Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals come in different forms, shapes and sizes. When you feel drawn to a specific crystal it’s most likely the right one for you, as it works with our energy and what we need at that moment in time.
When you get a new Crystal, always cleanse it first in some water with Mineral Salt, this will clear the crystal from other energies. ( read the description of the crystals well as some crystals can’t be cleansed in mineral salt water )
To maintain the positive energies of your crystal, cleanse it regular and charge it in your hands with your own energy, or put it overnight in the Moon light ( full moon is a great time for this ) or put it in the sun for a while. When you no longer want or need a crystal, give it back to Mother Earth by burying it into the earth.

If you are looking for a specific crystal which you can’t find in our Shop, please send and email to angelique@healingandherbs.com and we most likely can get it for you.

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