Do You live your Life on the Expectations of others?

“Everybody has the right to live their Life how they want it, no matter if other people agree or not”    Angelique Mol ღ 

We all are more or less raised with the belief that it is very important what other people think of us, how other people see us and how “successful” we are in Life.

But what about our Authentic Self? What is wrong with just being ourselves and show people who we truly are? No matter if we are not doing what they expect from us, or that we are not as succesfull as they want us to be, or that we don’t fit in the “picture” of society?

If we live our lives based on other’s expectations, we can’t be truly Happy within ourselves, purely because we don’t live our live how We want it ourselves. We do things to please others, not because it makes Us happy. Don’t you think there is something wrong here?

A lot of people are afraid to make choices and do things they want to do themselves, or for themselves, or just because it makes Them happy. But why? It is all because we are raised with certain Beliefs and what other people think is the “right” thing to do.

The only way to Break Through these Beliefs is to cut the cord yourself. You have the right to be Happy like anybody else, and why should you do yourself short in life only to please others or make them happy? It basically means that you put Yourself on the second place instead of the First, where you should be.

Take a moment to think for yourself…..what is it that you Really would want to do? How would you live your Life? What would you like to change?

Then ask yourself…….Why don’t I do it? What stops me from changing my Life in the way I want it? Is it fear? What are you afraid of?

What a lot of people forget as well is that many people will actually admire you for having the guts to do it. As they probably would want to make changes themselves, but their Beliefs and Fear holds them back from actually doing it.

Some people might be negative about it and towards you as well, when you decide to make changes for Yourself. Some people might try to talk you out of it. But just remember that it’s only their Own Fear as they wouldn’t have the guts to do it themselves. Some people might say it’s to “protect” you from making wrong choices as they love you and only want the Best for you. Well, if they really want the Best for you, they should let you Design your Life how You want it, with your own choices.

And yes, it might happen that you make a “wrong” choice, but then you learn from it and move on. There are actually never “wrong” choices, as at the moment you make the choice you believe it’s the best choice. When later on it turns out it was maybe Not the best choice, then at least you had the experience and the opportunity to learn from it.

Start to Design your Own Life. As it’s very important that, one day, you can look back on your Life and be Proud of what you have done, what you have achieved and how it made you to the person you are that day. You don’t want to look back and having Regrets, don’t you?

It’s never too late to take control of your Life. Start today. Make a list what you really would want to do, note what changes you have to make to achieve it and start working on it. And if you really find difficulties doing this or the Fear comes up and you struggle with the blockage “what will others think of it”, you can always ask for help from your Life Coach ;-)

Angelique Mol ღ

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