Happy First Snow Day in Leeds, UK

I just LOVE the magical view of snow on Nature……this morning I woke up to this wonderful surprise!


It was already in the forecast for this week, but still it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and see this stunning view!

What I really like about this kind of snow weather….it seems so Quiet and Peaceful outside….there is this typical Silence some how….you know what I mean? For me snow has something Magical about itself and can so enjoy looking at it!

Though I do feel it is pretty early in winter for us to having snow already, I also believe there will be more to come this winter. Who knows, we might getting a very cold and harsh Winter this year.

I’m basically not very good with cold, I just don’t like being cold…I like to feel warm and cosy and wrapped up ;-) But I Love to look at the snow on the trees and bushes for ages, and make beautiful photos.

Unfortunately I didn’t had time for it today, but the best thing would have been to go out, in Nature, a Park or so, and fully enjoy the snow in all her Glory and Beauty. Well, probably more days of snow will come before we’re heading to Spring, so hopefully next time I’ll be able to do a bit of Snow Forest hiking ;-)

Keep yourself Warm!

Angelique ღ


2 thoughts on “Happy First Snow Day in Leeds, UK

  1. It’s your old friend Paddy writing to make sure you are currently in Leeds and not on the south island which just had a 7.9 magnitude shaker. I send thoughts of love and prayer to the Kiwis.

    Beautiful website from a beautiful human being. I miss you.

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