Dragon Stone


Size: Medium ( size, colour and shape of stones can vary )

Known as Wild Septarian or Dragon Stone, this crystal slice brings in calming and nurturing energy to a space or person. The power of the Dragon Stone comes from its formation. It brings calming and nurturing energies that bring feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting.

Dragon stone is a combination of Epidote and Red Piedmontite. This colorful stone is called “Dragon Stone” after a blue headed lizard that looks like a miniature dragon called “Blou Kopps”- Blue Headed Lizards. This is because these cold blooded creatures like to lie and warm themselves on warm rocks during cold early mornings. The rich green and dark maroon red colors of this stone absorbs the early mornings suns rays, making it a favorite amongst the lizard population to sun themselves on. The rocks dappled colors also help to camouflage the lizards from preying hawks and eagles that hunt these lizards.

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Dragon Stone is thought to promote Patience and Stimulate Perception and Personal Power. It is believed to “dissolve” Sadness or Sorrow, Self-pity, Grief, and is thought to dispel critical tendencies and closed-mindedness. Dragon Stone tends to bring more of what one already has. It can provide for increase in that to which one attunes it. When used consciously and programmed to enhance specific desired outcomes. It will do this to the positive or the negative that you attune to the stone. It can be a very Powerful stone. It enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction and supplements personal power.

Dragon Stone is said to be a stone of increase. It therefore has a tendency to increase anything it touches, whether the thing it touches is energy or a material object. It is believed to be a powerful healing stone by itself or as an inclusion in quartz or other stones; it is thought to increase their healing virtues.

Medicinally:  Dragon Stone is thought to stimulate the immune system and improve overall physical well being, thereby strengthening over-all health. Some feel dragon stone can be used as a digestive aid, especially for those who have a hard time assimilating food intake and to help heal intestinal blockages due to nervous disorders affecting the stomach. Dragon stone is also believed to help with regeneration and recovery following illness, exhaustion due to stress, and past trauma.


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