Shamanic Healing on distance

When it comes to long distance healing, to perform a Shamanic Healing treatment a Shamanic Healing Practitioner will journey to where you are, and perform a healing treatment on you in a similar way to what they would do if you were physically there.

Some healing treatments like a Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Past Life Healing, DNA Healing and Energy Clearing can be done at a distance. But sometimes when there is true deep work needed to be done, like for example Extraction of and Entity, or removing a Curse, it’s better to be done in person, so for the client to be physically present with the Shamanic Healing Practitioner in the room. The Shamanic Healing Practitioner may also simply send healing energy to the person. Healing can also be sent by a group of people to one individual.

People can experience sensations, during the treatment, but that all depends on the person’s sensitivity. Because time is relative, someone may not receive the effects of the healing in the moment when the treatment is performed, but it may be “delivered” at a different time or date, and this can come with different feelings and emotions.

Does distance healing really work?

Even though it might go against our rational thinking, long distance healing is reported to work well. Some Shamanic Healing Practitioners can be more skilled and experienced at it than others, just as with anything. But there are many people who have reported powerful results when they have received long distance healing. Shamanic Healing is not the only healing modality which uses long distance healing. Reiki Healing, for example, works also very well on long distance, for individuals and animals.

Many Energy Healers / Shamanic Healing Practitioners will mention somewhere that they offer long distance healing, but when you’re not sure you can always ask. Some Energy Healers specialize in long distance healing only, but most Shamanic Healing Practitioners work overall mainly with clients in physical presence, but might have the option for long distance available when it’s really difficult for someone to attend the treatment in person.

Why would you choose for long distance?

People are not always successful in finding a Practitioner who is in their same city. Long distance healing offers the opportunity for someone who is in a far remote location, or somewhere where Shamanic Healing treatments seem unavailable, to receive healing regardless of the distance.

It also gives someone the opportunity to receive a healing treatment from a Shamanic Healing Practitioner that they particularly want to work with. The use of long distance healing can also be desirable in situations where a Shamanic Healing Practitioner can not be in the same place as the person who needs the healing or not able to directly touching the client. For example when the person who needs the healing treatment has a contagious illness, cannot be touched for some reason, or feels more comfortable with the long distance method. Long distance healing is frequently used with Animals, who are sometimes unwilling to sit still long enough to be healed. Or even when animals in the wild need healing, or animals you can’t come near to for some reason.

Though certain advantages may get lost in a long distance healing. When a Shamanic Healing Practitioner performs a healing in person, they create a Sacred Space for you. There is direct support in your healing process, and the practitioner can explain things in person during or straight after the treatment. Though of course there can be a voice call or video call conversation straight after the healing treatment to discuss things after long distance healing.

Before deciding on distance healing

It is very important to have a conversation with the Shamanic Healing Practitioner first about your wants and needs, and for the practitioner to explain what can be done. Also to then decide if distance healing is a good option or that it might be a better option to have the treatment in person.

Also be aware of the fact that one treatment is not always enough, depending on what needs to be done. This is also something that needs to be discussed in the introduction conversation. During this conversation the Shamanic Healing practitioner, as well as the client, can decide if they will work together well and then plan the healing treatment. It is very important that you feel a good, safe and trusted connection with the practitioner, but for the practitioner it is also important to feel a good connection with the client.

When it comes to Energy, time and distance doesn’t exist, but with healing treatments the best results are gained by treatments done in person. But it is great that the option of distance healing is available. Judge for yourself if you feel good and trusted with distance healing or that you rather have the treatment done in physical attendance of the practitioner.

To learn more about Shamanic Healing and what kind of treatments are part of the healing treatment click here.

Shamanic Healing at Healing and Herbs


2 thoughts on “Shamanic Healing on distance

  1. Through deep activation of my body’s energy flow i oponed a door i am not ready nervous system catched fire.i am right now trapped in the “underworld”, the shadow of the self.i am going through endless layers of torture and pain,purgatory. as my ” ego” is disolving infront of my eyes.and all the dark, stuck pain energy is being violently released from the body.
    Its like my body decided to purge all the negative energy out.
    It also feels like releasing the whole ancestral bloodline karma all at master teacher warned me such a crisys is dangerous and can stop a mans heart.

    Is there something that you can do to help me out of this state?thanks george from greece


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