Develop Self Awareness

“Most of us always try to be a Better “me” than we were yesterday, and that’s great! But how can you Grow and Develop your Self Awareness? Below I mentioned a couple of ideas for you but I’m sure after reading these you’ll find more similar ideas which you can bring into your Life to create a better Self Awareness”

Stop overthinking and just go with the flow, the brain is only a servant so try to let it not be too much in control.

Be in the Now, that is all you’ll ever have, you can’t go back in the Past and the Future is not secured yet.

Learn from the past, but do not let it rule you, holding on to the Past prevent you from moving forward and letting go.

Do what you like and want, as long as you harm none. This means every living being, even yourself. Not only physical, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Take responsibilty for yourself, not for others.

Do all your activities with the best intend, even when you’re not successful all the time, it’s about the effort you put into it.

Take initiative yourself, do not let it depend on others all the time.

Detach from situations out of your control, Find Inner Peace, this will help you more than getting stressed out.

Believe and have hope, See and find the magic in everything, Create your own adventure and Enjoy Life!

Make the best out of your journey, no matter the circumstances, try to stay positive as things will get better again.

Have patience, everything comes and happens at the right time, when you are ready for it.

Stay strong, even though this can be tough sometimes, but you can do it!

Find balance within everything, too much or too less of everything is not good either

Be kind and courageous, to everyone, you might be surprised how people respond back at you and admire you.

Listen, Not only to others, but also your Inner Guidance, this will guide you in the right direction on your Journey.

Life is happening right here and right now, not on social media. Try to communicate more face to face, get out there and socialise in real Life.

Be grateful, for everything you Have, everything you have Received and everything that will Come your way. An Attitude of Graditute will bring you more to be Grateful of.

Find some humour within everything, Life is often already too serious, take more things a bit more light hearted.

Keep a Positive Attitude, when you keep a positive attitude you will attract more Positivity in your Life.

Use Affirmations daily, Affirmations are very powerful, it helps to set out intentions and create the Life how you want it.

Love, this is the most powerful one, as Love is the most powerful energy. Share and Radiate your Love, you will receive a lot back and acting from out of Love will bring you Abundance in every area of your Life.

I hope this helps you a bit more in creating Self Awareness! If you have any points or ideas yourself, feel free to share this in the comments below this article! I’m looking forward to some wonderful and creative ones!
Angelique Mol ღ

6 thoughts on “Develop Self Awareness

  1. I am overcoming my fears. We all have many like a fear of rejection, fear of too much expectation, fear of facing our real self. The things we react to in judgement and in anger are not about the people reacted toward or judged. It is about you and your fears or personal expectations. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our lives that we miss the subtle signals around us cause us to lash out at others.

    For instance, you may get up and go to work at 4 am everyday, no matter what time you have to arrive at work. You pressure yourself to be on time and to be prepared. Your personal standards are high naturally. However, when we work with people that make no personal effort to figure out how to make life flow more easily, even when you see for yourself how much easier your life is. You tell them your story and your successes. And, they still never bother to try the new concept and grow from it. Your might be expecting too much of a person that is not ready to see things in a right way.

    Self expectations can be forced onto others. We might become resentful that the person never tries to change and has a poor work effort to begin with. Remember the things you did to improve your life were for you. You faced your fears and made a working plan and followed through with it. Be proud of yourself. However, others are not at the same place of learning that you are. Try not to judge others by your standards. Try to see them where they are at. Encourage them along the way and eventually they will try your ideas or maybe transfer to another department. Since I am the one sits high personal standards. I have witnessed people laughing at me because I worked hard all the time. When they work with people that have high personal standards when they do not, then they will seek and find people like themselves to rally against you to make you look bad when all you are trying to do is simply get the job done right. Judging them by your standards will only lead to discontent. Continue doing what works for you and yes, go ahead and tell them your epiphany. I am certain that the message will reach the right person though the open conversation.


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