Comfrey Cream / Eczema Ointment back in stock!

Back in stock our own produced Organic Comfrey Moisturizer Cream and Organic Eczema Ointment. Organic Comfrey Cream: 60 ml. Organic Comfrey Moisturizer Cream - 60 ml. This moisturizer is a great one for anti-ageing, as Comfrey and Geranium have great healing and anti-ageing properties. Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Glycerine, Comfrey … Continue reading Comfrey Cream / Eczema Ointment back in stock!

New Orgone Crystal Pendulums!

We added beautiful new Orgone Pendulums on our collection! Orgone Pendulums available with crystal chips including: Amethyst, Rainbow, Rose Quartz & Lapis (each is combined with metal shavings and resin).  Orgonite is said to have many benefits and can attract and hold orgone energy (also known as life force, chi, reiki energy or prana).  Orgone … Continue reading New Orgone Crystal Pendulums!

New Power Bracelets!

We added Power Bracelets in our Online Store! See below the gallery of the Real Crystal Power Bracelets we added on our collection: Turquoise CrystalHematite CrystalBlack Onyx CrystalTigers Eye CrystalAmethyst Crystal (higher quality)Carnelian CrystalRose Quartz Crystal And this is our collection of Chakra Bracelets, including Lava Stone Bracelets: Chakra Lava BraceletTurquoise Chakra BraceletChakra Mixed Bead … Continue reading New Power Bracelets!