The message behind Repeative Sequence Numbers

“Seeing Repeative Sequence Numbers….coincidence or is there more behind it?”


People who start to Awaken and become more Aware do often start to see Sequence Numbers in a repeating way.

This most of the time happens when looking for “no reason” to a digital clock on phone or device, but also seeing it at licence plates of cars, at advertisement posters or any other sources.

But what does it mean when you see these number, over and over again, sometimes the same or different combinations, and often on a daily basis or for a certain period of time?

For me, personally, seeing these Sequence Numbers is a way of Guidance. By now, when I see numbers I do know the meaning of them mostly and it gives me the confirmation that I’m on the right track, the right path or going into the right direction. Or it is about something I need to know or be aware of.

When I first started to see them, I looked on the internet for the meaning of the numbers. And I do have to say, it completely made sense with where I was in my Life at that particular moment, and I don’t mean a physical place where I was at that moment, but at what point in my Life I was.

Now, I learned myself to show Gratitude when I see the numbers, as for me it’s a Sign, Guidance, so I say “Thank You” for receiving it. By showing being Grateful for the Guidance I receive, I receive more signs and messages for things I need to know or be aware of at that moment in time.

It’s very important to pay attention to these kind of sign, like the Sequence Numbers, as when you start to notice them and realise and recognise within your Self that these are Signs and Messages for you, you definitely will See them more, and on a regular basis, even daily.

There are also times when I don’t see them as often, and that doesn’t mean that it suddenly stopped, it’s just that you have to know and recognise that when you Do need guidance, you will receive it.

The most numbers I see myself are:

22:22, 11:11, 22:11, 11:22, 09:09, 07:07, 14:14, 10:10, 00:00 etc.

My Life Path number is 22, which is a Master Number, so I am very connected with that number in several ways.

If you like to know what your Life Path number is and much more about yourself, I do provide FREE Personal Numerology Reports, you can apply for one at the Page “Free Offers” in the Menu here on my website

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment field below if you like to ask or share something about the Sequence Numbers.

Angelique ღ


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