A Life of Love and Gratitude

Our Ancestors knew how to live with Gratitude, after the hunt they blessed the animal, thanking for providing its body for food and clothes, and wish the Spirit of the animal well in the next life. Our Ancestors didn’t take things for granted but knew that they should appreciate whatever was provided to them.

Morning, Sunrise, Woman, Silhouette, Sunlight

A big part of Humanity these days have forgotten how to be Grateful, how to Appreciate and even how to truly Love. Many people living in Selfishness even up till today and it divides us from each other but also divides us from Mother Earth and our Greater Spirit, Source.

Life can be so Abundant for everyone when just by living in Gratitude and with Unconditional Love, Compassion, Support and Kindness. Humanity has to learn to Re-Connect, to Mother Earth and to our Greater Spirit, as then all will be provided.

It’s just the simple things in life we need. We don’t need overindulgence in luxury things, as that is only a temporary satisfaction. It’s time to just realize that our true Happiness is not in things but within ourselves with our loved ones and our nature surroundings.

Mother Earth and the Greater Spirit are calling upon us, right now, to face us with all we thought was important, by taking it away from us and forcing us to reflect on ourselves and to realize the true important things in life. They want us to Unite again and focus on true living, living in Love and Gratitude.

Everyone can live a life in Love and Gratitude, as it’s not hard to do, it’s just about Allowing it, Respecting it, Receiving it and Doing it. And the more we show our Gratitude to the Greater Spirit, the more we will receive to be Grateful for. And the more we show our Love and Gratitude for Mother Earth, and all that she provides for us, the more she will provide.

Have a standstill for a moment….. in silence and turn inwards to your heart. What do you feel? Do you feel hurt? Then let it out and cry, let it go. Do you feel angry? Then let it all out to release! Do you feel happy? Then smile and breathe in that Unconditional Love.

Do you feel Gratitude and Love….?

Then Welcome back!

With Love and Light,

Angelique Mol

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