Cramp Bark Tincture (alcohol-free) – 100ml


Herbal Tincture, this tincture is alcohol-free and based on vegetable glycerine.

Cramp Bark is effective at relieving any over-tense muscle, whether smooth muscle in the testiness, airways or uterus, or striated muscle ( attached to the skeleton ) in the limbs or back.

It may taken internally, as a tincture and is good for longterm treatment of muscular tension and Irritable Bowel Sydrome.

The herb also treats symptoms arising from excess muscle tension, including breathing difficulties in Asthma, and Menstrual pain caused by excessive contraction of the uterus.

Cramp Bark also relieves Constipation, Colic and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as the physical symptoms of Nervous Tension.

In some cases of Arthritis, where Joint weakness and pain have caused muscle to contract until they are almost rigid, Cramp Bark can bring remarkable relief. As the muscle relax, blood flow to the area improves, waste products such as lactic acid are removed and normal function can return.

Other uses: High Blood Pressure, Circulatory conditions, Back Pain, Breathing Difficulties, Cramps and Muscle Spasms, Period Pain, Poor Circulation to the hands and feet, Spastic Constipation and Stomach Spasm.

When under Medical Care or using Prescribed Medication, consult your GP or Medical Specialist before using this tincture.

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