Hawthorn Tincture


Hawthorn was traditionally used for Kidney and Bladder stones, and as a Diuretic. Currently it’s used for Circulatory and Cardiac problems. Hawthorn is also used to treat Angina and Coronary Artery disease, it specifically improves Heart function and is useful for Mild Congestive Heart Failure and Irregular Heartbeat. Like many herbs, it takes time for change to occur. Hawthorn is also a good remedy for normalising Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. 50ml

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Usage: 2-3 drops under the tongue or dilute 1/2 Teaspoon in a bit Water or Juice.

Us not longer than 4-6 weeks in a row.

When on medication, consult your GP before usage.

Not using: in Pregnancy, Breastfeeding or for young children.


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