Where Anger meets Unconditional Love

“When comes the point that you let Anger take over…..and where comes the point you kick in Unconditional Love?”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Angelique ღ 

We all come in situations in our Life that we have to deal with Anger. This can be at work, in some circumstances, in Family and Relationships. But when, or better to say Why, do we let Anger control our Mind, Attitude, Mood and Feelings. In what way and at what point are we able to take over this control of Anger so we can actually see the Love again in someone.

I experienced myself a situation over the past view weeks, which gave me a very much of a mixture of feelings. First I felt sad and upset, then worried and then it turned into Unbelieve and Anger. For me, on my own personal Spiritual Journey, to have learned about Unconditional Love and to see Love in all people, it’s still a Human reaction to come at a point of Anger.

But for me, the most important thing is that this Anger is able to turn into a more Positive feeling again, a feeling of Love that you felt before for that person, an understanding in some way (not for the person, but for myself) and be able to send Unconditional Love, like you would do to anyone else.

If you Forgive someone, you also Forgive yourself. You basically cut the cord of being Angry with someone and no longer Allow yourself to spend any (negative) Energy to the person or situation. This means, you can Let Go. And it still doesn’t mean you Agree, are Happy about all that happened or will ever forget…..no, it means you basically Step Away from it and no longer let it Influence or Control your own Life, Mood, Happiness and Positivity.

In my recent situation, I Will never forget, I still Don’t agree…but I put Energy of Forgiveness in the situation, for my Self. So that I can Let Go and move on from the situation, I simply don’t Allow it anymore to be present in my Life which might effect my mood and own positive attitude.

The quicker you can turn Anger into Love again, for your Self, the quicker you are able to Let Go of Unwanted and Negative Energies. As finally, you only Hurt yourself by holding on to Anger, disbelieve, frustration and the stress that comes with it. Don’t do that, Try not to do that. Heal your Self as quickly as you can from these Energies and Situations.

And if it might mean that I lose a very dear Friendship because of me Letting Go from this situation, then So Be It. Sometimes Letting Go is better than Holding On to something that is not “Healthy” for you anymore. I’ve learned to Let Go of All that doesn’t “serve” me any longer and it’s indeed the best way for letting yourself not influenced any longer. As we need to move on, not standing still or let ourselves hold back by others or situations.

Letting Go with Unconditional Love is not always the easiest thing to do, but sometimes the best thing to do.

Angelique ღ

2 thoughts on “Where Anger meets Unconditional Love

  1. I named my daughter Angelique. It is a beautiful name. I am working on this too. I am learning that the Anger is about my expectations from others because of my fears of rejection. It became a way that I protected myself from the hurt. It helped me a lot to see it this way. I really needed to face my Anger. It has been hard to see that it is more about me, but I really do get it now. I am learning to redirect toward Love too. I am still in a phase in which I have to actually tell myself WAIT. Practice I hope will make this come more naturally. Someone else told a story using WAIT on another group that I follow. She said think W.A.I.T. Why Am I Talking?
    This clicked for me. I also changed it to mean Why Am I Triggered? Triggered can be mad, sad, shocked, etc.

    I immediately began to use this and it really help. I still felt hurt and upset. Thinking this actually reversed my normal trainwreck of reactions. It was an epiphany to live by.

    I hope this helps others too.

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    • Hi Abigail!

      Thank you for your lovely comment on this blogpost!

      I had not heard about W.A.I.T. yet, but it’s definitely something that might be very helpful for other!
      I will make a note of it myself as well ;-)

      What I can read in your message, you are doing very well! You are able to recognise triggers within yourself and how to respond on it, this is awesome!

      Keep it up as you will notice that it Will go more naturally over time.
      It’s with every kind of Growth, keep practice it and you will make it your own ;-)

      You can be Very proud of your Self in how far you already have been Grown, and you will continue doing so.

      Lovely to hear your daughter’s name is Angelique as well. It is a beautiful name, and I’m sure she’s an Earth Angel too ;-)

      Sending you much Love and Light,

      Angelique ღ


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