Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is the oldest type of Healing modality known to humankind.

In ancient times there were no hospitals, medical specialists, modern pharmaceutical medicine as we know it now. So in every village, town or tribe was one person you could turn to for Healing whether physically, mentally, morally or spiritually.

They were called Tribal Healers or Shamans, they could send their Soul into a Spiritual Realm and consult with the helping Spirits in order to bring forth Healing and Guidance to and individual, family or community.

The Shaman would then perform a ceremony for either Healing, Propitiation or Guidance and Advice.

Shamans have an intimate knowledge of the Physical Land and a dependable alliance with their Spirit Guides. By communicating with helping Spirits ( ancestors, celestial beings, power animals, plant spirits etc ) and seeking their council, they could then do what was needed in order to restore the balance in the relationship between their people and the environment, often reflected in the illnesses within the community.

Shamanic Healing Practitioners in this time and age have been through an in depth training to learn to work with Powerful Spiritual allies or the purpose of Healing others. They also had to learn to face and deal with their own Shadow sides and Heal from their own past hurt, attachments, fears and blockages. As a Shamanic Healing Practitioner needs to be Healed within themselves first before they can be ready to help Healing others.

In Shamanic Healing it’s not just about Healing the issue, illness or ailment, it goes much deeper than that. It’s finding the Root Cause of the illness, issue or ailment. The Root Cause can be found in this present Life but also in Past Lives or even in your DNA which you inherited from generations before you.

Smudging and Protection can be very useful when you feel you carry too much “clutter” energy, for example after a stressful day, emotional day or feeling worried and anxious. The Shamanic Healing Practitioner can with help of their Spirit team cleanse clear and release these energies and ask for a shield of protection to be placed around you. This also helps clearing and unblocking the Chakras.

Soul Retrieval and Power Retrieval comes in place when because of a traumatic experience a Soul Fragment has been shred away, and is hidden where it feels save. A Shamanic Healing practitioner can journey with their Spirit team to find the lost Soul Fragment, Heal it and place it back within your Soul. Then a Power Retrieval will be done where a Power Animal comes forward to bring the right Medicine and to place this within your Soul as well for Healing and Completion.

We all have Energetic Cords attached  with people you know and interacted with, as friends, as family or in a romantic relationship. Sometimes certain Energetic Cords need to be removed when the connection is no longer there with a person and can cause discomfort, especially when there is a troubled connection with that person or there are negative intentions, emotions and feelings involved. To be able to truly move on, it can be needed to cut these Energetic Cords.

DNA Healing can be useful when you inherited certain physical issues throughout past generations. The Shamanic Healing Practitioner will then ask the Spirit team to help find where the DNA damage started and heal it. This can go back many generations.

Sometimes we can carry misplaced Energies with us, placed by other people intentionally or non-intentionally. But these misplaced energies can cause discomfort in your Energy field and/or physical body.

It also might happen that someone put a Curse or Hex on you in a Past Life, or even this Life, and it’s with you in this Life. Or even Entities might be attached to your Energy field which can cause physical issues. This can occur when you have been open and receptive to certain Energies without self protection. A Shamanic Healing Practitioner will then ask for help and guidance from their Spirit team to remove these.

Terra Pomp comes useful in Shamanic Healing when the Land, a Forest or any other place in Nature has been through a disaster. A Shamanic Healing Practitioner can then journey with their Spirit team to that particular place to Heal the Land and help relocate the Spirits ( plant spirits, nature spirits, tree spirits etc ) to a safe place. This can also be done in distance, so basically anywhere in the World.

Psycho Pomp takes place when Spirit, or Souls, are stuck in the Middle World and need help to go through the Light. Sometimes this can go together with Terra Pomp is there was a disaster such as a devastating Earth Quake, a fire in a building where people and animals were still present at the moment of the incident, or any other traumatic incident where people lost their lives. A Shamanic Healing Practitioner will then ask their Spirit team for help and guidance to get their Souls through the Light.

Psycho Pomp is also very useful within Palliative Care, to help someone having a smooth transition when crossing over to the Light.

Before undergoing a Shamanic Healing treatment it’s important to have a short consultation with the Shamanic Healing Practitioner about what issue, problem, illness or ailment you feel needs Healing. Then can be discussed what will be the best way to start the treatment with and where to focus on. Be aware that one Shamanic Healing treatment does not do instant Magic, it also needs dedication from the client’s part in their after-care after the treatment, and often more than 1 treatment is required to get the full benefit of a Shamanic Healing.

Summary of different Shamanic Healing treatments:

  • Smudging and Protection
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Retrieval
  • Cord Cutting
  • DNA Healing
  • Misplaced Energies Healing
  • Past Life Healing
  • Curses & Hexes
  • Removing Entities or Attachments
  • Psycho Pomp
  • Terra Pomp


  • Full Shamanic Healing Treatment ( 1,5 – 2 hrs )  £55,00
  • Smudging & Protection ( 15 min ) £10,00
  • Chakra Cleansing and Balancing ( 30 min ) £25,00

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Once you booked your appointment a short consultation by phone will take place to discuss the treatment.

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