as well, while if you don’t let it Touch you it won’t effect your mood or ruin your day and the other person feels that their behavior doesn’t have any influence on you so they won’t continue with what they try to do.

It is never your responsibility how people act or react on you, that is their responsibility. They always have a choice and their responsibility as well. It’s their own choice how they react on things or on you. But because it became so easy and normal to blame “the other” people often Think it is the responsibility of the other.

No, just learn to see and to know that You and nobody else than You is Responsible for your own action, words and thoughts and so is your mood as well. You can change it for your Self and towards others, someone else can’t do it for you, it’s simple as that.

When people have expectations from you, it’s Their responsibility, not Yours. People should never have expectations as it often turns into dissapointments, for themselves. Same for You, never have expectiations from others as you might get dissapointed as well.

The Greatest Day in Your Life and Mine is when we take Total Responsibilities for our Own Attitudes. That’s the Day we Really Grow Up  – John Maxwell


Angelique Mol ॐ

The Power of Helping Others

Helping Hands Card Front
Did you ever helped someone without even knowing that person very well or not at all?
But just helping that person because you see help is needed and you feel compassion?
It happened to me last week…….
I was working in my Café when someone entered the door and immediately I notices something was not right.
Either he was totally influenced by drugs or by alcohol.
It was a bit ironic as he has a body shape like Popeye, so obviously he was doing sports a lot. It didn’t fit with the picture like how I saw him standing there in the door.
He asked me if he was allowed to take a seat at the bar and I said “yes of course, have a seat”.
He said down on a bar chair at the corner of the bar and went over to him to check on him.
He looked terrible and had visible been drinking way to much, it was definitely the smell of Vodka…..
I aksed if he was okay and he started talking with me and mentioned he had big problems, private problems concerning his marriage / relationship.
He asked for a beer but I convinced him he already had been drinking way to much, so I offered him a coffee or tea. Tea it was.
Then he asked me if he could talk with me for a bit so in between serving my clients I had short chats with him.
I had no idea where he was coming from, sounded like a bit of an russia accent so I asked him where he was living and where he came from.
He obviously lives in the neighborhood and later on I found out he is from the area of Letland.
He later on went home but in the next coming days he returned, in the same condition, to have a talk with me.
Funnily now in my Café my Coaching work was a great benefit ;-).
Then one evening, he came in and I had a total shock as he was visibly been beaten up or something.
Big blue eye, bruises all over his face, face swollen, and bruises in his neck, on his arms and legs as well.
He was in a very bad condition this time as he was also sweating all over out of his pores and smelling awful. 
I told him he needed to see a doctor or go to the hospital as I started to get really worried about him now.
He agreed for me to call an ambulance to pick him up for a check up in the hospital.
The next day I called the hospital to hear if he was still in there or that they already released him.
He was obviously still there and they were actually happy that I called as he didn’t had any relatives or family here they could get in touch with.
They asked me if i was able to get him some fresh clothes but he needed to stay for at least another day as he could still not stand on his feet in a proper way.
So I went to the hospital, picked up his keys and got back later on with some clothes. He was really grateful for me helping him out so much.
The next day he normally got released from the hospital but they didn’t trust to let him be on his own without anybody looking after him.
I told them I could keep an eye on him for a bit, but that he was still depending on his own as he was alone at the moment.
Later on they decided to bring him to a closed hospital with special care as it was a too much of a big risk to let him go.
No they decided he has to stay there for at least 40 days, to recover physically and mentally.
He obviously had a alcohol promillage of 4.7 when he got in the hospital that night when I let him take away……they said it could have killed him.
I convinced him that it would be for his own good to be there now for 40 days, even he didn’t want to, to work his way back to pick up his life again.
Ironic is that he said not have been drinking any alcohol for the last 5 years and he is actually a boxing teacher at a gym.
But because of the relationship issues he held on to the alcohol.
I am very happy that I opened up to help someone I didn’t know in the first place and even more happy that I let him take to the hospital that night…..imagine what could probably have happened when I had not done this all……..
Now I am his contact person for the closed hospital and I’m allowed to visit him, which I will do on a regular base of course.
My friend and I will also clean up his apartment so when he comes home again he can make a fresh start and pick up his life again.
So you see what Power there is in just Helping someone, anyone, just from out of Compassion ♥ .
Angelique ღ