Christmas Spirit is coming!

“Christmas is coming….the Christmas Spirit starts to grow”



And wow, how quickly is this year gone by so far….it’s funny as when I talk to other people, most of them feel the same way. The months just have been flying by as it was only a matter of days or weeks.

I do like Christmas, though I am not a real Materialistic person. I like to buy and give presents, but for me Christmas should be more a time of Sharing….

Sharing Love, food, company of family and friends and just having a good time and being Grateful for the past year. Even though not everything always might have been Fantastic in the past year, there is still Lots to be Grateful of. The things that might have not been so Fantastic I see as moments I needed to learn from or learn to deal with it in the best way I could ;-)

Yes, I always try to keep a Positive Attitude, even in moments where I also might feel to run away, or scream out loud to let all the “negative” come out….though…I never scream really, and I never run away :-) I just deal with it and move forward.

Today I bought some new Christmas decoration and put it all up when I came home. Slowly I come a bit more in the Christmas Spirit. I’m never an “early bird” when it comes to Christmas, I always like it to wait till it’s at least December before putting any decoration up.

I feel that Christmas is a really nice time, together with celebrating New Year, to Reflect back on the past year and how it has been for me. What did I achieve, what have I learned, which opportunities will come for me in the New Year, what Resolutions and Intentions can I make and set out for myself…..

I just made the decision that the New Year, 2017, will be a Wonderful Year for me! In this way I set out the Intention, and together with my daily Affirmations I must be able to Create something great!

Angelique ღ


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