Feedback and Reviews

Please leave us your feedback of review when you were happy with one of the services, in treatments or from the online shop. We appreciate your feedback!

With Love and Light,

Angelique ღ

2 thoughts on “Feedback and Reviews

  1. I had the pleasure of receiving one of Angelique’s shamanic healing sessions…the first experience I have ever had into the mystic world. I was interested to explore some romantic issues further and Angelique provided a safe, warm and open environment to do this. Some of her observations and feelings were very accurate and I felt relaxed and clear headed after my session, with the ability to sleep deeply (something I had struggled with for a period)

    I would definitely recommend Angelique as a healing practitioner… she is a kind, sincere and talented healer who is fantastic at putting you at ease. She will explain what to expect during the session, what the feathers represent and very good aftercare/advice.

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  2. I had my first shamanic healing session with Angelique in October last year. Following major life changes, I was having anxiety attacks that kept me awake at night and depleted by day. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but instantly felt at ease and in safe hands!

    Angelique is attentive, empathetic, and excellent at explaining what to expect. I experienced the healing session as deeply relaxing, while at the same time, it brought to surface a number of issues that needed work. Angelique’s approach is not just spiritual, but down-to-earth and practical, which meant I also received sound advice with a written follow-up report/summary.

    I found my first session to be very beneficial (not least because I’ve been sleeping soundly ever since!) and went back for a second (equally beneficial!) session last week. I warmly recommend Angelique as a healing practitioner.

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