Bath Salt – Amber & Sandalwood


Himalayan Bath Salt and Dead Sea Salt – 5 oz / 141,75 g

A custom blend made from the finest salts with the highest mineral content. These naturally occuring minerals revitalize and soften the skin, draw out impurties, and improve circulation.

TO USE: For a luxurious, skin softening soak, add one handful salt under warm running water. For a detoxifying, muscle relaxing experience, add up to 3 cups salt to your warm bath. After detoxing, drink plenty of fresh water.

Description of Fragrance: Sweet, rich and woody with oriental-feel.

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Made Using
A blend of Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Brazilian Sea Salt. Sodium Chloride, Fragrance Oil.

Shelf Life & Expiry Information
Items are not labelled with expiry dates as the products are made fresh. All Kuumba Made Bath Salts have a 2 year shelf life.


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