The Powerful Benefits of Verain

Verbena Officinalis

Vervain was used in ceremonies by the ancient Britain and Gaul Druids, and has long been credited with Magical properties. Vervain is a traditional medicine in both China and Europe. It has tonic, restorative properties, and is used to relieve Stress and Anxiety and also to improve Digestion.

Blue Vervain ( V. Hastata ), which is native to North America, is used medicinally in the same way as Vervain.

The Traditional and Current uses of Vervain are improvement of the Digestion System and absorption of food as a Digestive Tonic. For the Nervous System it works as a restorative and is especially helpful for nervous tension. It is used to treat Anxiety and the nervous exhaustion following from long-term Stress.

Vervain has both Oestrogenic and Progestogenic actions and can stimulate the muscles of the womb and production of breast-milk. But might cause vomiting at high doses and stimulates contraction of the womb. It also has a significant anti-inflammatory activity. It seems to have anti-viral and Liver protective properties.

By healing the Digestion and restoring the Nervous System, Vervain is an ideal Tonic for people recovering from Chronic illness. Vervain also helps with Headaches and is also used for Migraines connected with the Menstrual Cycle.

Vervain is further used for Jaundice, Gallstones, Asthma, Insomnia, Pre-Menstrual tension, Flu and Fevers.

Vervain can be taken as an Infusion of the dried aerial parts to stimulate the Digestion, or as a Tincture for Stress and Anxiety, or as a powder it can be used as a Toothpaste to clean and protect them.

Dried Vervain Herb

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Source: Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine ~ Andrew Chevallier FNIMH

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