Releasing to realise – a sweet and sour experience

Jon’s View from the Ground

These Wings Can Fly


Jon’s View From The Ground

It’s been a while since the last View From The Ground blog and a lot has happened – some good, some not so good. It’s certainly been a time of deep thinking. It’s also been an extremely emotional time, with the sad loss of Viv’s mum. A wonderful, kind, loving lady who will be sorely missed but her legacy is her family.

In March, we had the excitement of the solar eclipse and the potential effects that would have on our energy and emotions. I must admit I was somewhat sceptical about what I was reading but, in reality, I certainly felt a change in my energy, emotions, and body in the days around the eclipse – and it wasn’t good! That has continued beyond the solar eclipse and I have to say it has been a difficult time. There’s an old expression that springs…

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The greatness within

Stay tuned, The Academy of Life is soon to be launched, share the Inspiration!! 😃


Angelique Mol ॐ

These Wings Can Fly

We wanted to share another motivational video. AHA! The Academy of Life is soon to be launched and the mission of the Academy is to help everyone to awakened their hero and unleash the greatness within. Please join our Facebook page – AHA! The Academy of Life.

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