How to deal with Unwanted Energies?

It’s not always easy for us to deal with the other World as it is. We face challenges, have struggles, deal with worries, insecurities. But it’s all part of our Journey, these are our lessons. People we meet come on our Path for a reason. People might be there to challenge you or to learn you something. Embrace every situation as something Positive, even though it might not always seem to look like that or when you don’t experience it in the first place as something Positive.

But try to reflect it back, step back from it and look at it from a bit more distance. Try to see the meaning or reason behind it. How did you respond? Was it the right way for you to respond? Or should you maybe respond in a different way so that it won’t affect you too much like it did in the first place. What can you change about your own attitude in that particular situation, in a more positive way? Can you recognise the part what you needed to learn from this? Did you learn something from it and will you respond in a better way the next time in a similar situation?Things and situations happen for a reason, to teach us how to deal with it. Can we control our anger and frustration or do we let it take control over us?

What is the energy we reflect back on the other? Is it an energy filled with negativity, anger and frustration or is it an energy filled with love so we don’t allow the negative energy come at us in the first place? Energies get less powerful when the reaction back is the opposite. Negative energy can’t sustain when the energy that is send back is positive. It will more or less calm down the negative energy and the negative energy will become powerless.

The more you Feed negative energy, the more it will grow.

Sending out energy to others, no matter the situation or how it might affect you on a personal level, when you send back an energy of understanding with love, to actually Help the other person get rid of the negative energy as well, it will change very quickly.

People might not be grateful to you in the first place, but even in their subconscious mind, they will realise what you just have done. Their anger and frustration will not be on the surface for any longer after that as your positive energy helps them to calm down, relax and realise that the negative energy is not very helpful at all, that it is not the right solution to solve any kind of situation. People might turn back to you later on and even apologise as they will feel bad about it themselves how they have been treating you.

Even when people don’t have the courage and strength to apologise to you, you will see and feel a difference in their approach towards you later on. Take that as well as a form of apologies. Don’t judge people yourself either as often it’s not always clear what is happening within themselves, where they struggle with or how they feel. People might reflect their mood on you but it doesn’t have to be meant personal to you, more reason to reflect back with love energy and understanding.

Then, let go of it, don’t keep the situation on board, release that energy from your Self so you don’t carry that energy around, but release it with love. This will make you feel much better as you don’t hold on to unnecessary energies and you might have helped someone by sending your love energy. It can be something they need so badly to be able to solve their own situation.

Be the example, Be the Light, Be the Love.

Angelique Mol ღ

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