Bear Medicine

Brown Bear – stay grounded

In Shamanic Healing we work a lot with Power Animals, they come forward to us in our Journeys and Power Retrieval sessions to bring the Medicine we need, for ourself or our clients, or a message we need to know about.

Power Animals can also come forward in dreams or appear to you anywhere, like in pictures you regularly see, or in books or articles. When a certain Animal appears to you regularly it’s interesting to look up the spiritual meaning of that particular Animal, so see what Medicine or Message it comes to bring to you.

Today I like to share the Bear Medicine with you. If you feel drawn to the Bear, or he / she has appeared to you several times, then you might resonate with this.

When Bear appears to you, no matter in what way, it’s about clearing boundaries and not to compromise, even when you feel pressured. Ask for what you want whether or not you feel you’ll get it. Take some out from your ordinary routines and spend some time by yourself in solitude. You also may be in need of physical or emotional healing. Show your love to those who are close to you. Turn inwards for answers instead of looking for them in external resources.

Brown Bear asks you to stay grounded, no matter what is happening in your life or around you. This is an auspicious time to focus upon, and take action, to bring your dreams, goals and desires in action and manifestation. It’s very important to listen and trust on your Intuition.

Black Bear – turn inwards

Black Bear asks for you to balance your life and activities with enough rest. There is a time to play and there is time to to turn inwards through Meditation and Introspection. Here you will find the answers and Guidance that you might seek.

You can call upon Bear when you feel in need for physical or emotional Healing, when you want to gather Strength and Power, when you need protection either physically, emotionally or feel the need of Psychic protection. You can also call upon Bear when you need the courage to pursue your goals and dreams, or when you might be involved in a situation that requires you to be assertive but to be able to maintain your dignity and integrity.

The relation between You and Bear as your Power Animal: You are assertive and confident. You are a Powerful Healer physically, emotionally or spiritually. You need sometimes reclusiveness for your creativity to gain new ideas. Winter time is the best time for you to honour your need for solitude, and Spring time you use for new chances and opportunities that appear to you. You are very independent and you don’t like to ask for help from others that often. You’re not a quitter but a great survivor.

Feel free to share your comments below about your Power Animals and how they are, or can be, a big part and guidance in your life and on your Journey.

Angelique ღ

Source: Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer Ph.D.

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