Ascension Shift with Message 555

"It's another time of Change, Ascension, New Opportunities and Challenges...just Go with the Flow"     Angelique ღ From today, 25th December 2016 till 4th January 2017 there is another big Energy Shift taking place. It's another Ascension which will raise Consciousness to the next level. As I don't believe in "coincidences" but rather speak from … Continue reading Ascension Shift with Message 555

The message behind Repeative Sequence Numbers

"Seeing Repeative Sequence Numbers....coincidence or is there more behind it?" People who start to Awaken and become more Aware do often start to see Sequence Numbers in a repeating way. This most of the time happens when looking for "no reason" to a digital clock on phone or device, but also seeing it at licence … Continue reading The message behind Repeative Sequence Numbers