Mugwort Root is used as a “tonic” to boost energy, the rest of the plant is used for Stomach and Intestinal conditions including Colic, Diarrhea, Constipation, Cramps, weak Digestion, Worm infestations, and persistent Vomating.

It’s also used to stimulate Gastric Juice and Bile Secretion.

Mugwort can also be burned as incense or smoked to ease you into deeper meditation or trance state ( must be used with caution )

In some spiritual traditions and shamanic healing Mugwort is associated with Divination and Lucid Dreaming. If someone has overactive dreams, they can be balanced out with a ritual bath made from Mugwort and indulged in prior to bedtime.

In topical creams a combination of Mugwort and Menthol applied directly to the skin relieves itching in severe burn victims.

Caution: Do NOT use in Pregnancy, and when on prescribed medication always get consent from your GP or Medical Specialist before using Herbal Medicine.



Usage: For Decoction, about 2 teaspoons of herbs in boiling water, infuse for 15-30 minutes – strain the herbs or use a tea infuser or disposable teabag.

All Herbal products are Internationally sourced from approved suppliers. Nuts, gluten, celery and mustard are handled on site. Handling procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of allergens being present, but we cannot guarantee our ingredients are totally free of traces in the products supplied.

All of our Herbal products are non-irradiated, GM free and (except where anti-caking agent is essential) they’re completely free from additives too.


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