Holistic Healing Therapy

“Holistic Healing Therapy is Welness for your Soul” 

Angelique Mol ღ



Holistic Healing Therapy involves more than you might think. It’s not just about relaxing for half an hour or an hour, get rid of stress, become calm and be ready to face the day again.

It’s about nourishing your Body, Mind and Soul. Total Wellness for your Inner Self. It’s about Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go, Healing and Re-energising. All is connected and if one part is not functioning well, the other parts can’t function well. If one part has an energy blockage, the rest of your energy can’t flow how it should do and can give “issues” or discomfort.

If you’re undergoing an Holistic Healing Therapy treatment your complete Body and Mind will come in a state of relaxation, ready to Let Go of unwanted Energies and Open to receive Healing Energies to bring back Balance within Your Self. Chakra’s can be Cleansed, Rebalanced and Activated again, and this will result in a better Energy Flow within your entire Body and Mind.

When you experience some little discomfort After an Holistic Healing Therapy treatment, this simply means that you are still releasing unwanted Energies, Clearing Blockages and that you continue Healing your Energy flow. Most of the time this only happens throughout the day when you had the treatment. This is actually a really good sign that your Body is responding Very well on the treatment.

But when you Don’t experience any discomfort After the treatment, that doesn’t mean it didn’t work, or that you have nothing to clear out or release. All people respond in a different way. Some people can experience physical discomfort, feeling emotional, feeling unbalanced….and some people don’t feel anything in particular or just feel great!

Holistic Healing Therapy can occur in different ways. Crystals might be used, a Pendulum for Clearing and Rebalancing / Activting Chakras, it might be done with Touch Therapy or in form of a Healing Massage. Healing Energy can be transferred in many different ways. And sometimes using different tools, like crystals, can give a different response or reaction on your Energy Field than for example a Healing Massage.

Holistic Healing Therapy can help you and benefit you in So many ways. If you never tried it before, I definitely recommend for you to do so. Even if it’s just for the Relaxing experience, but you might be surprised what it will do for you, for your total being, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Angelique Mol ღ

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