St. Johns Wort


St. Johns Wort is an Anti-depressant, is Anxiolytic, Anti-viral, a Wound Healer and Anti-inflammatory.

St. Johns Wort can work as an effective treatment for Mild to Moderate Depression, it works on Neurotransmitter levels ( e.g. Serotonin ) in several different ways.

St. Johns Wort extracts have strong Anti-viral activity, notably against Influenza, Herpes and Hepatitis B and C. This herb rarely causes side-effects itself, but it does interact with certain conventional medicines, mostly increasing the rate at which they are broken down by the Liver. This changes the amount of the drug present in the bloodstream, significantly reducing its effectiveness. In rare situations this can be life threatening.

This herb is considered a specific for the lowered mood that can accompany the Menopause, often combined with Black Cohosh. It also acts as a restorative and neuroprotective, helping to reverse long-term Nervous Exhaustion and Lowered Mood. It can prove useful in Seasonal Affective Disorder and Chronic Anxiety, and improves Sleep quality.

Caution: Due to possible interactions, seek professional advice if taking a prescribed medicine. Restricted in some countries. Do not combine with other Anti-depressants. Also do not use in Pregnancy.




Usage: about 2 teaspoons of herbs in boiling water, infuse for 5-10 minutes – strain the herbs or use a tea infuser or disposable teabag.

All Herbal products are Internationally sourced from approved suppliers. Nuts, gluten, celery and mustard are handled on site. Handling procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of allergens being present, but we cannot guarantee our ingredients are totally free of traces in the products supplied.

All of our Herbal products are non-irradiated, GM free and (except where anti-caking agent is essential) they’re completely free from additives too.


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