Passion for Herbalism

As a child I always loved to dig in the dirt, pick Rosehips and leaves from the Roses to make a fragrance of it, playing in nature, so I think that my interest for “Herbalism” has always been in my genes.

Beside that I always had a big interest for Native American Indians, I love the flute music but I’m definitely intrigued by their way of Healing and using Natural Medicine and Remedies.

Over the years I didn’t really do very much with it, until I decided to focus on Healing, because of my Spirituality and interest in Reiki and felt it was a great idea to combine Healing with Natural Medicine and Remedies, just like the Native American Indians.

I love to keep learning about different Plants and Herbs, but also to make products like creams, balms, salves, tinctures, syrups etc. And to help people with Natural Remedies instead of just being dependent on Pharmaceutical medicine.

My Life Purpose and Soul Mission is to help people, I discovered that purpose over the years through my personal growth in Spirituality and Consciousness.

Herbalism means a Life Time of studying, as there are always more plants and herbs to discover, to do research about them and to get their best benefits for in Plant Medicine.

I definitely say “give Natural Medicine a chance”, as it already did a lot for me and the best of all….Herbal Medicine has no side effect. / FB Page Healing and Herbs

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