Native American people used Boneset to make an infusion for treating Colds, Fever, and Arthritic and Rheumatic pain.

Commonly used to treat Malaria, Constituents within Boneset are now known to have anti-protozoal activity.

A hot infusion of Boneset will bring relief to symptoms of the common Cold. The plant stimulates resistance to Viral and Bacterial Infections, and reduces Fever by encouraging Sweating.

Boneset also loosens Phlegm and promotes its removal through Coughing, and it has a Tonic and Laxative effect. It has been taken for Rheumatic illness, Skin Conditions and Worms.

Caution: Do not use during Pregnancy



Usage: about 2 teaspoons of herbs in boiling water, infuse for 10-15 minutes – strain the herbs or use a tea infuser or disposable teabag.

All Herbal products are Internationally sourced from approved suppliers. Nuts, gluten, celery and mustard are handled on site. Handling procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of allergens being present, but we cannot guarantee our ingredients are totally free of traces in the products supplied.

All of our Herbal products are non-irradiated, GM free and (except where anti-caking agent is essential) they’re completely free from additives too.


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