Magical Tree of Wishes

Sometimes you can come at unexpected places and find little magical things that makes you say “wow!”……..


On a beautiful Sunday morning I went for a Hike with my daughter in the Yorkshire Dales again. Beside the beautiful hills and country side we arrived in a little piece of forest which was stunning beautiful!

Especially in this time of the year with all the beautiful colours of yellow, orange and red, all mixed together. It’s an awesome feeling to connect with Nature in this way. For me going out for a Hike in Nature is like a form of Meditation, it really calms me down, it empties my mind and I get really re-energised!

When you then walk up to something that you’ve never seen before, makes it even more great and exciting! And of course….then the question arise….what is this? What is the meaning or secret behind this?

A tree, totally stuffed with little coins….5p, 10p, 20p….and really, like loads of them! I have never seen such thing and was totally blown away by it. As the tree was laying on the ground it was great to see it so close and to make some pictures of it.


Still, at this point no idea what the story is behind the Tree with the coins. Some coins are pressed in very well and deep, some are pressed in slightly and some are even bend by whatever how that happened.

In the meantime, by talking to someone about it, I had the anwer to the Secret of the Tree….obviously people press a coin in the Tree and make a wish :-). So what other people might do in a Wishing Well, here in the Yorkshire Dales they use a Tree for that. How awesome is that!

I still might do some research about this to find out where this “idea” is originally coming from and for how long people already doing this. Maybe if you know anything about it, please let me know! I’m always curious in Magical stories!

So whenever you go Out There….keep an eye open for the Magic around you!

Angelique ღ

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